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Game and Playe of the Chesse Despite Its Title, Caxton S Game And Playe Of The Chesse Does Not, In Fact, Have Much To Say About A Game Or About Playing It Instead, The Work Uses The Chessboard And Its Pieces To Allegorize A Political Community Whose Citizens Contribute To The Common Good Readers First Meet The King, Queen, Bishops Imagined As Judges , Knights, And Rooks, Here Depicted As The King S Emissaries They Are Then Introduced To The Eight Different Pawns, Who Represent Trades That Range From Farmers To Messengers Paired With Each Profession Is A List Of Moral Codes These Pairings Reinforce The Idea Of A Kingdom Organized Around Professional Ties And Associations, Ties That Are In Turn Regulated By Moral Law From The Introduction

About the Author: William Caxton

William Caxton c 1422 c 1491 was an English merchant, diplomat, writer and printer He is thought to be the first person to introduce a printing press into England, in 1476, and was the first English retailer of printed books.

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    Caxton printed two editions of this book The second has woodcuts minor textual variants This is essentially a reprint of the second edition A very nicely made book with good critical apparatus, lacking only a pronunciation guide Chaucer and I have reached a compromise whereby I pronounce him however the hell I like but I do it the same all the time Caxton is Middle Engli

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    I looooove this book The language is so riche, the ideas so olde, the intent so earnest and honestand besides, Caxton, as the first printer in the English language, is a rock star as far as I m concerned

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    Made it through the multiple introductions on the Kindle edition That itself had interesting information.

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