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The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child Six Months Of Bliss With Gorgeous, High Flying Pediatric Surgeon Nikos Mariakos Leaves Children S Nurse Ella Head Over Heels In Loveuntil Nikos Unexpectedly Ends The Relationship Later That Same Day, Ella S Pregnancy Test Turns Positive, And It Is Only Then That Ella Discovers From A Celebrity Magazine That The Father Of Her Baby Is A Billionaire When He Learns Ella Is Expecting His Child, Everything Changes For Nikos This Rich Greek Playboy Is Back On The Children S Ward, And Back In Ella S Life Nikos Is Determined To Be A Full Time Dad, And Taking Ella As His Convenient Wife Seems The Only Solution

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    The initial conflict of the story pediatrician hero jilts nurse heroine by e mail, then heroine reads a tabloid that shows his wedding photos never finishing the article that explains the wife died 15 years before and decides not to tell him about her pregnancy is over about a third of the way throu

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    DNF at 28% 1 Started to throw the book, metaphorically, across the room when I read he broke up with his love slave of six months via email That trumps Berger s Post it note debacle on Sex and the City.2 Second attempt at throwing my computer is when the h s idiot best friend writes the billio

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    1 He dumps her via email2 He came back only after learning about the pregnancy 3 He didn t look for her at all so puh lease, there was NO fucking love or chances of marriage without the baby.Heroine is just the means to get the baby 3 strikes and you re out

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    Nikos is the greatest doctor who ever lived He s handsome, robotically precise with a scalpel, and he saves babies Those other doctors, they just stand around wringing their hands and whispering about hospital protocol, but not Nikos He s there to save lives, dammit.Nurse Ella basks in the glow of his

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    Very enjoyable read for me, this was actually my first medical It should have, and could have, been a 5 star read But it seemed like the core conflict was forgotten.the fact that heroine deserved someone who would love her for herself, not for the baby she was carrying And how could she trust someone wh

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    Intense and emotional read, but I had a hard time connecting with the H and h I especially struggled with the friend who found it necessary to write to the hero about the baby It just seemed so wrong that a friend would betray a secret and trust What right did the friend have to make a judgment call on t

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    After sleeping together for 6 months, he abruptly breaks up with her via email, moves away and never speaks to or sees her again The same day he leaves, she finds out she is pregnant, and from a magazine in the doctor s waiting room, finds out that he is both married and a billionaire So, she s pretty hea

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    Heroine was a bitch She kept her child a secret and even though hero was eager to be a full time father and support her she kept rejecting him

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    Wonderful emotional read,loved both Nikos Ella though i was anger she hid the pregnancy from Nikos,the reason was not acceptable to me even if they had broken up he had a right to know other then this i enjoyed the book very much,its a keeper for meRecommend it

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    The review was posted at Tsuki s Book Blog on Monday June 10th.I typically love Sarah Morgan books I m not a huge angst lover but her books always have just enough angst to make it worthwhile but not overwhelming Out of all of her books that I ve read this one disappointed me the most It was a random read fo

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