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The Potter's Field Brother Cadfael mysteries are a true pleasure, than simple amusements, and adding Derek Jacobi s rich, adept narration makes this an extra special treat I like a whodunnit that makes me guess whodunnit, and while I had my suspicions about the murderer, I had no idea as to how or why until the last pages to me, a perfect mystery Ellis Peters can write a setting that is sharp and strong as a steel blade Brother Cadfael mysteries are intelligent, historically accurate, believable and definitely take you back in time. First of all, this was an audio book and the reader, Stephen Thorne, was absolutely excellent If you watch any Britcoms on PBS or remember the movie The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 1979 , you ve seen him act Every character voice was distinct, with a unique personality His women s voices sounded like women He didn t just read the book, he performed it That alone rated a 5 star review.The setting in Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael novels 12th century England is always meticulously depicted and this book is no exception As a reader, you feel like you re there I love spending time in this world As for the plot of this book, I did guess part of the outcome fairly early on, but there were enough twists to keep me interested not to mention the great narrator.I definitely recommend this novel, in print or audio, though, if you can find the recording with Stephen Thorne as narrator, treat yourself and listen to it. August, The Body Of A Woman Is Unearthed In The Freshly Plowed Fields That Once Belonged To A Local Potter Now A Benedictine Monk The Woman Is Revealed To Be His Beautiful Young Wife, Thought To Have Run Away Medieval Benedictine Monk Brother Cadfael Must Determine If One Of His Own Order Is Guilty Of The Crime I was able to get right onto this book, thanks to a spring cold Ah brother Cadfael though he will always look like Derek Jacobi, to me, thanks to the wonderful BBC series His character fascinates me.Cadfael is a Welshman who took up the sword in the First Crusade and fought his way to Jerusalem and back He has seen and done it all before deciding, at age 40, to devote the rest of his life to God s work and joins an order of Benedictine monks While atoning for his sins, he also becomes probably England s first master detective.Every time he is confronted with a case, it is fascinating to me to see how he works through it My modern mind screams for lab tests and finger print analysishe does his detecting without the aid of a forensic pathologist He figures it out through observation and the use of his senses astonishing.And his gardenoh I would love to walk through it some day, or to have 1 10 of the knowledge he does of plants and herbs.The character fascinates me the most in these books the plots are secondary. A body turns up in a field that has been donated to the abbey, and Brother Cadfael becomes part of the group determined to find out who this woman is as well as who killed her She has been dead a year or , so it is impossible to recognize who it is Some wonder if it might be the woman who lived there, left behind by her husband who decided he was called to become a monk, although it has been heard on good authority that she left with another man over a year ago.There are various suspects, red herrings and things to sort out before, well read the book to see if you find out both who it is and how she died. Enjoyable My favourite quotations from this book We live as candles in the breath of God p 182 My soul has benefited from his prayers But pain is here in the body, and has a very loud voice Sometimes I could not hear my own voice say Amen for the demon howling p 238 It may well be, said Cadfael, that our justice sees as in a mirror image, left where right should be, evil reflected back as good, good as evil, your angel as her devil But God s justice, if it makes no haste, makes no mistakes. In my continuing march through the Cadfael mysteries I re read this and enjoyed it than the first time around The story was mangled a bit for TV consumption and the original tale as written is satisfying if a bit too complex to fit into the frame of an hour long TV program.All three main players, Cadfael, Abbot Radolfus and Hugh Berringer are estimable men and its a pleasure to see how the three struggle with unknotting the tangled web that is unearthed in The Potter s field.This is another great installment in the series and its a pleasure to once again spend time in the England of King Stephen and the Emporess Maude. In stillness and quietness whispers are heard clearly, and the rustle of a leaf has meaning Loc 2037 2038 Some books are like macaroni and cheese, bread pudding, rice pudding, a savory mushroom soup warm and satisfying, yet comforting Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael mysteries are like this They are safe they play fair , challenging I can t let my mind run across the page, but have to pay attention , and only somewhat about death about life.Her Potter s Field is all of these It is 1143, and King Stephen and Empress Maud continue their shenanigans in the background in this book, the people of Shropshire even head to war They also return without a single casualty But the foreground includes an unidentified, but clearly loved body, buried on unconsecrated ground Who is she Was she murdered And by whom And, of course, the foreground also includes the stories that swirl around this story, which to my mind are interesting than the murder.One of these stories is of vocation and the consequences of choosing to follow that vocation Sometimes it is clear, as it is for Cadfael After all manner of journeying, fighting, endurance of heat and cold and hardship, after the pleasures and the pains of experience, the sudden irresistible longing to turn about and withdraw into quietness remained a mystery Not a retreat, certainly Rather an emergence into light and certainty Loc 139 141 Sometimes it is less clear, as with Ruald, who finds peace in his vocation, but that vocation brings pain to his wife, Generys, who is alone, but cannot remarry Sulien, the younger brother of the new lord of Longner, declared his vocation, but then doubted What interests me is that Peters characters do not behave as one might expect Abbot Radulfus, for example, himself doubts Sulien s vocation, yet respects Sulien s doubt and encourages him to discover what is best for himself It behoves a man to look within himself, and turn to the best dedication possible those endowments he has from his Maker You do no wrong in questioning what once you held to be right for you, if now it has come to seem wrong Put away all thought of being bound We do not want you bound No one who is not free can give freely Loc 821 823 No one who is not free can give freely Peters stories do not get tied up neatly with a bow, yet they are satisfying Life s questions are often thorny, without easy answers. A few days ago I was about to go to the summer cottage without electronic devices, and because I didn t feel like reading anything from the pile I already had, I went to the library to see if there were Elizabeth Peters s Amelia Peabody adventures Apparently, the library hasn t acquired them in order the horror , so I have to buy the next one if I m planning on reading it Then I saw something interesting next to the other Peters s novels crime novels where a monk is doing the investigating A monk This has to be good, I thought, and something totally different than the tediousness that is The Name of the Rose 1980.I was laying on the pier and eating strawberries, when the skeleton was found from the field From there on I was instantly hooked I couldn t have been wrong in my guesses for the culprit, although the ending made complete sense, and was even a bit medieval in a way Although I prefer only the final revelation instead of the characters constantly repeating the evidence gathered so far and who could be guilty, I still enjoyed following Cadfael in his efforts to find who did it.Things were also made interesting by Cadfael being stuck in the monastery, since he had to ask permission for errands not related to his vocation, and because of that he had Hugh the sheriff to help him in the outside world Not that Cadfael is a master detective He and Hugh seemed pretty equal in their brain activity, although Cadfael is naturally the one who solves the case.Not only that the mystery is rewarding, but Peters is also a wonderful writer in general She depicts the environment and the monastic life vividly and beautifully, and weaves thoughts about life and religion into the narrative of which the contrast between secular and monastic life was the most interesting Her monks are imperfect and people s behavior in general is plausible and suitable for the time period.My brain has a minor glitch what comes to the history of the Middle Ages, so the parts where Peters explains a little about the historical background went completely over my head I have no idea who the king was, I can t remember who were fighting and why etc That s just a small thing, however, because they re not important in understanding the plot Although it should be noted that Peters never went to college but was self taught, which is incredibly impressive.The series is suitable for reading out of order, which is always a plus for me I will store Peters in my mind for those days when I don t feel like reading anything particularly challenging, but still something a bit serious. The Potter s Field by Edith Pargeter pen name Ellis Peters is the seventeenth installment in the Brother Cadfael series of mysteries Cadfael is a Benedictine monk who works a vegetable garden and herbarium in an abbey in medieval Shrewsbury, England At some distance from the town, the Empress Maude and her cousin King Stephen wage intermittent war for the throne of England This bloody history often influences the main story and helps to ground us in the times As a lover of historical novels, I took great pleasure basking in the pastoral settings, moral code, and customs of the time The characters speech is charmingly formal and somewhat archaic but not at all difficult to follow Cadfael solves mysteries always having to do with one or unnatural deaths with his friend Hugh Beringar, the sheriff of Shrewsbury Their conversations almost always home in unerringly on suspects true feelings and motives This might seem unbelievable, but I think it is true to the simplicity of medieval times Without i phones, stock options, fantasy football, traffic and job competition to distract them, Cadfael and Hugh can engage fully in observing people and analyze the reasons why they do what they do It also helps move the plot along, which I prefer to wallowing, page after page, in red herrings In this story, the much decayed body of a woman is found in a field owned by the abbey The field had been worked by a potter named Ruald who gave up his work and his wife to join the abbey as a monk The wife was very bitter about their separation and disappeared, reportedly with a lover, soon after Ruald entered the monastic life The plot revolves around attempts to identify the body and find the cause of death and the person or persons who brought it about I ve read half a dozen of the Cadfael stories and like them all The Potter s Field is special to me for two reasons First, the ending is surprising and rather horrible but quite plausible Like all the best mysteries, the clues are right in plain sight like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but not all that easy to assemble into the final picture Second, the characters of the people involved, including the dead woman, are delicately yet vividly limned, so that you come to understand their emotions and motivations, some of which may be very different from anything you ve ever experienced.

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Edith Pargeter.Edith Mary Pargeter, OBE, BEM was a prolific author of works in many categories, especially history and historical fiction, and was also honoured for her translations of Czech classics she is probably best known for her murder mysteries, both historical and modern Born in the village of Horsehay Shropshire, England , she had Welsh ancestry, and many of her short stories and books both fictional and non fictional were set in Wales and its borderlands.During World War II, she worked in an administrative role in the Women s Royal Naval Service, and received the British Empire Medal BEM.Pargeter wrote under a number of pseudonyms it was under the name Ellis Peters that she wrote the highly popular series of Brother Cadfael medieval mysteries, many of which were made into films for television.

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