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The Light Between Oceans This was a great book I had just finished a REALLY great book right before picking this one up, so I found it slightly slow to start But I soon got into it within the first few chapters The writing style is very sweet and simple, I felt, and the descriptions let you really feel like you are there The author does a fabulous job of getting the reader involved with the characters and feeling what they feel.As a trigger warning, I highly suggest that any woman who has had difficult miscarriages and or has had trouble conceiving think twice before reading this book I can imagine that this would be an extremely emotional read for someone like that Reader beware It is sobering enough for someone who has never gone through that type of pain.It s actually a pretty realistic story, and gives the feeling that it could have really happened somewhere, at some time in the past The neat thing about the ending is that it had a LOT of possibilities The author did a good job of not letting you know what was up her sleeve for the end, and I found the last couple chapters somewhat anxiety causing Haha At one point I think I did actually flip to the back which I have a pretty strict rule for myself that I do NOT usually allow myself to do that because I wanted to find out one particular detail that was worrying me.Anywayoverall a great read A sobering read A lifelike story Kudos to the author nice job. Best Books Of The Month, August Tom Sherbourne Is A Lighthouse Keeper On Janus Rock, A Tiny Island A Half Days Boat Journey From The Coast Of Western Australia When A Baby Washes Up In A Rowboat, He And His Young Wife Isabel Decide To Raise The Child As Their Own The Baby Seems Like A Gift From God, And The Couples Reasoning For Keeping Her Seduces The Reader Into Entering The Waters Of Treacherous Morality Even As Tom Whose Moral Code Withstood The Horrors Of World War I Begins To Waver M L Stedmans Vivid Characters And Gorgeous Descriptions Of The Solitude Of Janus Rock And Of The Unpredictable Australian Frontier Create A Perfect Backdrop For The Tale Of Longing, Loss, And The Overwhelming Love For A Child That Is The Light Between Oceans Malissa KentIrresistibleseductivea High Concept Plot That Keeps You Riveted From The First PageSara Nelson, O, The Oprah Magazine An Extraordinary And Heart Rending Book About Good People, Tragic Decisions And The Beauty Found In Each Of ThemMarkus Zusak, Author Of The Book Thief ML Stedmans The Light Between Oceans Is A Beautiful Novel About Isolation And Courage In The Face Of Enormous Loss It Gets Into Your Heart Stealthily, Until You Stop Hoping The Characters Will Make Different Choices And Find You Can Only Watch, Transfixed, As Every Conceivable Choice Becomes An Impossible One I Couldnt Look Away From The Page And Then I Couldnt See It, Through Tears Its A Stunning DebutMaile Meloy, Author Of Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want ItML Stedman, A Spectacularly Sure Storyteller, Swept Me To A Remote Island Nearly A Century Ago, Where A Lighthouse Keeper And His Wife Make A Choice That Shatters Many Lives, Including Their Own This Is A Novel In Which Justice For One Character Means Anothers Tragic Loss, And We Care Desperately For Both Reading The Light Between Oceans Is A Total Immersion Experience, Extraordinarily MovingMonica Ali, Author Of Brick Lane AndUntold Story HauntingStedman Draws The Reader Into Her Emotionally Complex Story Right From The Beginning, With Lush Descriptions Of This Savage And Beautiful Landscape, And Vivid Characters With Whom We Can Readily Empathize Hers Is A Stunning And Memorable Debut Booklist, Starred ReviewStedman Sets The Stage Beautifully To Allow For A Heart Wrenching Moral Dilemma To Play Out Most Impressive Is The Subtle Yet Profound Maturation Of Isabel And Tom As Characters Publishers Weekly, Starred Review The Miraculous Arrival Of A Child In The Life Of A Barren Couple Delivers Profound Love But Also The Seeds Of Destruction Moral Dilemmas Dont Come Exquisite Than The One Around Which Australian Novelist Stedman Constructs Her Debut Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review This Heartbreaking Debut From M L Stedman Is A Gem Of A Book That You Ll Have Trouble Putting Down Good Housekeeping This Fine, Suspenseful Debut Explores Desperation, Morality, And Loss, And Considers The Damaging Ways In Which We Store Our Private Sorrows, And The Consequences Of Such Terrible Secrets Martha Stewart Whole Living As Time Passes The Harder The Decision Becomes To Undo And The Towering Is Its Impact This Is The Story Of Its Terrible Consequences But It Is Also A Description Of The Extraordinary, Sustaining Power Of A Marriage To Bind Two People Together In Love, Through The Most Emotionally Harrowing CircumstancesVictoria Moore, The Daily Mail A Love Story That Is Both Persuasive And TenderElizabeth Buchan, The Sunday Times UK What An Extraordinary Book This Is Tom, Traumatised On The Western Front, Takes A Job As Lighthouse Keeper On Janus Rock, Miles Off The Australian Coast Between The Indian And Southern Oceans, Where He Hopes That The Vast Surrounding Emptiness Will Bring Him Peace When After Three Years And As Many Miscarriages His Wife Hears A Baby S Cry And Discovers A Dead Man And A Baby In A Washed Up Dinghy, She Feels Her Prayers Have Been Answered The Ensuing Tragedy Is As Inevitable As Hardy At His Most Doom Laden And As UnforgettableSue Arnold, Guardian LyricalStedmans Debut Signals A Career Certain To Deliver Future Treasures People A Beautifully Delineated Tale Of Love And Loss, Right And Wrong, And What We Will Do For The Happiness Of Those Most Dear Tova Beiser The Boston Globe Elegantly Renderedheart Wrenchingthe Relationship Between Tom And Isabel, In Particular, Is Beautifully Drawn Elysa Gardner USA Today Told With The Authoritative Simplicity Of A FableStedmans Intricate Descriptions Of The Craggy Australian Coastline And Her Easy Mastery Of An Old Time Provincial Vernacular Are Engrossing As The Couple At The Lighthouse Are Drawn Into And Increasingly Tragic Set Of Consequences, These Remote, Strange Lives Are Rendered Immediate And Familiar The New Yorker Sublimely Written, Poetic In Its Intensity And FrailtyThis Is A Simply Beautiful Story That Deserves The Praise And Wide Audience Its Receiving A Stunning Debut From A New Voice That I Cant Wait To Hear Again Karen Brooks, Author Of Illumination The storyline is simple Married couple, isolated, working an important Lighthouse, trying to have, but failing to have, children A boat washes up in which there is a dead man and a living breathing three month old baby Despite the unlikely scenario, what follows gave me reason to explore my own logic What would l have done, felt, experienced, decided under a myriad of events that are both cause, and effect of circumstances The reading journey is so worth it The leftover taste in your memory will last a lifetime The tears of both joy and despair will sit either side of you to debate, to fight and argue forever For this is a timeless story that leaves both scar and mark Read it. I had looked forward to reading this book for so long The synopsis seemed like a great story Little did I know how much this would affect me.The Light Between Oceans tells the tale of a war hero and a headmaster s daughter who fall in love and move to an island so he can be a lightkeeper Tom, the lightkeeper, is quiet and subdued He doesn t shed much light on his past and we only know bits and pieces Isabel, a young feisty girl, falls for Tom hard and burrows her way into his life They are the perfect team and suited for each other well But there s only one problem They can t have children, the one thing that Isabel wants most in life.After the loss of their third child, Isabel is distraught and deep in mourning But a dinghy floats onto the shores of their island carrying a deceased man and a young baby Immediately Isabel takes to the little one, who they call Lucy She convinces her husband to keep the child, justifying it by God giving them a child to replace the one they d just lost But what happens when they find out the baby has a mother who is alive, and living not far from them This story offers so much As a mother of three beautiful children, I can t imagine one of them disappearing and not knowing what became of them On the other hand, I can t imagine never having them in my life and wanting so desperately to have children of my own The Light Between Oceans is a deep reflection on two mothers love for the same child, although different to each one M.L Stedman has a wonderful writing style both straightforward and poetic While some parts of the book seemed to drag, overall this story kept my interest and had me in tears by the end. M L Stedman s, The Light Between Oceans, is a riveting page turner of love and loss It s a heart wrenching, tortured tale of moral integrity, desperation, betrayal, and the choices we make Like a lighthouse, this story shines light on the dark places within you, where right and wrong blend together and justify the consequences when the human heart is involved This brilliantly written novel will tear at your heartstrings and stay with you long after you ve finished reading it Read it with a box of Kleenex It s not always plain sailing, even when you ve found the right girl You ve got to be in it for the long haul You never know what s going to happen you sign up for whatever comes along M L Stedman, The Light Between Oceans He struggles to make sense of it all this love, so bent out of shape, like light through the lens M L Stedman, The Light Between Oceans We live with the decisions we make That s what bravery is Standing by the consequences of your mistakes M L Stedman, The Light Between Oceans I can leave myself to rot in the past, spend my time hating people for what happened, or I can forgive and forget It is so much less exhausting You only have to forgive once To resent, you have to do it all day, every day You have to keep remembering all the bad things We have a choice All of us M L Stedman, The Light Between Oceans

About the Author: M.L Stedman

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Light Between Oceans , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés M.L Stedman auteurs dans le monde.

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