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The Lost Saint A Family Destroyed A Love Threatened An Enemy ReturnsGrace Divine Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Cure Daniel Kalbi She Was Infected With The Werewolf Curse While Trying To Save Him, And Lost Her Beloved Brother In The ProcessDesperate To Find Jude, Grace Befriends Talbot, A Newcomer To Town But As The Two Grow Closer, Grace S Relationship With Daniel Is Put In Danger In Ways Than OneUnaware Of The Dark Path She Is Walking, Grace Begins To Give Into The Wolf Inside Of Her Not Realizing That An Enemy Has Returned And A Deadly Trap Is About To Be SprungBree Despain Delivers Sizzling Romance And Thrilling Action In The Heart Pounding Sequel To The The Dark Divine

About the Author: Bree Despain

The Short Bree rediscovered her childhood love for creating stories when she took a semester off college to write and direct plays for at risk, inner city teens from Philadelphia and New York She currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, two young sons, and her beloved TiVo The Dark Divine is Bree s debut novel.The Long As a kid, Bree would staple folded papers to make her own

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    WOW Talk about an emotional roller coaster I was a fan of The Dark Divine, but I have to say that I think The Lost Saint may have topped it And how perfect was the title The Lost Saint such perfect metaphorical use It could have easily described several characters in the novel Genius Despain does a wonderful job in

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    Is there some kind of rule that say the second book has to be an emotional roller coaster This one was filled with drama and major emotions Grace saved Daniel Thinking everything was okay, things all of the sudden began to change Daniel becomes distant leaving a wide open space for a new boy to come in Grace is lonely and

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    Although an engaging follow up to its prequel, The Dark Divine, I have to say, I was a little bit disappointed by this book.Perhaps my expectations were just too high for this book, but I found the plot line rather predictable compared to the awesomeness of the first one Daniel aggravated me until the very end of the book, and des

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    The Lost Saint is even better than the first book It s full of fun twists and turns and ends with a shocking cliffhanger, which is my favorite kind I still don t get the legs on the cover but this is a great story and I look forward to getting my hands on the next one It s a really fun series.

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    Reviewed by Andrea for TeensReadToo.comWhen Grace Divine saved Daniel from the curse of the werewolf, she was bitten by her brother, Jude, and was burdened with the curse, as well Now, Daniel is training her to balance the wolf side of her self, her superpower side, and her normal human side But when Daniel becomes distant and doesn t think it s

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    No pondering CLEAN CUT after 59 pages And I simply use of my status comments as my review which feels like re heating yesterdays dinner somehow, but also fits since the book itself seems to be reheated and rechewed, too I had low expectations concerning the first book in the series and ended up liking it a lot, but not loving it Usually I abhor second i

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    What an ending O_0It was a great book even though I wanted to punch Grace and Daniel in the face for acting like total losers around each other I felt sorry for Talbot Hopefully we will get a chance to see of him in the third book.

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    Good but not as enjoyable as the first, 3.5 starsEarlier this year, I devoured Bree Despain s debut novel, THE DARK DIVINE, in one sitting and loved it While I enjoyed THE LOST SAINT, it didn t quite live up to its predecessor Grace made the ultimate sacrifice to save Daniel s soul and lost herself to the werewolf curse Ten months later, she and Daniel are still togethe

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    3.5 stars Honestly, I do not know why I am giving this book a 3.5 rating when it deserves a slightly lower one.Not to jump on the let s bash paranormal romance by labeling it as a Twilight ripoff bandwagon, but I have to admit, The Lost Saint was exactly the same as New Moon Once in love boyfriend grows distant with a mysterious secret, girl is completely c

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    A lot happened in this book but not enough for me to rate it any higher than a three stars.

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