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The Honourable Schoolboy John Le Carr S Classic Novels Deftly Navigate Readers Through The Intricate Shadow Worlds Of International Espionage With Unsurpassed Skill And Knowledge And Have Earned Him And His Hero, British Secret Service Agent George Smiley Unprecedented Worldwide AcclaimIn This Classic Masterwork, Le Carr Expands Upon His Extraordinary Vision Of A Secret World As George Smiley Goes On The AttackIn The Wake Of A Demoralizing Infiltration By A Soviet Double Agent, Smiley Has Been Made Ringmaster Of The Circus Aka The British Secret Service Determined To Restore The Organization S Health And Reputation, And Bent On Revenge, Smiley Thrusts His Own Handpicked Operative Into Action Jerry Westerby, The Honourable Schoolboy, Is Dispatched To The Far East A Burial Ground Of French, British, And American Colonial Cultures, The Region Is A Fabled Testing Ground Of Patriotic Allegiances And A New Showdown Is About To Begin

About the Author: John le Carré

John le Carr , the pseudonym of David John Moore Cornwell born 19 October 1931 in Poole, Dorset, England , is an English author of espionage novels Le Carr has resided in St Buryan, Cornwall, Great Britain, for than 40 years, where he owns a mile of cliff close to Land s End.See also

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    What a man thinks is his own business What matters is what he does This quote seems fairly elementary in substance, and I can t help thinking how much this seems to reflect the basic expectation of the intelligence agents in this novel A man or woman is given a set of orders, and those orders should be followed through with no exception Associat

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    In the review I wrote for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy I mentioned that it took me a while to accustom myself to the spy jargon as well as many of the British idioms It gave me a very strange feeling to start reading this episode 6 in the George Smiley series and discover 1 the British idioms are offset by the fact that the Circus centre of espionage in L

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    Popular opinion has it that this is the weakest of the three Karla novels I thought it was a masterpiece, and a ambitious novel than Tinker, Tailor.It is very different from the last book suddenly there is this unexpectedly huge scope of Southeast Asia to go alongside the muted meetings in grey London office rooms I can well understand how some readers might hav

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    I m a longtime reader of the espionage genre beginning as just a lad and although I massively enjoyed all of John LeCarre s earlier works and particularly his George Smiley series I must call out The Honourable Schoolboy for especial recognition This penultimate work of that series is really the triumph of LeCarre s career the point at which he reached the full breadth and scop

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    I and the public knowWhat all schoolchildren learn,Those to whom evil is doneDo evil in return. W.H Auden Yet it s not for want of future that I m here, he thought It s for want of a present John le Carr , The Honourable Schoolboy Well sport, this was a messy, sometimes uneven AND occasionally a plodding novel but I absolutely loved every single word of it This is the

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    I and the public knowWhat all schoolchildren learn,Those to whom evil is doneDo evil in return W.H AudenWhat if you devoted your entire life to something because you thought it was the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing, and then you ended your life wondering if you had been completely wrong It happens to a lot of people, particularly because things shift on us as the years go by and

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    One of the few bright spots is how the author wrote the 1970s colonized Hong Kong, I also enjoy how the author described the international spy network and how those spies work, but all the good things I have to say about this book end here The characters are rather flat, the plot and the war among spies slow paced and uninteresting In the end I don t care what might happen to any of those characters S

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    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a tough act to follow, but I must admit I was expecting At first, I thought that s exactly what I was getting but then the mind numbing second third happened and I was lost in a way I never was in Tinker Tailor I still don t have a clear understanding of what happened in the book or with my interest in it.All I know is that I got sick of reading about Jerry I got sick of Guillam

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    John le Carr calls Hong Kong the world capital of espionage of the seventies There on the invisible battlefields the unseen combats are being fought But the invisibility doesn t make the m l es less cruel Clandestinity just makes spy battles much psychologically complex A redhead, which was half way to whoredom for a start Not enough breast to nurse a rabbit, and worst of all a fierce eye for arithmetic They said he

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    This is one of the greatest spy novels I ve ever read It s a powerful, ambitious, satisfying sequel to the very great Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy The plot concerns the Circus British espionage unit tracking down a Soviet operation in the far East Smiley rebuilds the shattered agency and hurls it into the fray Without spoilers I can assert that The Honourable Schoolboy takes place largely in south and southeast

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