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The Ghost Road Ghosts, A Family Curse, Buried Secrets And Two Girls Who Have To Figure It All Out A New Book From An Acclaimed Author, For Fans Of Coraline, Doll Bones And The Night GardenerFor The First Time, Ruth Is Heading To Newfoundland To Stay With Family She S Never Met Instead Of Spending The Summer Traveling With Her Dad When She Arrives, She Finds Newfoundland Is Very Different From Her Life In Toronto People There Are Much Friendly, But Also Superstitious, Believing In Ghosts And The Sight And Family Curses Ruth S Cousin Ruby Is Also Staying For The Summer, And The Two Discover They Have A Lot In Common They Both Lost Their Moms When They Were Two Years Old, They Re The Same Age And They Even Like The Same Food But While Ruby Believes In Spirits And Fairies, Ruth Believes In Science And Cold, Hard FactsWhen They Find Ominous Information On Some Tombstones In The Local Cemetery, Ruth And Ruby Start Investigating Their Family S Past And Discover That Twin Girls Are Born In Every Generation, And Every Set Of Twins Dies Young, Leaving Their Children Without Mothers What S , One Of The Twins Always Has The Sight And Can See The Ghost Road That Leads To The Mysterious Lost Settlement Of Slippers Cove What Happened There What Does It Have To Do With Their Family And Who Is The Ghostly Presence That Keeps Visiting Ruth Late At Night The Answers Lie Somewhere Along The Ghost Road If They Can Only Find It

About the Author: Charis Cotter

Charis Cotter is a writer, editor and storyteller living in Newfoundland She grew up in Cabbagetown and Parkdale in downtown Toronto After taking a degree in English at Glendon College, York University, she went on to study acting at The Drama Studio in London, England After several years as an actor, she moved into publishing, where she has been working as a freelance editor and writer for mor

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    Ruth goes to stay with her Aunt for the summer After her mother died Ruth would spend the summer with her father whose job as a botanist would take them to other countries This year her dad is taking his new wife Ruth s summer begins by making new friends, exploring the countryside and learning about family secrets When the girls uncover evidence of what appears to be a family curse on twin girls dying young, the

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    When Ruth spends her summer in Newfoundland visiting her deceased mother s family as her father has recently remarried and is on his honeymoon with his new wife , this represents not only the first time Ruth has had the opportunity to meet her mother s side of the family, no, she also encounters her cousin Ruby who is both exactly the same age and the total physical mirror image of Ruth, except that while Ruby strongly b

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    Canadian writer Charis Cotter starts out The Ghost Road with a strong description of the Maritimes in Canada She describes a lovely setting that includes the natural area, cute lighthouses, cottage type housing and the coastal shore One of the best lines in the book is You re walking on a fairy path, my love, and just because you don t believe in them, doesn t mean they won t come after you We start to get a sense of the magic

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    MY REVIEW 4 5 STARS I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review from Penguin Random House Canada Do not judge a book by it s cover nor should you ever judge a book by it s direct audience age I must admit when I first received the copy of The Ghost Road, I was very skeptical I wondered if I would actually enjoy it because young readers or middle school age novels weren t really my thing I find the writing to be too simplistic at t

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    I was kindly provided with a review copy from the publisher thanks to LibraryThing.Review can also be found on my blog.I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, it was well written and fairly interesting On the other hand, I didn t love it.Right away I was sucked into the story and immediately intrigued by the mystery surrounding Ruth and all the twins in her family I was getting Parent Trap vibes at first, if The Parent Trap was

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    Another fantastic, atmospheric ghost story from Charis Cotter Satisfies that family curse, twins are creepy, Irish ghost stories are the best ghost stories kind of itch Also doubles as a love letter to Newfoundland, complete with partridgeberry desserts

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    THE GHOST ROAD tells the tale with engaging text and beautiful illustrations of two girls desperately trying to uncover a secret that has haunted their family for generations Atmospheric and highly suspenseful 5 5Thank you to the author, Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine TheGhostRoad NetGalley

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    Why do ghosts haunt Because they have unfinished business Because there is something that keeps them on earth until they have completed their mission Ruth has gone to Newfoundland for the Summer to visit her cousin Ruby, who she discovers looks very much like her It is almost as though they are twins But that is not the weirdest thing Because although Ruth doesn t believe in ghosts and visions and having the Sight, she starts experiencing the moment she gets to her Au

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    I got a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review from Penguin Random House I actually enjoyed reading this book from the very beginning I was hooked up the moment I met bought Ruby and Ruth I was also intrigued with Eldred The pacing and plot twist of this book was good I was able to guess part of it but overall it was nice read It s definitely a good book for middle graders

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    received ARC from publisher in exchange for an honest review ACTUAL 4.75 5Set in 1970 s Newfoundland, Ghost Road is a spooky middle grade tale by Canadian author Charis Cotter Ruth s first adventure to the east coast is full of dark secrets, ghost stories, and a curse threatening her family.Despite being a middle grade novel, it had a well developed complex plot and was full of suspense I loved the detailed family history, and the villainous curse that followed the members for genera

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