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His Comfort and Joy Ruthless Might As Well Be Gray Bennett S Middle Name When The Renowned Washington, DC Insider Talks, Powerful People Listen But Gray Hasn T Come Home To Saranac Lake To Play Politics Or Play At All A Tragedy Has Shaken The Unshakable Gray Bennett To His Hardened CoreAnd So Has The Most Unlikely Of WomenThe Mousy Redhead Who Used To Run Around The Moorehouse B And B The One He Never Noticed Is Now All Fiery Hair And Lush Curves But Sweet Joy Moorehouse Is Too Innocent For A Cynic Like Him So Gray Won T Let Himself Lay A Hand On Her Until The Night He Can No Longer Resist The Woman She Has Become That S When He Discovers A Secret That Leaves Him Gasping For Breath And Wanting

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    I had planned to write a full review on this book, but I m feeling lazy so I ll just post some of my random thoughts here Gray I fell in love with him in the 1st half of the story, but when he started acting like a jerk, throwing accusations at Joy without any basis t

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    Reread Loved this romance and couple One of my top favorites.This was J.R Ward before she went mainstream I believe.

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    My Review Joy Moorehouse has loved Grayson Bennett from afar for years, and while they have homes not far away from each other, they live in totally different worlds Grayson s world is one of political maneuverings, high class parties and one night stands than he can remember wh

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    Opening line The boat s engine throbbed as Grayson Bennett kept the Hacker at a low speed and close to the lakeshore HIS COMFORT AND JOY is book 2 in the Moorehouse legacy trilogy which I discovered through being a fan of JR Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood I was surprised by how much

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    Mi piaciuto tanto Un bel romance di quelli che piacciono a me, aspetto il terzo della serie

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    Originally published in 2006 as His Comfort and Joy by Jessica Bird Review for Speaking of Audiobooks by Emily BeresfordGrayson is a political consultant whose job is to polish a candidate s image and make problems disappear In the dog eat dog world of politics, that means less than savory tactics are sometimes neces

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    Non c niente che possa vincere il paragone con una lettura Linus Una copertina di Linus in versione cartacea quello che serve quando arrivi al limite della sopportazione romanzi noiosi, pessime traduzioni, ripetitivit di un genere, insommaquando hai bisogno di qualcosa di sicuro, al 100% fidato allora devi scegliere tra le let

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    Joy lives in her family s BB and looks after her demented grandmother She s been in love with the wealthy Gray for years but has never done anything about it When finally does notice her, he refuses to act on his impulse because she seems to young and innocent Then he starts distrusting her They get to know one another better when she t

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    Gray was too cold and in control for my taste Thank goodness for the smart and likable Joy And even after their HEA, I am not holding my breath for a lasting one That man has too many issues with trust and the way he behaved with Joy just about sum his immaturity And don t get me started on his hang up with his mother.Still, I liked the story if

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    Ok, fermi un momento.Prima d iniziare ho una domanda Chi minkia ha deciso il titolo Voglio dire, non avrei avuto nulla da ridire se il protagonista in questione fosse stato uno sportivo, un broker o comunque qualcuno che si giocava la reputazione Perch in questo contesto non ha alcun senso e non nemmeno la cosa peggiore Qui si giocano i neuroni.Ma anche ve

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