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Fresh Out Of College In The Summer Of , Happy Lands His First Job As A Graphic Designer Okay, Art Assistant At A Small Connecticut Advertising Agency Populated By A Cast Of Endearing Eccentrics Life For Happy Seems To Be Well, Happy But When He S Assigned To Design A Newspaper Ad Recruiting Participants For An Experiment In The Yale Psychology Department, Happy Can T Resist Responding To The Ad Himself Little Does He Know That The Experience Will Devastate Him, Forcing A Reexamination Of His Past, His Soul, And The Nature Of Human Cruelty Chiefly, His Own Written In Sharp, Witty Prose And Peppered With Absorbing Ruminations On Graphic Design, The Learners Again Shows That Chip Kidd S Writing Is Every Bit As Original, Stunning, And Memorable As His Celebrated Book Jackets The Learners: A Novel

About the Author: Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is an American author, editor and graphic designer, best known for his innovative book covers.Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Kidd grew up in a Philadelphia suburb, strongly influenced by American popular culture While a design student at Penn State, an art instructor once gave the assignment to design a book cover for Museums and Women by John Updike, who is also a Shillington native.

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    Awful The Learners features the same eternally naive, lovable , ball less and ostensible like thirteen year old protagonist as The Cheese Monkeys it s even subtitled The Book After The Cheese Monkeys , Happy read Hapless , now out of art school and working for an ad agency Only this time, not content with simply focusing on something he s familiar with graphic design , Kidd throws in a second storyline

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    Sigh I ve been thinking for the last few days about what I should say in this review I love Chip Kidd s voice, you see, his snappy dialogue and his witty little characters and his charming descriptions There s a lot of clever stuff in this book, too, including smart digressions on form vs content, design in general, psychology, and clothing from the fifties But the story well it didn t really go anywhere Or, rat

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally Any graphic designer worth their salt will already know who Chip Kidd is he s the one who single handedly transformed the subject of book design as we know it, the very first designer to regularly demand that his name appear on a boo

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    Apparently this Chip Kidd guy is some famous graphic artist book jacket designer I picked up the book from the library s new shelf initially because of the cool jacket, then checked it out because Augusten Burroughs about pees himself giving a back cover blurb The Learners focuses on identity, self knowledge, graphic design advertising, and Milligram s sp Yale experiments Mr Kidd s sharp, fluid writing carries like in

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    The first half of the book is somewhat slow at times though the typography digressions are awesome , but it really starts to pick up the pace right before the Milgram experiment.The last third that follows is so brilliant I completely forgot any problems I had with the beginning It reminded me a little of The Pillowman and also The Prestige movie version It has that absurd but very fragile quality to it that makes

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    Chip Kidd is not a bad writer The Learners is not a bad story But somehow, neither Kidd nor his novel The Learners never really come full circle I never read The Cheese Monkeys, of which The Learners is supposed to be a stand alone sequel And it s true, I didn t feel like I was left out from not having read The Cheese Monkeys The premise of The Learners involves a young artist fresh out of college named Happy He wants to get a job

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    I liked Kidd s The Cheese Monkeys, the story of Happy s freshman year as an art major at an undistinguished state college, where he is buffeted by the harsh tutelage of Winter Sorbeck and by friendship with the bizarrely original Himillsly.But I was disappointed by this sequel, which catches up with Happy after graduation, as he starts his advertising at the very firm where Sorbeck designed the Double Mint gum wrapper Monkeys felt mu

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    I ve been in Chip Kidd s sway for something like 20 years now, so when his first authored book, The Cheese Monkeys, came out I was all over it It took me a bit longer to get to The Learners, but not for avoiding it I finally got around to buying it only this month, and read it in an eager rush, the way the best fictions can make you I couldn t read it fast enough, but missed it when it was over.This is a sequel of sorts to Cheese Monkey

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    I really wanted to like this, since I adored The Cheese Monkeys But. I m not really sure how to feel about this In some ways I think this sequel ruined Cheese Monkeys The way Cheese Monkeys ended was a bit vague and mysterious an, I liked that This takes all that away and continues. and literally destroys some of the characters I m conflicted about how to rate this, though, because there were probably about 30 pages that I thought were bri

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    The Learners Chip KiddOnce in a while, a book cover startles you enough that you either wind up purchasing the book from the store, or borrowing it from the library This happened to me with the novel, The Learners by coincidentally, famed book cover designer Chip Kidd For starters, I knew he had designed the covers of novels written by famed authors Michael Ondjaate and Michael Crichton, but had no idea he was a writer himself only after havi

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