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The Joy Luck Club Four Mothers, Four Daughters, Four Families, Whose Histories Shift With The Four Winds Depending On Who S Telling The Stories In , Four Chinese Women, Recent Immigrants To San Francisco, Meet Weekly To Play Mahjong And Tell Stories Of What They Left Behind In China United In Loss And New Hope For Their Daughters Futures, They Call Themselves The Joy Luck Club Their Daughters, Who Have Never Heard These Stories, Think Their Mothers Advice Is Irrelevant To Their Modern American Lives Until Their Own Inner Crises Reveal How Much They Ve Unknowingly Inherited Of Their Mothers Pasts With Wit And Sensitivity, Amy Tan Examines The Sometimes Painful, Often Tender, And Always Deep Connection Between Mothers And Daughters As Each Woman Reveals Her Secrets, Trying To Unravel The Truth About Her Life, The Strings Become Tangled, Entwined Mothers Boast Or Despair Over Daughters, And Daughters Roll Their Eyes Even As They Feel The Inextricable Tightening Of Their Matriarchal Ties Tan Is An Astute Storyteller, Enticing Readers To Immerse Themselves Into These Lives Of Complexity And Mystery

About the Author: Amy Tan

Amy Tan Chinese pinyin T n nm i born February 19, 1952 is an American writer whose works explore mother daughter relationships and what it means to grow up as a first generation Asian American In 1993, Tan s adaptation of her most popular fiction work, The Joy Luck Club, became a commercially successful film.She has written several other books, including The Kitchen God s Wife, The Hun

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    During high school, when I did not have the life experience to fully appreciate her work, I read each of Amy Tan s books as they came out Now, years later, with many other books and various experiences under my belt, I reread The Joy Luck Club, Tan s first book, as part of my March Women s History Month lineup Following her mother s death, June Mei Woo ha

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    Why read The Joy Luck Club Because sometimes one needs to get in touch with his inner Chinese feminine side Amy Tan s most famous book offered ample opportunity in that regard The JLC is all about the relationships between Chinese moms and their daughters Honestly, I picked this up as part of my studies into Chinese culture My brother has been teachi

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    After I read The Joy Luck Club summer required reading before sopho English in high school , I started pestering my mom about her abandoned children in mainland China I also declared that I would name my two kids after the aforementioned abandoned children Spring Flower and Spring Rain.My mom laughed in my face about the latter, saying no self respecting Chinese would give

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    It s not fashionable to profess a liking for The Joy Luck Club In both academic and literary circles, Tan has been maligned for her seeming misandry and racial self loathing, raked across the coals for her largely negative portrayal of Asian Asian American men and for marrying off all her Asian American female characters to white men She s been dismissed for writing chick li

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    The Joy Luck Club, Amy TanThe Joy Luck Club is a 1989 novel written by Amy Tan It focuses on four Chinese American immigrant families in San Francisco who start a club known as The Joy Luck Club, playing the Chinese game of mahjong for money while feasting on a variety of foods The book is structured somewhat like a mahjong game, with four parts divided into four sections to create sixteen

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    I feel kind of cheated out what could have been a great story by a truly dreadful narration on audible Some of the voices were totally over the top and sounded cartoonish and listening to this one became a annoying and I gave up 30% in to the book.Audible can make or break a book unfortunately this one didnt work for me as its difficult to concentrate on the words when the narrator is using cartooni

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    Ok, I admit it, I was obsessed with Amy Tan my first year of college I learned all there was about her, read The Joy Luck Club, and finally I gave up hope.As a freshmen, at Linfield College, I was astonished that Amy Tan could have possibly walked the same hallowed halls of Melrose, perhaps sat in the same offices in the English department, or read a book in Northrup s astro turf room My daydreams wer

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    Those of you who read my blog are most likely aware that my relationship with my mother is not all bouncing bunnies and beautiful butterflies As an American born son raised with traditionally Asian standards, my childhood has been filled with conflicts resulting in screaming matches and bountiful tears So reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan was quite the vicarious experience though I am not Chinese nor a daug

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    Madre m a que llorera m s grande con el emotivo final de este maravilloso libro Ha sido brutal Que pena haber postergado tanto la lectura de Amy Tan Este es de esos libros que te llevan de viaje por diferentes vidas y el recorrido ha sido espectacular La historia nos va a narrar la vida de cuatro madres chinas Anmei, Suyuan, Lindo y Ying ying que a ra z de la guerra y la pobreza tuvieron que emigrar a Am rica y de sus cuatros

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    I feel a little torn on this one .What I liked I really enjoyed seeing story lines and character relationships come together in the last third of the book The peek into Chinese culture was interesting and new to me I like the idea of mother daughter relationships represented.What I didn t like I don t enjoy waiting until the last third of a book to be interested I really found the majority of this book pretty slow And I m totally okay

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