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The Mage (Sons of Destiny, #8) This book suffers from an identity crisis It s not a good romance the hero and heroine have been courting for the last 7 books their romance is overshadowed by all the loose ends that are tied up to end the series and it s not a good fantasy story either very predictable.However, it was nice to see Morganen get his happy ending. Plot 4 5Characterisation 3 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 4 5 This Is The Final Book In The Acclaimed Series Of Cursed Brothers, Fated Mates, Prophecies Destiny And Magic Robin D Owens New York Times Bestselling Author Jayne Ann Krentz Hails Jean Johnson S Writing As Fabulously Fresh, Thoroughly Romantic, And Wildly Entertaining Now, Johnson Returns For The Final Book In The Series Of Eight Brothers Destined To Fulfill A Strange Prophecy As Their Growing Family Faces New Problems, The Worst Of Those Troubles Now Fall Upon Morg, The Last Of The Sons Of Destiny, And On Hope, Morg S Foretold Bride The Eight Son shall set them free Act in Hope and act in loveDraw down your powers from aboveSet your Brothers to their callWhen Mage has wed, you will be all.Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems The worst of those troubles now falls upon the last of the Sons of Destiny Hope, Morganen s foretold bride, has finally arrived on the island She hasn t been telling the full truth about herself, and the consequences will stretch further than even she anticipates Just as Morgan gets used to Hope s Revelation, new enemies arrive on the Isle, seeking to steal away the brothers chance at creating a new nation During the attack, an old foe resurfaces and strikes amid the confusion, kidnapping the final bride to be Either Morg will rescue Hope and help his family complete the Prophecies of the Seer Draganna and the last Duchess of Nightfall, carving a new kingdom in the processor their enemies will be free to slaughter them all From the start it was clear that this series would only be eight parts long and with the release of the Mage the end of the Sons of Destiny series is finally known Therefore with mixed emotions I picked up my copy of The Mage, I really wanted to know Morg s story because he is one of my favorite characters in the series and of course how the series would end At the same time I felt a bit sad because it was also the last time I would return to Jean Johnson s world, Nightfall Isle and those sexy twins.The story begins with a flashback, we get to know Hope better Morg s destined bride to be , who she really is and how she met Kelly As some readers might already have guessed, Hope is not from Kelly s world This flashback covers a time period of five years, the years that Hope spent on Earth and explains how she got there.Hope is actually the Duchess Haupanea of Nightfall who lived 200 years earlier on Nightfall and then magically disappeared Now that she is back she has no intentions to claim her Duchy again, she wants to be a chocolatier It is hilarious to read how she and Kelly devour their chocolate while the others don t even know what chocolate is Hope is levelheaded, practical and smart but also a bit insecure for once again she has to start her life all over again First on Earth and now on Nightfall, for the Nightfall she once knew is gone She also used to be a Seer for the God Nauvea, but it looks like her Goddess has forsaken her As the youngest brother, Morg has some insecurities of his own he feels he is just plain looking in comparison with his brothers He is the even tempered one, the reasonable one, the diplomat of the family, except when it comes to Hope he cannot think straight and is jealous He is in love with her but is astonished when he discovers who Hope really is and all of a sudden he feels like he doesn t know the woman he loves at all He feels hurt that she did not take him into her confidence about something so significant as who she really is Hope has to make up for that, but he soon finds out that she still is the Hope who he fell in love with.The Mage is by far the most romantic part of the series For two third of the story the courting between Morg and Hope takes center stage, there is lots of witty banter going on between the two of them that made me smile, the incident with the shorts is hilarious and Hope gives Morg a piece of her mind about it The love scenes are provocative erotic and sensual, they involve a lot of food and liquid chocolate and they made my heart beat faster and faster What woman wouldn t want to trade places with Hope when Morg licks off the chocolate from her body These scenes certainly put my imagination in overdrive Quote Hope found herself quickly overwhelmed Morganen didn t just kiss her as a man who wanted a woman he kissed her as if she could give a drowning man his breath, a starving man his food Well, am I as good as chocolate Or am I even better The one thing I noticed immediately is that there is a lot interaction between the characters and less lengthy descriptions of certain things than in part 7 The Flame The oh so familiar bickering between the brothers, their typical humor and rivalry is uplifting All the characters we come to love and know pass in review, but the spotlight really is on Morg, Hope and Kelly The witty banter between the characters, the humor and the love scenes make this story a fluent and fast paced read After 200 pages the pace of the story changes and the overarching plotline takes over It is in the last part of the book that all the plotlines come together and get unraveled Basically the grand finale of the Sons of Destiny series is split in two An old enemy resurfaces suddenly and kidnaps Hope, time is running out and now Kelly has no choice then to send Morg to his old homeland Katan to diplomatic solve the issue and to get Hope back safely Only Katan does not co operate and now we get to see how powerful Morg really is At the same time Kelly has to start the resurrection of the Convocation of the Gods to get the approval of the Gods to become an incipient kingdom There are too many schemes and attacks going on to delay it any longer But for me the end was not the big bang I was waiting for It is not spectacular all the plotlines come together and get unraveled neatly The convocation of the Gods is funny and witty, it is quite a happening for all Nightfallers, it is Nightfall s history in the making But the end is too smooth all the threats from the past are solved to simple Yes, it is all obvious and it all makes sense but for my taste is it solved too easily The other thing I struggled with was that in the end Morg became and interesting and that his new found position in life raises questions for me than answers The entire end is just not spectacular enough to satisfy all my cravings, it would have been nice to read an epilogue in which we return to Nightfall a couple of years later to see how everyone is doing Though perhaps I put my expectations for the end too high, The Mage is still a great and enjoyable read and Morg Hope are fantastic characters The story is rich and layered because of the storylines and previous parts in the series, the characters have grown rounded with each part and I will miss all of them Jean Johnson has created a world that is unique and entrancing The Corvis twins have earned their permanent place on my bookshelves and I will always have a soft spot for Jean Johnson s Sons of Destiny series. The Mage is the last enstallment in Jean Johnson s Sons of Destiny series For those of you who haven t yet read anything by Jean, that means it is the 8th and last book in this series The Sons of Destiny is about 8 brothers, mages think wizards in another universe The brothers were exiled to live on an island all alone Seven books later and 7 out of the 8 brothers is happily married The island is now filled with people, and the family is making the island an independent kingdom In The Mage, Morganen, our last single brother, meets his pre destined bride He already knows who she is, and she, Hope, is ready to finally see Morg Hope previously lived in the same universe Kelly used to live in Kelly is the eldest brother s wife So, when she finally comes across to Nightfall Island and sees Morganen in the flesh, she is estatic They court date , fall even further for each other, and then complications pop up Don t they always You do not have to read the books on order to understand the story, but I would recommend it because of spoliers The Mage is the final book in the Sons of Destiny series In this book, we see the courtship of the final brother Until now, Morganen, the youngest of the brothers and the strongest mage on the island, has been the matchmaker for his brothers This has gone both good and bad at times, but now, he is ready for his own match He has known throughout the whole series who his match would be, but she has been far out of reach His match is his sister in law Kelly s best friend from her home world, Hope Now that all his brothers are matched, it is time for Hope to join them all on Nightfall Island.But Hope is not what she seems Rather than being nothing than Kelly s outworld best friend, Hope is actually the former Duchess of Nightfall She fled Nightfall when her world was in chaos and is only now returning home two hundred years later She is a Seer with the ability to predict the future and she sees that Nightfall has a lot of work to do before they fulfill their destiny to hold the Convocation of the Gods and become an officially sanctioned kingdom Hope comes home to Nightfall bearing all her prophecies and, of course, cocao plants so she can bring the first chocolate to Nightfall While this is a fun idea, it seems that she has at least one ulterior motive She is worried that without chocolate, Kelly, a true outworlder, will never be able to bear children on Nightfall something that Kelly and Saber desperately want.For the full review, please go to I was looking forward to this book due to Morganen the polite, charming, and nearly all powerful matchmaking mage of the cursed 8 Nightfall brothers I was not disappointed Morg was done justice in his installment as well as, Hope She is my favorite destined bride, and had the best back story It was also good to get to the whole Nightfall as independent nation theme.Like chocolate, this series has ranged from the sweetness of milk chocolate to the intensity of dark chocolate A rich and satisfying dessert to end the series I was pleased with how complex she kept the plot and yet, she wrapped up story while staying true to all of her characters. Im very sure other review already recount what in this book Then I just express my opinion which sadly lack what I loved about X Factors ending closure But overall it still rated 5stars for me since I love Morganen character right from the beginning of this series And it was so great this story of him present him with a special mate former duchess Dont forget at the end, Morg the one who became the king of the so called country after encounter to save Hope from evil duke The story overall really great it just that I prefer a much and I dont even know what it is D A thoroughly satisfying ending to the Sons of Destiny series All the loose ends are tied up, all the prophecies fulfilled, even the Gods are on their side But consider this a whine couldn t we have a few stories just to see what happens now Sons of Destiny1 The Sword 2007 2 The Wolf 2007 3 The Master 2007 4 The Song 2008 5 The Cat 2008 6 The Storm 2008 7 The Flame 2008 8 The Mage 2009 The final book in the Brothers of Destiny and it was a let down after a 7 book build up I can t believe I read the whole series The writing needed an editor who understands the concept of split infinitives My daughter and I had a riot parsing the following sentence from page 86 The Darkhanan Witch looked much like she always did, her blonde hair plaited into a coronet on her head and the hooded, black, deep sleeved robe draped over her shoulders that she always wore, regardless of the weather No, really, she does have another set of shoulders that she can use to replace the ones she always wore By the end of the series I really hated Kelly and resented that Morg had saved her from the house fire I empathized with her arsonists I wanted to get rid of her too Thank goodness the series is over and I still can t believe I wasted my time on them At least I didn t pay for them I borrowed them from the library.

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