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The Poems of François Villon, including The Testament Paraphrase rather than literal translation, preserving rhyme and rhythm, both very important to this sort of poetry A fine read. A New Translation Of One Of The Founding Texts Of French Poetry, In A Dual Language EditionThe Most Celebrated Of French Medieval Poets, Fran Ois Villon Makes Poetry Out Of The Basest Material The Raw Urban Life Of Paris With Its Petty Officials, Students, Clergy, Tradesmen, Pimps, Whores, And Thieves Despite Successful Studies, The Young Villon Immersed Himself In This World, Embarking On A Career Of Petty Crime That Brought Him Repeated Imprisonment Condemned To Death, But Then Reprieved And Banished From Paris, He Disappears From History In , Leaving Behind A Legend Of Po Te Maudit That Has Never Lost Its FascinationViolent, Indignant, Ribald, And Often Brutally Physical, Villon S Verse Has A Formidable Satiric Thrust, And Yet It Also Encompasses Passages Of Poignant Nostalgia And Haunting Lyric Expression, Culminating In His Digressive Autobiographical Masterpiece, The Testament, Which Counts Among The Most Popular Texts Of French Poetry Anthony Mortimer S New Translation Is A Virtuoso Performance, Conveying The Power And Panache Of The Original By Combining A Lively Contemporary Idiom With The Strict Requirements Of Traditional Verse Forms

About the Author: François Villon

Fran ois Villon in modern French, pronounced f swa vij in fifteenth century French, fr nsw vi l n c 1431 after 5 January 1463 was a French poet, thief, and vagabond He is perhaps best known for his Testaments and his Ballade des Pendus, written while in prison The question Mais o sont les neiges d antan , taken from the Ballade des dames du temps jadis and translated by Dante

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