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The Killing Cycle People Have A Nasty Habit Of Dying When He S Around More Often Than Not, People Of The Female Persuasion, Although Women Certainly Don T Hold The Monopoly On Pissing Him Off But Trouble Is Looming As This Time She Was A Fiesty One And Managed To Gouge A Good Chunk Of Skin Off His Ass With Her Fingernails, Which Was A Major Inconvenience And Quite Sore, Too Still, Being A Resourceful And Intrepid Sort, A Little Set Back Like This Is Just The Kind Of Challenge His Character Thrives On He Decides It May Be Time For A Sabbatical, Somewhere Remote, Somewhere Where The Populations Is Sparse Enough That He Will Be Able To Keep Himself Out Of Mischief, Perhaps Even Somewhere Where He Could Make A Bit Of Cash Somewhere Like Alaska, ObviouslyDarla, The Frustrated, Lead Detective In Charge Is Perplexed When The Killings Suddenly Stop As Relieved As She Is That The Streets Seem To Be A Little Safer, She Realizes That He Pulled Out In The Nick Of Time One Murder And They Would Have Had Him He Certainly Knows About Practicing Safe KillingFate, However Is A Whimsical Beast, And Neither Our Intrepid, Bear Framing Psychopath Nor The Sexy Darla Could Possibly Foresee That A Simple Series Of Coincidences, And One Very Pissed Off Lady, Would Tie The Whole Thing Up With A Neat Little Bow Or At Least, A Roll Of WireThings Are Not Going To End Well But For Whom

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    Wow is this a great book Its follows a serial killer and the detectives working hard to catch him As the story progresses you get to know about what fuels the killings and see small glimpses into his past This is a well written thriller with twists and turns throughout.A couple of the detectives are gay, so there is a little lightness added to the book with their love lives touched upon.I wont spoil the end,

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    I love the book, I thought the writing was brilliant I take my hat off to you Tim I must say I will recommend this book to anyone that loves to read thrillers.

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