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The Mother Hitchhiking Along The Hume Highway, A Woman Hunts For Her Daughter S KillerDriven By Guilt And The Desire For Revenge, The Mother Is Set On A Path Of Self Destruction As The Search Becomes An Obsession, The Lonely Highway Begins To Transform HerEach Driver She Meets Could Be The Killer Each Lift She Takes Could Be Her Last

About the Author: Brett McBean

Brett McBean is an award winning horror and thriller author His books, which include The Mother , The Last Motel The Awakening , and Desolation Game Wolf Creek Book 2 have been published in Australia, the US, and Germany, and he s been nominated for the Aurealis, Ditmar, and Ned Kelly awards He won the 2011 Australian Shadows Award for his collection, Tales of Sin and Madness Along wit

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    THE MOTHER, by Brett McBean, was a highly psychological horror story that branched into scenes of brutality, torture, frustration, kindness, and uncertainty all in the confines of one novel besides, doesn t everybody have a story to tell When a mother s only daughter goes hitchhiking along the highway to meet the father she s never known, it ends in a nightmare with her body being found days later A highway is t

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    This is an awesome book McBean s copy is raw and brimming with emotion and you really feel for the mother looking for the person who killed her daughter.The human interaction is confronting, brutal and steeped in reality I encourage everyone to read this book.

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    Kurzbeschreibung Eine Mutter m chte den Tod ihrer Tochter r chen.Rebecca verschwand beim trampen zwischen Melbourne und Sydney.Kurz darauf wurde sie ermordet aufgefunden.Vom T ter keine Spur Ihre Mutter leidet unter Schuldgef hlen und hat sich eines geschworen den Tod ihrer geliebten Tochter zu r chen.Kurz vor ihrem Tod, sprach Rebbecca noch auf ihren Anrufbeantworter.Das sie ein netter Mann, mit einem auff lligen Tatoo, bis nach Sydney mit

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    I finished Brett McBean s novel, The Mother last night coming home on the train and was left with a chilling feeling upon its completion.I bought the book from Infinitas Bookshop in Parramatta near where I work the day I got my first pay from my new job Firstly, the premise for the book intrigued me and secondly, I hadn t read any Australian horror and I was interested in seeing how McBean tackled the setting.The Mother is about a mother hitchhiki

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    A very difficult at times, excruciatingly so book to read, largely due to its absolute unwillingness to let up for even a brief moment at any point It is essentially one wicked, nightmarish fever dream of depravity, populated with loathsome ghosts of humanity at every turn.But for all that, a remarkably well written tale of some of the worst horror imaginable Though most of the blurbs for the book promise a gritty tale of revenge, there is really far to

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    Die Mutter war schon lange auf meiner Wunschliste Ich wei auch nicht, warum ich noch nicht eher auf den Trichter gekommen bin, dieses Buch zu lesen Irgendwie hat mich das Buch immer abgeschreckt und ich hatte die Bef rchtung, dass das Buch ein totaler Reinfall werden w rde Dabei wird der Autor, Brett McBean, oft in einem Zug mit Richard Laymon genannt Das ist nicht immer von Vorteil, jedoch kann ich zu diesem Buch sagen es passt, es passt perfekt Mehr als einma

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    Wieso mir solche B cher wie dieses Angst machen Weil ich es mag Manchmal finde ich es wirklich erschreckend, dass ich gerade an solchen B chern am meisten Gefallen habe Aber was mich immer wieder beruhigt 1 Ich bin nicht allein und 2 Diejenigen, die sich die Geschichten ausdenken, sind dabei wohl weit schlimmer dran Und Die Mutter hat mich erschreckenderweise wirklich richtig umgehauen und zwar im positiven Sinn und dass obwohl beziehungsweise besser weil es die h rte

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    I finally got around to reading this book, since it s one of my own novel s Lothian siblings There s no denying the skill behind this book, a genuinely unique way of telling a story like this My only issue was the unrelenting darkness of the book, I like a little light and shade, and The Mother really didn t have much in the way of relatable characters But it was definitely a gripping read

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    Am Anfang war es ja noch spannend, aber dann wurde es leider immer langweiliger

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    no review this book does not need a review it is a great story

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