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The Magic Cottage A Cottage Was Found In The Heart Of The Forest It Was Charming, Maybe A Little Run Down, But So Peaceful A Magical Haven For Creativity And Love But The Cottage Had An Alternative Side The Bad Magic What Happened There Was Horrendous Beyond Belief

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    Published in 1986, this James Herbert novel is a lot of fun.Herbert had the talent to write very different types of stories From flat out splatter like The Rats or The Fog, to comedic humor like the horror story Creed, I know that Herbert guarantees me a good time The Magic Cottage was not a disappointment.A fun, slow burning story about a loving couple wan

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    this is not a bad book i don t think this is a particularly good book either easy to read and not particularly painful to get through i read it all through one long rainy night Herbert is a real professional the screws are tightened expertly, our two leads are sympathetic realistic although one of them is a wee bit off , the mysteries unfold at a good pace, cr

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    Also a very good book from the late James Herbert A chocolate box cottage A beautiful setting The dream home Magical forest and a cult Loved this book by a great British Author.

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    This book was an absolute delight, a thrilling and exciting story from its nicely understated beginning straight down to its boombastic final showdown and picture perfect ending Classic Herbert, to take on a what could have been yet another young couple buys the house in the remote area the subject is actually referenced in a book in an awesomely meta way , all is not as it seems and ma

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    I have never read anything by James Herbert, and was very intrigued with the premise of The Magic Cottage A young couple are strangely drawn to a crumbling, oddly charming house in the country On their tour of the cottage, the garden is overrun with weeds, walls are damp, moldy, and cracked, doors are warped, and the massive stone lintle over the stove is in immediate danger of falling The former

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    This book was very different from The Fog It was subtle and was a slow read at first, but began to pick up after the halfway point The way it was narrated, like someone telling you a story was neat The descriptions of the quaint little cottage out in the woods with beautiful scenery was wonderful to escape to As the story progressed, I got caught up in how fast it moved It got quite sinister, dark, and ev

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    I totally saw everything described in this book in great detail Herbert captured the perfect description of a magic cottage deep in the woods I expected things to occur inside and around the cottage and towards the end, I was just left with a wanting.Totally creepy story, I was creeped out by the SYNERGIST TEMPLE in the woods Freaky, crazy..This is why I love James Herbert He can make me see it, feel it, smell it,

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    My sister recommended James Herbert and decided that since she thought I d not have the heart nor stomach for horror as I m a fan of fantasy and dislike seeing anything gruesome or bone chilling freaky , that starting me off with The Magic Cottage would be a good first choice Unfortunately, I expected serious horror and was disappointed by the time I was halfway through the book and hardly anything had happened So this is wha

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    First of all I am a MASSIVE James Herbert fan At first this book was really slow moving and I started it over many times before finally reading it through I have a original print form 1986 which still had spelling mistakes in Anywho, as i said it was slow to start off but at it gets into it and the two main characters Mike and Midge begin having suspicions about the Magic capital M for a reason it really turns into your typical James H

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    As always..Herbert ROCKS This was my first ever Herbert I read it nearly 20 years ago and decided to give it another go Although I still remembered the story somewhat, this 2nd time around was so refreshing.like revisiting a good friend So sad to think that there will be no .the death of this remarkable author means that there is a lot less magic in the world Thank goodness for his work a beautiful legacy left behind for us to enjoy forever Read

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