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The Malleus Maleficarum of Kramer and Sprenger For Nearly Three Centuries Malleus MaleficarumThe Witches Hammer Was The Professional Manual For Witch Hunters This Work By Two Of The Most Famous Inquisitors Of The Age Is Still A Document Of The Forces Of That Era S Beliefs Under A Bull Of Pope Innocent VIII, Kramer And Sprenger Exposed The Heresy Of Those Who Did Not Believe In Witches And Set Forth The Proper Order Of The World With Devils, Witches, And The Will Of God Even If You Do Not Believe In Witchcraft, The World Of DidContemporary Cases Illustrate Methods By Which Witches Attempt To Control And Subvert The World How And Why Women Roast Their First Born Male Child The Confession Of How To Raise A Tempest By A Washwoman Suspended Hardly Clear Of The Ground By Her Thumbs Methods Of Making A Formal Pact With The Devil How Witches Deprive Men Of Their Vital Member And Many Others Methods Of Destroying And Curing Witchcraft, Such As Remedies Against Incubus And Succubus Devils, Are Exemplified And Weighed By The AuthorsFormal Rules For Initiating A Process Of Justice Are Set Down How It Should Be Conducted And The Method Of Pronouncing Sentence When To Use The Trial By The Red Hot Iron How The Prosecutor Should Protect Himself How The Body Is To Be Shaved And Searched For Tokens And Amulets, Including Those Sewn Under The Skin As Summers Says, It Was The Casebook On Every Magistrate S DeskMontague Summers Has Given A Very Sympathetic Translation His Two Introductions Are Filled With Examples Of Witchcraft And The Historical Importance Of Malleus Maleficarum This Famous Document Should Interest The Historian, The Student Of Witchcraft And The Occult, And The Psychologist Who Is Interested In The Medieval Mind As It Was Confronted With Various Forces Which Could Be Explained Only By Witchcraft

About the Author: Heinrich Kramer

Heinrich Kramer also known under the Latinized name Henricus Institoris, was a German churchman and inquisitor Born in S lestat, Alsace, he joined the Dominican Order at an early age and while still a young man was appointed Prior of the Dominican house of his native town.At some date before 1474 he was appointed Inquisitor for the Tyrol, Salzburg, Bohemia and Moravia His eloquence in the pulpit

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    I ve cobbled together some thoughts on the Malleus Maleficarum literally the Hammerer of the Witches , one of the most infamous texts ever written on the subject of witchcraft What follows is entirely impressionistic rather than a detailed exposition or a review as such so please do bear that in mind Besides

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    Why is your son dressed like a pilgrim Oh, it s a phase he s going through Why is he piling up all that wood Oh, it s aa phase We re pretty certain it s a phase You know kids, ha ha Ha ha Why is he tying your youngest, his brother, to a pole Anda gasoline can Matches Is that a phase, too No Witches You can t suffer

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    Want to get into the filthy minds of 15th century puritanical men who fear women read this

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    The Malleus is often advertized as a witch hunter s handbook , but it really isn t It s not about hunting anything It s not even really about what to do with witches after they re caught It s really all about the tedious little details of the trial process.First of all, the introduction is much crazier than the actual book The translator

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    Desde que inici el libro me pregunto varias cosas Una de ellas es de qu manera corresponde calificar este libro Qu califico La calidad del libro La mentalidad necia de un pueblo ingenuo y cr dulo Por otro lado, lo tomo como ficci n, o no ficci n El mismo es contenido hist rico porque documenta un suceso muy importante, que es la Inquisici n Pero

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    This is the most evil text ever written, a title I had previously reserved for Mien Kampf It s entire inception was evil, everything in the book itself was evil and may the authors of it be punished for all eternity

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    The Malleus is a historical document therefore reflects the views of some people at a specific time.According The Da Vinci Code, The Catholic Inquisition published The Malleus Maleficarum instructing the clergy how to locate, torture, and destroy the freethinking women The truth is, although Kramer and Sprenger were Catholic monks, their views were not the views

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    This is the go to guidebook for identifying witches If you suspect sorcery, the Malleus Maleficarum is your one stop shop Invaluable.

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    my only thought is how come men throughout history have hated women so much like really why

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    Such a quotable book tbh So glad this was preserved for posterity It s essentially some priest nattering on about how women like cats and sex too much, and how they steal men s dicks and pride and dignity and how to deal with them in court It s very funny There is no doubt that certain witches can do marvellous things with regard to male organs I m sure they can Wiggles eyebrows sugges

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