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The Once and Future Wife Only Duty Could Bring FBI Agent Tracy Roper Back To Montana, Where Her Once Blissful Marriage Had Been Shattered Sheriff Judd Hensley Had Given Her Almost Everything A Wife Could Want Except What She D Needed Most Now His Passionate Embrace Promised To Repair Their Broken Dreamsbut Would It Mean Love For Better, Or For Worse This book wasn t bad if you were looking for a quick read I wish I had known going into though that you had to read another book just to get the ending to this one I did not like that at all I understand that some books in a series should be read together but to have the book require you to read another just for any sort of ending is something I deeply hate Other than that the book was alright It contained the emotional tug and pull that you would expect from a book of this type. Oh this was so GOOD I m a sucker for angst Tracy and Judd sigh So much pain and heartbreak but definitely worth the time and tears

About the Author: Laurie Paige

Laurie Paige grew up on a farm in Kentucky, four miles from the Tennessee border, with four older brothers and two older sisters.Before she started school her family moved to town That is when she discovered the library She met her husband, Bob, in the Sweet Shop She has a degree in mathematics and works as a computer engineer Laurie loves to hear from readers so email her LauriePaige AOL.com

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