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The Planiverse: Computer Contact with a Two-Dimensional World A Classic Book About Life In A Two Dimensional Universe, Written By A Well Known Author Now Brought Back Into Print In This Revised And Updated Edition, The Book Is Written Within The Great Tradition Of Abbott S Flatland, And Hinton S Famous Sphereland Accessible, Imaginative, And Clever, It Will Appeal To A Wide Array Of Readers, From Serious Mathematicians And Computer Scientists, To Science Fiction Fans

About the Author: A.K. Dewdney

Alexander Keewatin A.K Dewdney is a professor of computer science at the University of Western Ontario, a mathematician, environmental scientist, and author of books on diverse subjects Wanderers of cyberspace may discover something about my life as a mathematician and computer scientist, environmental scientist, conservationist, and author of books and articles.The name Keewatin is an Ojibw

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    A lot of people have written sequels and homages to Flatland , and most of them only managed to live up to the original by virtue of that original not being very good to begin with When people call Planiverse a worthy successor , though, they are doing it a disservice The Planiverse started its life as what has consistently been c

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    Simply one of the best and most detailed well thought out alternate worlds ever presented in print From the computer simulation oh, how I wanted to play with exactly such a program through which the protagonists make contact with a complex, living two dimensional world, to the many illustrations detailing that world s flora, fauna, arch

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    This book taught me to appreciate the third dimension.

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    A delightful exploration of an alternate universe which had me looking at our 4 dimensions in a whole new way

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    Non so se la versione pubblicata nel 2000 e ripubblicata nel 2013 di questo libro sia pi aggiornata rispetto all originale del 1983 che mi sono comprato di seconda mano Ma in fin dei conti gi questa prima versione molto interessante, perch porta alle conseguenze estreme quanto Edwin Abbott Abbott scrisse in Flatland Quel libro era in effetti nato come un

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    This is a brilliant description of life in a two dimensional world The concept is that through the use of a computer simulation the instructor and his students gain contact with one of the inhabitants of the world It is that contact that gives the details about the 2D world.What makes this such a fascinating book are the many illustrations From simple things l

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    Such an addictive, wild journey of a book Why this doesn t have of a cult following, I will never understand.While it isn t entirely flawless, I couldn t help but give it 5 stars A book has not excited me this much in a very long time.

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    At the forefront, I think the sequel of Flatland appellation usually given to Planiverse does much disservice to it Rather, a simple Flatland inspired world ought to be enough to pay homage to Abbott s masterpiece without causing subconscious comparisons between the two while reading.Overall, it is an intriguing book to read, and the general tone is of scientific inquisit

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    A little slow in the beginning, but a fascinating thought experiment in action This book not only sparked my imagination wondering what the rest of Arde looks like, but it pleased the analytical portion of my brain as well There is a surprising amount of real life science that backs up a lot of what is stated in the book I have no doubt that if we were able to observe a 2 dimen

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    Flatland for speculative fiction fans, instead of Victorian era satire Two dimensional biology and physics are given amazingly detailed treatments Really interesting read even for a general audience Wish it was much longer.

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