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The Mask of Dimitrios A Chance Encounter With A Turkish Colonel Leads Charles Latimer, The Author Of A Handful Of Successful Mysteries, Into A World Of Sinister Political And Criminal Maneuvers At First Merely Curious To Reconstruct The Career Of The Notorious Dimitrios, Whose Body Has Been Identified In An Istanbul Morgue, Latimer Soon Finds Himself Caught Up In A Shadowy Web Of Assassination, Espionage, Drugs, And Treachery That Spans The Balkans The Classic Story Of An Ordinary Man Seemingly Out Of His Depth, A Coffin For Dimitrios Remains Eric Ambler S Most Widely Acclaimed Novel

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    When I first heard ISIL substituted for ISIS, I thought What the heck does the L stand for Somebody told me it stood for the Levant, and I immediately thought of A Coffin for Dimitrios, my favorite novel of international intrigue.What is the Leva

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    A man s features, the bone structure and the tissue which covers it, are the product of a biological process but his face he creates for himself It is a statement of his habitual emotional attitude the attitude which his desires need for their fulfilment and

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    This was a fun read According to the jacket this was the first novel in which an everyman is caught in a web of international intrigue It is very reminiscent of the 39 Steps One could see Sydney Greenstreet, for example, in the role of Mister Peters Or, as it tur

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    Excellent between the wars spy story that sets the bar for later entries into the genre The tale has also given numerous parts of itself to other writers A solid bit of Charade, that delightful 1963 Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn spies in Paris story, came from this

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    A Coffin For Dimitrios The Mask of Dimitrios, Eric Ambler The Mask of Dimitrios is a 1939 novel by Eric Ambler In the United States it was published as A Coffin for Dimitrios It has been adapted as a radio play and made into a feature length film, The Mask of Dimitrios 201

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    So surprising for me to find this early spy novel to be among the best for tapping into the heart of the Game that nations have plied against nations to stay ahead I read that Ambler finished this work at the perilous time when the Nazis were invading Czechoslovakia in 1939 The

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    Sometimes digging around in the past is just a bad idea, and for British crime writer Charles Latimer he certainly ends up way out of his league, after befriending an inspector from the Turkish police while staying in Istanbul he learns that master criminal Dimitrios Makropoulos has

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    But it was useless to try to explain him in terms of Good and Evil They were no than baroque abstractions Good Business and Bad Business were the elements of the new theology Eric Ambler, A Coffin for DimitriosIt is hard not to like Eric Ambler s amateur spies They aren t relu

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    Dimitrios had the appearance of being tame, but when you looked into his brown eyes you saw that he had none of the feelings that make ordinary men soft, that he was always dangerous Published prior to World War II but aware of some of the tensions , this is a cerebral spy novel featuring a

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    Set and written in the late 1930s, Charles Latimer is an English mystery novelist who learns about the roguish life of Dimitrios after he s taken to view his corpse in the morgue Murder, slavery, drugs, gambling, prostitutes Dimitrios had his fingers in a lot of pies Latimer becomes obsessed with

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