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X Is An Identity Thief Extraordinaire Who Steals The Identity Of The Worst Possible Person He Soon Becomes A Fugitive, Hunted By Every Intelligence Agency In The World The International Adventures Of This Sardonic And Amoral Anti Hero Combine The Irony Of The Third Man With The Fast Paced Thrills Of The Bourne Identity To Survive, X Must Use His Talent For Deceit And His Chameleon Like Ability To Adopt One Persona After Another, As His Predicament Becomes Steadily Harrowing And The Stakes Mount A Former Writer For The Satirical Tabloid The Weekly World News, C Michael Forsyth Peppers The Identity Thief With Sly Humor And Delicious Twists His Acclaimed Novel Hour Of The Beast Was Hailed By Horror Fiction Review As A Fast Paced, Rip Snorting, Action Packed, Sexy College Romp Critics Called His Epic Romantic Adventure The Blood Of Titans An Engrossing And Well Crafted Tale The Identity Thief

10 thoughts on “The Identity Thief

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    It was a fun read.

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    The Identity Thief features an oddly likeable antihero X an identity thief looking for a big score If you take this character outside of the world of fiction, he would be a despicable person Someone who assumes the identity of someone else and bilks them of their money X does have a certain Robin Hoo

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    I m not sure how Forsyth did it, but he has managed to come up with an action packed thriller that s absolutely hilarious This is one of the most creative stories I ve read in a long time.There are so many twists and turns in this story that it s difficult to say much at all about it without spoiling it

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    I was a first reads winner for this book I enjoyed the book it was fast paced with tons of twists, only one of which I really saw coming Some of the things they talk about are not realistic, but it was a well thought out story and worth the read if you like this genre Basically, an identity thief whose kar

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    can t finish this one struggling with the torture and rape and foul language I tried twice but just can t stomach the content of the book it is an I yersting story, we ll written and researched just not my cup of tea.

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    The identity thief was a fun ride It was a little over the top The narcissistic protagonist weaves the web that is fascinating fantasy with glimpses of true humanity.

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    Disclosure I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.Overall an enjoyable read.It started off as I expected following the Identity Thief as he was finishing up a job and moving on to the next one However, this next job goes south and the Thief referred to only as X suddenly finds himself caught in

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    For someone that was subject to credit card fraud within the last week, this was never the less a fun read The premise of the story was interesting and I enjoyed character X immensely I have not read this author before, but will seek him out in the future.

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    Except for the crude humor and some adult content, the book is really great A smashing read, pacing and humor topnotch I d recommend it to anyone who is looking for light reading with easy prose and lot of funny situations and suitable jokes.

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    There were moments of disbelief but I enjoyed this book very much A solid thriller with a quick story that worked well.

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