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The , Copy National Bestselling Autobiography Of Marilyn Manson, America S Most Controversial Celebrity Icon, Is Offered With A Bonus Chapter Not Included In The Hardcover By Turns Moving, Funny, Appalling, Disturbing There Has Never Been Anything Like It Rolling Stone Bw Photos Page Color InsertIn His Twenty Nine Years, Rock Idol Manson Has Experienced Than Most People Have Or Would Want To In A Lifetime Now, In His Shocking And Candid Memoir, He Takes Readers From Backstage To Gaol Cells, From Recording Studios To Emergency Rooms, From The Pit Of Despair To The Top Of The Charts, And Recounts His Metamorphosis From A Frightened Christian Schoolboy Into The Most Feared And Revered Music Superstar In The Country The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

About the Author: Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner, better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American musician and artist known for his outrageous stage persona and image as the lead singer of the eponymous band His stage name was formed from the names of actress Marilyn Monroe and convicted murderer Charles Manson In 2004, the band s hit mOBSCENE was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

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    I have a fascination with Marilyn Manson which has been stirred up by recent news about his deformed skeleton collection and nazi tiles in his library Although I couldn t put the book down, it was actually much disturbing than I could have imagined He is a total misogynist and all around creep who gets his kicks abusing vulnerable people His philos

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    Over the years, Manson has said some intelligent things, and every now and then I think he s probably a pretty cool guy.But, whenever I start thinking that, I flashback to the scene in this book where the whole band is gangbanging a deaf groupie who is covered in lunch meat No, really. Lunch meat while screaming insults at her I mean, really If

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    I decided to dive into this book because, while I never really liked Marilyn Manson s music or his band s style, I have always thought he is an intelligent person and I have always taken a look when he has appeared on talk shows Recently, he was featured on Bret Easton Ellis podcast and his take on humanity, American consumerism and the media have never b

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    this book was epic.every single part of it.marilyn manson is definitely the most interesting character that has ever existed on the face of this green planet.this book was stocked full of the crazy things he s experienced and done throughout his life it was amazing.but this book is not for the people who are weak of heart or weak to their stomach there s ple

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    Kill God, Kill your parents and Kill yourself.

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    Yawn.I read this merely out of curiosity a morbid one at that and was probably most surprised by the fact that I was surprised at how tedious I found it The Long Dull Road Out of Hell is a precise title.I don t know what I really expected to find behind Manson s character, but it turns out that no, I won t spoil it for you It s unlikely that you care.

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    This was probably one of the most self absorbed pieces of crap I have ever read by a musician And I read this the year it came out, after we met him and my friends swoon over him I disliked it then, when most would have listened to this BS I know you re smart MM, but you re stupid with women and sold out after that first albumwhich wasn t even that good This guy is N

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    Once upon a time, I dated a goth boy And that goth boy had an unhealthy obsession with Marilyn Manson I was constantly subjected to his CDs and creepy videos and even had to deal when the goth boy started wearing smudged eyeliner and dying his hair black.Of course, he bought this book the day it came out and since I had a bit of a morbid interest in the guy my boyfriend

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    This book was banned from my home for about ten yearsI picked it up mostly to remember a time I held dear and to remember the icon that was before all the bullshit self indulgency.It s built like a fan book of sorts, with candid and professional photos, interviews, early writings of Brian Warner sprinkled in and out of his personal narrative I didn t treat as much of an in

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    I am a huge fan, really enjoyed reading about the man before the star I would have rated 5 stars, however, I feel the timeline was too soon As other reviewers have pointed out all the really interesting stuff from MM came after this book was published.This book is about him, his journey, not so much about being a rockstar He is not a typical rockstar Similar, yes, and he is a

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