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The Nanny Bombshell Good book Sierra went undercover as the twins nanny because she was sure that Coop would be unfit to take care of them It turned out that he really loved them and wanted what was best for them He thought that Sierra was great as a nanny, and it didn t hurt that he was attracted to her So he set out to win her over, even over her objections Pretty soon they were in love, and it was too late for Sierra to be up front with Coop She wanted to tell him, and was trying to figure out how, when he discovered the truth He was a total jerk about it, but I liked the ending. some how i didn t felt any single emotion while reading this, it was like robotic feel I was excited to get this book Overall it was very short but well written and very emotional I love the happy ending It always makes me feel so good when I get that awesome you did the right thing ending Michelle Celmer in general as an author has always been outstanding when writing and publishing her books. This was a very cute romance I love the reformed rake turned family man It was very easy to feel the emotion and sentiments of the characters as they made their way through the twists and turns of the story. Miniseries Billionaires and Babies It s such a sweet story I think I fell in love with the book from the intro itself coz I don t like sports any sports, myself and to read the author who wrote a book with a sporting hero saying the same, made my day And that particular kitchen scene was just laughing out loud hilarious, as were a few As for that reveal or should I say reveals, it came totally out of the blue, which I never could have guessed, it did certainly add a suspicious charm to the storyline Updated Review I have joined Manali Dey, a friend on Bookstagram, for the MillsandBoonReadathon for which we are reading 18 books, coz it s 18 This is Book 12.I had loved this one so much that I went on to get a paperback, coz this one s definitely for keeps.And now I m re reading it.The first thing is the author s introduction which completely gelled with me Neither she, nor Sierra Evans, the heroine, and nor me, love sports, so much that they all bore me to tears the author s words, not mine haha The story starts with Cooper Landon who is one of the favourite hockey players of New York His only family, his brother Ash and sister in law Susan, have recently died in an accident, leaving behind their adopted twin daughters in Coop s care With his attorney Ben Hearst, Coop is searching for the perfect nanny for caring for the twins when he comes across Sierra Evans Sierra is a pediatric nurse who wants to give up her job in order to earn so that she can put her sick father, who can t care for himself, in a top notch facility.Coop and Ash had lost their parents when he was twelve and the latter eighteen After being looked after by Ash, he feels that he has to do the best by his late brother s daughters.Sierra and her younger sister Joy were raised single handedly by their father Sierra had to give up her twins, due to various problems, for adoption And now, out of her worry for them that their adoptive parents are dead, she decides to take the nanny s job She doesn t trust Coop one iota Especially not with her five month old twins.It was adorable to see how Coop always guesses what is going on in Sierra s mind accurately And their late night dates, they are something else Coop is so sweet, the complete opposite of what Sierra believed him to be like And the build up to their first kiss is as hilarious as it is intense.Coop is the one who falls in love with her, while Sierra is still guarding her secret protectively, fearing his acceptance of her reality.Aptly titled, the double secret was a bombshell Also, this was a book of many firsts The hero orgasming first without shaming him The heroine having a huge secret, that s the premise of the story I love MB Desire than Modern sometimes But, the hero is really very sweet And understanding And caring He grovels, oh, how he grovels.P.S This is the second book I read by Michelle Celmer after The Millionaire s Pregnant Mistress While that was an okay ish read, this one s my favourite When Sierra Evans Gave Her Twins Up For Adoption, She Didn T Expect Tragedy To Leave Them In The Care Of Their Uncle, A Notorious Millionaire Playboy Now Sierra Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Her Children Even If It Means Going Undercover As The Perfect Nanny With A Perfectly Shocking SecretFormer Hockey Player And Entrepreneur Coop Landon Can Tell When Someone S Running A Game Clearly, His New Nanny S Not After His Money Or Fame Discovering Her Scheme Is A Challenge He S Than Ready For, Especially When Seduction Is The Winning Strategy But The Truth Might Cost Them Both Dearly La heroina de esta maravillosa historia , tras dejar a su padre en una residencia, se siente taaaaaan mal, que decide ir a un bar a ahogar las penas en alcohol All conoce al hermano del H roe, un hombre CASADO Cosa que ella sabe , que tambi n trata de olvidar entre copas el mal momento por el que atraviesa su matrimonio, entre otras cosas, por su esposa no poder tener hijos Y qu hacen las dos miserables cucarachas S , bingo IRSE A LA CAMA Para ser m s exactos, acaban en la casa de ella fornicando como los dos miserables gusanos que son Pero tranquilos, que la cosa se pone a n mucho m s interesante cuando la Cucaracha 1, al as la heroina, sale embarazada Vaya, el revolc n ad ltero tuvo consecuencias Porque ella, muy enfermera ser pero parece desconocer lo que es un puto cond n Sobretodo cuando te vas a la cama con un tipo que acabas de conocer en la barra de un bar.Pero centr menos en lo que es la historia en s.En ella, nuestro H roe, se est ocupando de las mellizas de su hermano y su cu ada tras fallecer en un accidente Y qui n aparece de pronto en sus vidas Oh, s , la sufrida madre bil gica de las ni as Evidentemente, sin revelar quien es realmente De hecho, si el H roe no descubre por si solo la verdad Que la heroina es la madre biol gica de las ni s esta no estaba muy por la labor de confesar nada de nada Entonces, cuando el H roe descubre como se f ll al hermano y como despu s le dio a las ni as, el H roe lo m s delicado que le dice es que le da nauseas Pero, oh, esperad.D as despu s el H roe ve a un tipo tocarle el culo a la heroina y las nauseas que sent a hacia ella se esfuman de golpe.Y ya la ama, no puede vivir sin ella, que lo siente, blablablaA mi si que me entraron nauseas llegados a este punto.En serio.Sobre todo al leer al H roe, que tiene memoria selectiva, echar toda la culpa al hermano DE TODO De que acabaran revolc ndose juntos De ella quedar pre ada.De que el hermano se quedara con las ni as y las adoptara con su esposa De verdad, el H roe no es m s imb cil porque no nace.Pobre heroina, si Iron a Porque ella no sab a que el hermano del H roe estaba casado Segunda iron a Porque ella tampoco pretend a dar en adopci n a sus hijas Tercera ironia Oh, no, esperad.Pero si ella ya se planteaba dar a sus hijas en adopci n, mucho antes de que la Cucaracha 2 le propusiera quedarse l y su esposa con las peque as Desde luego, no s si la sra Celmer sufre igualmente de memoria selectiva o trat de tomar el pelo a sus lectores Porque barrer toda la basura hacia el hermano del H roe, cuando la heroina no era mejor que l, me parece de una tremenda hipocresia y de un lavado de imagen pat tico. She dropped a bombshell Ha ha. Just as Sierra thought that Coop would make a terrible dad, I had thought that I would like her than Coop because of his womanizing and partying lifestyle But at the end, Coop was the one that I found likeable I consider sleeping with another person while separated cheating adultery If you re going to have another relationship, it should be done once everything is over from the previous marriage Because when you marry make certain vows and then if it people claim it doesn t matter if you have affairs after marriage, then marriage doesn t hold any importance Could have done without the scenario But this wasn t part of the main storyline between the two main characters, of a small side explanation That s why I didn t take it too badly and originally thought to take away one less star from the overall rating But later, because of Sierra s truth, I couldn t give it a 4.The truth that Sierra was hiding and that she later revealed to Coop near the end was pretty awful I felt bad for Coop since everyone that he had admired didn t turn out completely admirable.

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Michelle Celmer was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where she grew up She wanted to be cosmetologist, but after three months at cosmetology school, she decided to left it She married at 19, and within five years had three kids She read voraciously, and decided writing She signed up for a composition course at her local community college After various manuscripts, her mother gave her Tell Me