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The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels & Other Gentlemen Embark On The Breathtaking Romantic Adventures Of The Lady Travelers Society In The Brand New Series By New York Times Bestselling Author Victoria AlexanderReally, It S Too Much To Expect Any Normal Man To Behave Like A Staid Accountant In Order To Inherit The Fortune He Deserves To Support The Lifestyle Of An Earl So When Derek Saunders S Favourite Elderly Aunt And Her Ill Conceived And Possibly Fraudulent Lady Travelers Society Loses One Of Their Members, What S A Man To Do But Step Up To The Challenge Now He S Escorting The World S Most Maddening Woman To The World S Most Romantic City To Find Her Missing RelativeWhile India Prendergast Only Suspects His Organisation Defrauds Gullible Travelers, She S Certain A Man With As Scandalous A Reputation As Derek Saunders Cannot Be Trusted Any Farther Than The Distance Around His Very Broad Shoulders As She Struggles Not To Be Distracted By His Wicked Smile And The Allure Of Paris, Instead Of Finding A Lost Lady Traveler, India Just May Lose Her Head, Her Luggage And Her Heart

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    London, 1889The newly established Lady Travelers Society, catering to the whims and dreams of women longing to throw off the shackles of everyday existence and live an adventurous life of travel , may be a place where ladies are given the opportunity to expand their interests and learn their way at globetrotting,

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    It took awhile for the plot to get there, but when it finally did, it was worth the wait More than the first half of the book drags, presumably because the main character, India Prendergast, is extremely unlikable However, when the story began to finally unfold, there were several sweet and laugh out loud scenes which were highly entertai

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    This is a slow go and yet, still awesomely enjoyable Series Believe so Sexy times Do not recall I think there was a bit at the end Tame city Plan on reading by the author Why not I ll have to be in the mood though and as of late.Synopsis India s aunt goes missing after planning a trip with the Lady Travelers Club which is really just a scam to tak

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    I am wavering between 3 and 4 stars here I enjoyed it, but there were a few plot points that I felt, as the listener, that I was expected to suspend judgement and trust it would all come right in the end It did, but just It was superbly narrated, though.India is a very prickly heroine, and it took me at least an hour to even start to like her She did come ar

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    I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars rounded upThe Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels Other Gentlemen might well win an award for being the longest title in historical romance The first book in Victoria Alexander s new Lady Travelers Guide series, it s a light hearted romantic comedy, set mostly in Paris around the time of the Great Exposition, in which a s

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    I gave this a shot, but in the end, the writing style just wore me down And it wasn t really anything terrible It s just that Victoria Alexander takes her own sweet time with things You can kind of tell that s the case when you first pick up the book, just from the heft That many closely written pages means that either a lot of stuff happens or you re going to have to get down

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    Victoria Alexander s new story, The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentleman, is a pleasant romance adventure India Prendergast is on a mission to find her missing cousin She wants the Travel Society to help find her relative considering this group sent her out on a trip to the continent and apparently has lost her Derek Saunders realizes this can t be good when the person

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    I love romance novels for the fluff escapism tame drama, happy ever after, armchair time travel, appealing sexytimes.This first book in a new series did that for me, and if you like tame, slow burn romances, this one is for you Our heroine, spinster India Prendergast, is convinced the Lady Travelers Society is a scam Her beloved aunt has disappeared, and the women running the society are unable to

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    This may be the first audio book I have given 5 stars I read one other book by this author I enjoyed it but not enough to seek out an entire series by her I loved this one The story is funny, and the narrator is great.Unlike others, I did not dislike India It was Lady Heloise who I did not like To me, she was just as weak willed at 50 as she was at 17.I definitely recommend giving this one a listen

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    2.5 starstakes forever about chapter 18 for it to get anywhere but worth it

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