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The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden, #1) I Haven T Touched A Human In Three Years That Seems Like It Would Be A Difficult Task, But It S Not Not Any, Thanks To The InternetI Am, Quite Possibly, The Most Popular Recluse Ever Not Many Shut Ins Have A Member Fan Club, A Bank Account In The Seven Figure Range, And Hundreds Of Men Lining Up To Pay For Undivided AttentionThey Get Satisfaction, I Get A Distraction Their Secret Desires Are Nothing Compared To Why I Hide My Lust For Blood, My Love Of DeathTaking Their Money Is Easy Keeping All These Secrets One Is Bound To EscapeWhat If You Hid Yourself Away Because All You Could Think Of Was Killing And What If One Girl S Life Was Depending On You Venturing Into Society Enter A World Of Lies, Thrills, Fears, And All Desires, In This Original Thriller From A R Torre

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    The Girl in 6E book 1 A captivating, suspenseful soul searching journey for a reclusive heroine with secrets They believe what t

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    Erotic Suspense Two words one would probably NEVER associate with me, yet I adored this book It was incredibly fast paced, and just as twisted

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    Watch my review

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    Grab this book whilst it s on SALE Only 1.99 for a limited time Until Nov 1st US This beautiful quote, for me, sums up the emotion of Girl in 6E The words touch

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    Alessandra is an exceptional author and I was completely blown away by this series.We have a Girl with a penchant for knives and cough blood, a geeky hacker, a mai

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    5 Captivating Stars Genre Erotic ThrillerType Standalone Book 1 of Deanna Madden SeriesPOV Shifting

    Hope is dangerous Hope can be the loose thread tha

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    My life is simple, as long as I follow the rules.1 Don t leave the apartment 2 Never let anyone in 3 Don t kill anyone.I ve obeyed these rules for three years But rules were made to be broken.

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    This is me fulfilling my promise to read a book with lots of blood and deaths and believe me this book has those things AND MORE things that made me choke harder than the sight of blood and gore This bo

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    3.5Sooooo I think all those that know me or those who THINK they know me over the last weekYes, you HATERS included heheheheeeeee know, I am NOT a big fan of erotica.Nope, not a fan of erotica at all NOT one litt

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    Hope is dangerous Hope can be the loose thread that pulls apart your sanity Suspense, intensity, horror, blood, terror, sex, passion, voyeurism, broken, joy, and romance are just a few words to describe the magnificence of

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