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The Mortal Word I feel almost bad giving The Mortal Word a higher rating than I ve given many books of superior substance, depth, and literary merit It s fluff It s about kickass librarians with magical powers, fairies with archetypes that even they get trapped by, death via sugar plum as well as a knife in the back, a 19th century Paris that never quite was It s not that this is a better book than, say Wuthering Heights, which I concede is worthy of analysis, deeply weird, and just as deeply unpleasant hence a lukewarm three star rating it s that I enjoyed it that much .Which is odd, because I can t say I m very invested in any of the characters, even at book five in a series But Genevieve Cogman writes fun, twisty plots and good action scenes, and the tongue in cheek humor is perfectly up my alley In this latest outing, the resourceful and mostly unflappable Librarian Irene Winters is faced with solving a most delicate and perplexing murder a top ranking dragon ambassador at a peace convention between the faeries agents of chaos , the dragons agents of order , and mortals represented by Librarians With each faction ready to blame another, and shady business going on behind the scenes in each, the situation is about to become quite literally, as it turns out explosive For readers who have become fond of Irene s primary companions the Sherlock Holmes y Vale and the dragon Kai, there s plenty of both of them in this one, and eager shippers may also appreciate some change on that front view spoiler On that note may I say that it s quite refreshing to see Irene sleep with one of her companions without fundamentally changing their relationship of friendship and trust or suddenly melting into sententious gooey coupledom hide spoiler I NEED this book Love this series so freaking much it hurts, y all It Hurts Please go read the first 4 books so you can feel my pain and join me in the wait for book 5 A Corrupt CountessA Spy In DangerAnd An Assassin At LargeThe Fifth Title In Genevieve Cogman S Witty And Wonderful Invisible Library Series, The Mortal Word Is A Rollicking Literary AdventurePeace Talks Are Always Tricky, Especially When A Key Diplomat Gets Stabbed This Rudely Interrupts A Top Secret Summit Between The Warring Dragons And Fae As A Neutral Party, Librarian Spy Irene Is Summoned To Investigate She Must Head To A Version Of S Paris, With Her Assistant Kai And Her Detective Friend Vale, Where These Talks Are Fracturing Here, She Must Get To The Bottom Of The Attack Before Either The Peace Negotiations Or The City Go Up In FlamesSuspicions Fly Thick And Fast And Irene Soon Finds Herself In The Seedy Depths Of The Parisian Underworld She S On The Trail Of A Notoriously Warlike Fae, The Blood Countess However, The Evidence Against The Countess Is Circumstantial Could The Killer Be A Member Of The Library Itself I really wanted to like this oneI liked it well enough but to be honest it was rather bland it was so bland that a week later I still have no real opinion on it I remember the main points but everything else is a blur which makes it a mediocre book in my opinion at best Still I liked the path the series is taking and hopefully I will still care enough to pick up the next book when it s published. THE MORTAL WORD is the fifth book in The Invisible Library series I ve read every single book in the series and I could not wait to read this book Irene s job is to steal rare books from different worlds for the Invisible Library She loves her job, the adventures, the books After a job in Germany, Irene learns about a secret Dragon Foe peace conference that the Library is overseeing But when a high ranking Dragon is murdered, the peace talks come to a halt Irene and her friend, private detective Vale, are ordered to go to 1890s Paris and investigate the murder and find out who killed the dragon, and why READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION Why am I so Meh about this series There are a lot of things that I like about this series Irene, Vale and Kia are all pretty likable characters who have a decent number of flaws to make them interesting The various worlds with different levels of order and chaos we travel to are also interesting I idea of the library and it s ambiguous involvement in each book s crisis I still have no idea if it is a mostly good or bad place Each individual book plot They are all different and episodic in nature.But I want to feelattached to the characters at book five and it just isn t happening for me.I think part of the issue is that it does feel episodic in nature and so this could be any three people each new book I don t feel like I have emotions for the characters carrying over from the prior books Then there is the feeling that we don t every really dig any deeper into the characters beyond the surface layer For example, we find out something about Irene s parents in book two that I m dying for her to have a conversation with them about But now it is book 5 and even though they are physically close to Irene there is still no contact with them in this book I feel like there are multiple things like this just thrown in and then never resolved.The premise is a good one Irene is the Library s investigator to a secret delegation trying to work out a peace treaty between Dragon s and the Fae when one of the Dragon s is killed Vale is also tapped to be in the mix because of his great detective skills and Kai finds a way to be close by as well I love that the team is all back together for this There is a murder to be solved and a peace conference to save Even Silver gets to make an appearance at the Fae representation in the investigations.The thing I liked the most in this book was probably the Fae Princess and how her architype worked I enjoy how the Fae interact in the world like the Fairy Tales they are pulled out of The Dragon culture is interesting but it isn t nearly as playful and fun as any of the Fae characters that we have seen.At least the who will win Irene for the time being is answered in this book and I appreciate that even if I would have liked a smidgedepth to that as well.Overall I enjoy the series and it is an easy read but I m just looking for a littleconnection to the characters. Real Rating 4.75 of fiveUnexpected That s the best word I can use for this book The resolution wasn t entirely unexpected but the path we re led down to get to it was The murder was unexpected, the murderer was unexpected, the terrible trials of the heroes were largely unexpected.Just how I like my series fiction.At the end of book four, some serious developments take place that are central to the plot and climax of this book If you haven t read The Lost Plot, stop reading and come back when you have.So after Kai leaves Irene s tutelage and establishes a less romantically squicky relationship with her, we re treated to another of Author Cogman s exciting escapade scenes to bring us to this story s reality She starts off by wishing she still had Kai s backup for those tight corners she routinely ends up in Then back to B 659 London to assist Peregrine Vale whose rigid spurning in The Lost Plot of her determined sexual advances surprised me in no small degree and Kai on a minor but intriguing case that s quickly and completely forgotten when Bradamant, of all people, shows up to demand Irene s presence among the Senior Librarians immediately.And that s the starting bell for ten rounds of boxing, shadow boxing, and mixed martial arts cage match to the death political, magical, and ethical battling Irene manipulates events in her inimitable why is it always me style She gets Vale and Kai to the scene of a horrible crime despite the Librarians unenthusiastic responses She uses her position as a leader to lead everyone involved, whether her senior or another race s ruler, into a multiverse changing brand new idea of diplomacy She acts, in short, like Woodrow Wilson at Versailles in 1919.The question is, has she birthed a United Nations or a League of Nations This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.This was another great installment in the Invisible Library series I have really enjoyed all of the previous books in this series so I was really excited to read this new installment This is the fifth book in the series and I do think that this is a series that is best read in order I had a great time jumping back into this complex set of worlds and thought that the story was very well done.In Paris of a neutral world, peace talks are being held between the dragons and Fae with the Library s help When an important dragon is found murdered, Vale along with Irene are asked to travel to that world to investigate the murder Kai goes ahead to help and be with his uncle, a Dragon King They are quickly buried in a complex and far reaching mystery that will have a great impact on the peace talks I think that I grow to love this group of characters a little bitwith each book Irene is amazing She is dedicated to doing what is right and getting the job done often at great risk to herself I was happy to see that Vale plays such an important role in this book He is such a skilled detective that is able to see what most others would miss He insists on doing the job in the best manner possible and will not compromise himself for anyone else in any circumstance Kai is incredibly strong but often underestimated He is very supportive of Irene and has no problem deferring to her judgment I thought that this mystery was very complex and well executed Since the murder occurs at a political event, there are a lot of Fae, dragon, and Library politics wrapped up into the mystery There were so many factors at play and individuals that seemed less than trustworthy I love how original each book in this series is since they are all set in worlds with their own set of rules The special abilities of the Fae, dragons, and Librarians always seem to keep things interesting I really enjoy the way that Irene is able to apply the use of the Library s Language to each situation and think on her feet There are a whole lot of exciting scenes to keep this one interesting.I would recommend this series to others It is such a well done series with great characters and remarkable world building I cannot wait to readof Irene, Kai, and Vale s adventures in future installments I received a digital review copy of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley.Initial ThoughtsAnother great installment in the series Irene finds herself trying to solve a murder along with Vale, Kai, and others The mystery kept me guessing until the very end and there was plenty of action along the way I did enjoy the progression of the personal relationships in the series as well. I look forward to every book in this series and have not been disappointed yet I love the idea of a library between worlds and magic doors which open to different libraries in different places and times Plus the most important characters are a librarian and a dragon Whatcould you ask for After five books it was time that Irene and Kai actually got it together even though most of the action was left to the reader s imagination that s okay we have plenty The whole book was action packed and as well as dragons there were fae I have a soft spot for Silver and kind of liked the Princess as well.So it was all good fun and a very entertaining read Roll on book six Thanks Netgalley for my opportunity to read and review this book. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for offering me an advanced copy in exchange for nothingthan an honest review.If you haven t picked up The Invisible Library, stop reading RIGHT NOW and go pick it up It s a clever world of time travel adjacent adventures with dragons and fae and even a magic language of sorts It s like Doctor Who meets The Chronicles of St Mary s, and it s a BLAST to read So go pick it up This one is book five, so reading anynow will just spoil all your fun.Okay, to business After the crazy rogue Librarian has caused so much trouble, the two major powers in all the universes are set to make a peace treaty, and of course, this means things will NOT go smoothly Even , Vale has been called to the world where negotiations are being held to run an investigation of the murder of a high profile member of one side of the treaty Of course, Irene is to go as the Librarian representative on the team.For the first time, we get LOTS of dragons, LOTS of Fae, and LOTS of Librarians, all in one story Multiple major players on every side make this a mystery of Agatha Christie style lots of potential suspects, and lots of tangled webs woven that need to be un spaghettied Yes, I realize that s not a real word Too bad.My biggest gripe is that Vale and Silver are yet again relegated to minor characters I really want them to have the chance to play a key role, but they almost felt like filler in this one yet again, especially since Irene takes over the investigation almost immediately upon arrival The story seems to revolve around Irene and Kai which is great, as they re both fantastic characters, but I think Vale and Silver both have so much potential and are wasted as plot points.Overall though, this one is a fun romp through the Paris of yesteryear, with heavy doses of Fae chaos and dragon order and Librarian wit, so 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genevieve Cogman got started on Tolkien and Sherlock Holmes at an early age, and has never looked back But on a perhaps prosaic note, she has an MSC in Statistics with Medical Applications and has wielded this in an assortment of jobs clinical coder, data analyst and classifications specialist Although The Invisible Library is her debut novel, she has also previously worked as a freelance

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