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The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America I Come From Des Moines Somebody Had To And, As Soon As Bill Bryson Was Old Enough, He Left Des Moines Couldn T Hold Him, But It Did Lure Him Back After Ten Years In England, He Returned To The Land Of His Youth, And Drove Almost , Miles In Search Of A Mythical Small Town Called Amalgam, The Kind Of Trim And Sunny Place Where The Films Of His Youth Were Set Instead, His Search Led Him To Anywhere, USA A Lookalike Strip Of Gas Stations, Motels And Hamburger Outlets Populated By Lookalike People With A Penchant For Synthetic Fibres Travelling Around Thirty Eight Of The Lower States United Only In Their Mind Numbingly Dreary Uniformity He Discovered A Continent That Was Doubly Lost Lost To Itself Because Blighted By Greed, Pollution, Mobile Homes And Television Lost To Him Because He Had Become A Stranger In His Own LandThe Lost Continent Is A Classic Of Travel Literature Hilariously, Stomach Achingly Funny, Yet Tinged With Heartache And The Book That First Staked Bill Bryson S Claim As The Most Beloved Writer Of His Generation

About the Author: Bill Bryson

William McGuire Bill Bryson, OBE, FRS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951 He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer He lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire He and his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK.In The Lost Continent, Bil

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    The Lost Continental A Look at Bill Bryson Bill Bryson s travel books are mostly like this one, a constant whining about everything His other books I love It s not that I don t get the humor in this book, I just think that it isn t funny, not in the least I should also say that I have lived a full one quarter of my life outside of the United States and I don t care if someone makes fun

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    It s funny how so many Americans begin their reviews of The Lost Continent with statements such as I loved Bryson s other books but this one is terrible , all because he treats America the same way as he treats everywhere and everyone else.So while many Americans think it s acceptable hilarious, even for Bryson to make disparaging but witty comments about non Americans and the places they c

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    In which a bilious Bryson, returning to the U.S after living in England, borrows his mom s car with her permission and sets out to find the perfect American small town.Bryson kind of loses focus of his main task along the way, but that doesn t prevent him from slinging his jibes at 38 of the lower U.S states.This one s almost as funny as the other Bryson books I ve read, but he seems to have

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    I come from Des Moines Somebody had to. Thus begins Bill Bryson his travelogue, setting the tone for what is going to follow he is a smart aleck, and he is going to be at his sarcastic best in taking down small town America through which he is going to travel.Des Moines in Iowa is a typical small town in America where nothing ever happens and nobody ever leaves, because that is the only

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    Well, ain t it somethin for dat rascally Mr Bryson wit all o dat funny Northern talk to make his way down here to Dixie and spend some time wid us We sure do ppreciate you takin us into your rich and well knowed book, Mr Bryson And yer gosh darn right, God save all those poor folk who done shopped at K Mart They should ve spent their nickels at Crate Barrel had they knowed what to do wid demselve

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    This is the worst book ever Bryson is a fat, cynical white guy traveling around the country, proclaiming in the subtitle Travels in Small Town America But like most fat white guys, Bryson is scared of small town America He hates every small town he comes to whether they re on Indian reservations, small farming communities in Nebraska, southern towns full of African Americans where the author is too

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    I do like my arm chair travelling with a hint of cynicism and much like Australians who are expert at taking the Mickey out of ourselves it was refreshing to see an American being able to take the piss.He may not be politically correct but who hasn t had a variation of the same thoughts going through their head about other tourists when travelling through touristy hot spots I can t express how much I

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    Sometimes I feel like I m the only person who s noticed the fact that Bill Bryson is a smug bastard who casts a pall of depressing sarcasm over everything he writes about I mean, I m all for sarcasm in most cases, but it s as though all of his subjects are cheapened and made despicable by his prose In The Lost Continent, he turns every small town inhabitant into an ignorant, obnoxious caricature The bo

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    Bryson does two things very well in this book, besides his trademark humour which is happily a constant in this and every other book he s ever written He captures the spirit of the land at a very specific time in its recent history 1987, the high water mark of the Reaganite project Time and again, he is left demoralized by the mindless affluenza that was the hallmark of American society during the latter

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    I have been to many of the places in the west that he traveled to in this book and it was interesting to me to read about his experiences which were so different to what I experienced We had a great breakfast in Sundance, WY and the waitress was so super nice and cheerful that I actually purchased a t shirt to remember her Bill Bryson did not get to eat there as The Shriners had taken over and the waitress

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