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The Infirmary Introducing A New Multicast Drama By LJ Ross, The Author Of The International Number One Best Selling Series The DCI Ryan Mysteries There S A Serial Killer Targeting The Streets Of Newcastle, Seemingly Picking His Victims At Random But Subjecting Them All To The Same Torturous End When The Chief Inspector On The Case Goes Missing, It Falls On DCI Ryan To Track Down The Man Who Is Brutally Murdering Women And Goading The Police To Catch Me If You Can As Everyone Becomes A Suspect, Ryan And His Team Get Drawn Further And Further Into The Case, But For Ryan The Nightmare Gets Closer To Home Than He Could Ever Have Imagined This Audible Original Drama Stars Tom Bateman Murder On The Orient Express, Jekyll Hyde, Snatched , Bertie Carvel Doctor Foster, Les Mis Rables , Hermione Norris Spooks, Cold Feet And Kevin Whately Lewis, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet And Is A Prequel To The DCI Ryan SeriesStarring Alun Armstrong, Rachel Atkins, Tom Bateman, Mark Bazeley, Anna Bolton, Bertie Carvel, Stephen Critchlow, Vicki Davids, Reece Dinsdale, Harriet Ghost, Frances Jeater, Jack Lloyd, Dean Logan, Daniel Matthew Lemon, Roger May, Hermione Norris, Kate Okello, Colleen Prendergast, Shaun Prendergast, Nicholas Rowe, David Seddon, Marlene Sidaway, Tom Slatter, Fiona Victory, Lauren Waine, Kevin Whately And Hannah Wood I knew I didn t have time to listen to The Infirmary in its entirety today I was going to listen to a bit whilst I swept and cleaned the floors and then I had work to do that just couldn t wait anyI am now the proud owner of the cleanest floor in the UK, and possibly the world I just couldn t stop, it s a totally gripping and absorbing dramatisation I feel like I need to go to DCIRA, Detective Chief Inspector Ryan Anonymous , and I m sure it would be a huge group and very supportive It was fascinating listening, especially as a long standing fan of LJ Ross DCI Ryan series, I was familiar with the characters I knew what had happened to Natalie Ryan, but that doesn t in any way impinge on the enjoyment I spent the entire time on the edge of my seat, figuratively, as I was actually standing up cleaning the floor, but I ve told you that already It also meant I knew the identity of The Hacker, but finding out how DCI Ryan figured it out was brilliant By some bizarre coincidence, Ryan is the exact double of my 3rd husband, just don t mention that to my 2nd , and I look forward to telling him that when I meet him, my 3rd husband that is, not Ryan The idea of giving listeners the back story to how the team came together, is inspired I know them all so much better now, their motivations, their aspirations and what drives them The Infirmary is the perfect example of what happens when you mix together an author of the highest calibre with first rate actors A heavenly combination of realistic dialogue, nerve jangling circumstances and Oscar worthy performances I still cannot understand why we haven t seen this series on the TV, it would be sublime There can be no doubt that LJ Ross is a writer par excellence I get such pleasure from reading and listening to anything she writes, really, her notes to the milkman are breath taking , and this is the kind of high calibre drama we should be enjoying on our TV In the meantime, I can only guide you towards buying this superb and unrivalled, emotional and exciting piece of work by the much lauded and luminescent LJ Ross It is an awe inspiring and amazing listen that will stay with you in your heart and generally enhance and improve your literary life 5 big, fat gold stars from me, a couple of Oh, wows and a standing ovation for The Infirmary Buy it as soon as you can you can thank me later. If you are a fan of the DCI Ryan series then this book really is an absolute must read Even if you haven t, this is a great book to start the series off with, with it actually being the prequel.There is an event that happens in Ryan s past that the author touches on in the series and this has been something I have been dying to read about Well the author did not disappoint My goodness what an absolute roller coaster of a read Ryan and Phillips make great partners and I love the banter between both There is something about the pair that just make them so endearing as characters I know that probably sounds weird but it s like Columbo or Poirot and Hastings, they have become much loved characters.This is very much a cat and mouse story and the tension builds the closer the police get to the killer I could feel my heart pounding the closer to the end that I got and the build up of emotions grew stronger and was a bit of an emotional wreck by the end.The Infirmary is an absolute belter of a read I had so many expectations with this novel and the author went above and beyond I really can t recommend this series highly enough One of the best prequels, in fact, this is the best prequel I have ever read Brilliant My thanks to the author for a copy of this book All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG What a bloody production Before I rave about the story, I really do have to gush about the production of this audiobook This is how every audiobook should be done, with multiple people I mean flipping heck, I really can not tell you how epic this was The minute details, where you have people walking in the background, answering the phone, running in the street all added to the story I loved Hermione Norris narrating this, as the tempo and the threat of the book increased, so did her narration just like it would if you were reading the book by yourself The panic knowing what was happening, it was there, the fear of what might happen, it was there My god it was just epic I have said that already But no matter the production which was epic if the storyline was rubbish then what is the point But guess what.it was NOT rubbish, yup you got it, word of the post, it was EPIC I am new to the series and DCI Ryan and his team, but I read a review by Jen read it here and I knew my next credit from audible was going on this book I am now a huge fan of DCI Ryan, and I am glad I had this book before I delved into the series I learned of the man, some of his history and his fierce determination to get to the truth He works so hard to solve the killings before another victim turns up, but will he be too late Working with people lying to him, minimal clues, I came to the same discovery he did, especially when it came to the sad demise of one of the victims I played detective alongside Ryan, recently moving from London, in a position which a lot of people resent him for Set in Newcastle, there is a killer on the loose, and the scenes where it is about him and his victim were chilling,so with the distorted voice It was shocking, it was terrifying and it was just so damn good Listening to this was like it is on the TV but you just couldn t see the picture This production demands your attention, as Ross flies you through Newcastle, as Ryan and the killer play cat and mouse The killer is one slippery and smooth character, and Bertie Carvel perfectly voiced the internal thoughts of the killer, I love this actor anyway, but now listening to him it gave me chills Too many I keep getting distracted by talking about the production and not the story, I can only apologise Because to be honest they go hand in hand, the storyline was epic, the killer on the loose was scary as hell, how was he getting to the victims, and when one is way way way too close to home, well things go a bit crazy The story itself is addictive, and if I was reading this, I would pick this up and no way would I put it down until I finished it Unfortunately, I could not listen to it in one sitting, but every opportunity I got I was listening I love the writing of Ms Ross, which is why I am so excited about starting this series I have been sucked into his world.As I said, this is my introduction to the series, I was hooked, captivated and excited by it all This will easily be a series I fall in love with and DCI Ryan, well is it too early to have a crush Sorry for the rambles, not quite sure how to make a succinct review of this without just brain dumping everything Hope it made some sense Very disappointing There are 11 other books in the series which I enjoyed then we suddenly get a prequel, what s the point I already knew what happened to the characters so there was little suspense just irritation It should be put as No 1 of the series so that any new readers can start at the beginning I feel as though I ve been cheated I was so looking forward to reading this prequel of DCI Ryan Mysteries L.J Ross The Infirmary DCI Ryan 11 illustrates the so very human side of DCI Ryan as he finds himself the lead investigator of a horrific serial killer case that paralyzes the city of Newcastle in Northumbria, England in 2014 The author through her excellent descriptive narrative states how DCI Ryan attacks this case, analyzes the perp , his actions, what skills he must have to commit these devastating murders, and how DCI Ryan eventually approaches the suspect I was completely drawn into the investigation I felt as though I was running with DCI Ryan as he chased the suspect As I knew the outcome from reading the other novels, I found myself almost hiding my eyes from the words that were printed as the book drew to a close These characters are so real to me Beautifully done even with the extreme violence and suffering Congratulations, Ms Ross 5 stars. OMFG this has to be the best audio book I have ever listened to I am very fussy when it s comes to audio books the narrator voice has to fit the characters This audio has has totally blown me away I cannot begin to tell you how good it is, not only do we have different narrators for the characters but we also have background noise like the phones in the office ringing and every time Ryan s phone rang I actually thought it was mine having the same ring tone lol Oh and not forgetting the creepy killer scenes OMG very very eryI have before that this series would make a brilliant TV show and this audio is simply the best making you feel part of the investigation I have always said that this series would make a brilliant TV show now I think that evenClose your eyes for a second while watching your favourite programme and just listen to the words..This is exactly what The Infirmary is like watching a thriller without the TV, you will know what I mean when you listen to it Not only have the nattortors brought this story to life but LJ Ross needs to gives herself a pat on the back with the story This is the best one in the series so far..well that s what I think anyway I was hooked from the very first chapter, I must admit I am a big fan of DCI Ryan and I love him evennow For those of you who have read this series we get to learnabout Ryan and how he started on Holy Island when we follow him on a catch me if you can investigation when the chief inspector goes missing.This is one hell of an engaging story, once you start it you won t be able to stop it is utterly addictive.Not forgetting that The Infirmary is the prequel to the DCI Ryan Mysteries series and is a brilliant place to start for those of you who haven t read it yet with only six hours to listening time I cannot recommend it enough giving it all the stars. Good prequel Nice to see background to some of the charcters Well writte. The Infirmary is a prequel, filling in DCI Ryan s backstory pre Holy Island, and how he came to be taking a sabbatical at the start of the series Even though anyone who is familiar with the books will know how this ends, it doesn t detract from the impact of the drama in any way If you re new to the DCI Ryan series this would be a good place to start to get to know the characters and the origins of the team DCI Ryan and his good friend DS Frank Phillips of the Northumbria police force are fishing on their day off when they re called in by Chief Superintendent Arthur Gregson He s just had word that John Dobbs, the prime suspect in a murder case, has jumped off the Tyne Bridge while being approached by two police officers The SIO in charge of the case, Sharon Cooper, is unable to be contacted Her tracker is showing she s at home and her car is parked outside Ryan has a bad feeling as he and Phillips race to Cooper s house What they find there signals the beginning of a manhunt for a chilling serial killer, who manages to stay one step ahead of the police.Ryan, Phillips, DS MacKenzie and the team pick up the investigation in a darkly action packed and haunting chase.The Infirmary is a brilliant production Tom Bateman as Ryan and Kevin Whately as Frank Phillips are perfectly cast and capture the nuances of the characters superbly Mark Bazeley the killer, Bertie Carvel the killer s inner dialogue, both of whom are enough to make the blood run cold Hermione Norris as the narrator, and the rest of the cast are all excellent and bring the story to life The suspense is palpable and the pace is just right throughout And, although the story is harrowing with the most terrifying and brutal villain, much is left to the imagination LJ Ross has done a great job giving an insight into, and greater understanding of, Ryan s personality before the nightmare events that sent him to Holy Island, showing how those events influenced the person he became He s totally focussed on his job and is determined to catch the killer.I enjoy audiobooks very much and this dramatised version works very effectively, taking audio to a new level, with appropriate background sounds and multiple voices giving a great sense of imagery, I could picture the story unfolding easily At six and half hours listening time it s aconcise story than the books but compelling nevertheless with realistic dialogue, a very well crafted and written plot. Having never listened to an audio book before I wasn t sure what to expect, it took a wee while to get used to it but the narrator and actors who play Ryan and the rest of the characters are fantastic and the story flows smoothly Brilliant prequel to the series and great storyline as always from LJ Ross.

About the Author: L.J. Ross

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, LJ Ross moved to London where she graduated from King s College London with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law After working in the City as a regulatory lawyer for a number of years, she realised it was high time for a change Her first book, Holy Island , has consistently been listed as an bestseller since its release in January 2015 and hit the Am

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