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The Furies In , A Sixteen Year Old Girl Is Found Dead On School Property, Dressed In White And Posed On A Swing, With No Known Cause Of Death The Novel Opens With This Image, As Related To Us By The Narrator, Violet, Looking Back On The Night It Happened From The Present Day, Before Returning To Relate The Series Of Events Leading Up To The Girl S MurderAfter An Accident Involving Her Dad And Sister, Violet Joins Elm Hollow Academy, A Private Girls School In A Quiet Coastal Town, Which Has An Unpleasant History As The Site Of Famous Th Century Witch Trials Violet Quickly Finds Herself Invited To Become The Fourth Member Of An Advanced Study Group, Alongside Robin, Grace, And Alex Led By Their Charismatic Art Teacher, AnnabelWhile Annabel Claims Her Classes Aren T Related To Ancient Rites And Rituals Warning The Girls Off The Topic, Describing It As Little Than Mythology The Girls Start To Believe That Magic Is Real, And That They Can Harness It But When The Body Of A Former Member Of The Society Robin S Best Friend, With Whom Violet Shares An Uncanny Resemblance Is Found Dead On Campus Nine Months After She Disappeared, Violet Begins To Wonder Whether She Can Trust Her Friends, Teachers, Or Even Herself

About the Author: Katie Lowe

Katie is a writer living in Worcester, UK A graduate of the University of Birmingham, Katie has a BA Hons in English and an MPhil in Literature Modernity, and is returning to Birmingham in 2019 to commence her PhD in female rage in literary modernism and contemporary women s writing The Furies is her first novel.

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    The Secret History via Megan Abbott for a YA audience, The Furies is about teengirl rage and the revenge it engenders a story of the brutal power of female friendship, of those secrets women share between themselves, in those moments men are too blind to see female rage novels are, if you will permit me, all the rage right now, and, being a fan of girls gone wild stories, i could not be happier this one is d

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    The Secret History meets Girls on Fire meets The Graces It seems that women are doomed to two fates It is our lot to either be seen as unpredictable and irrational mortals, maligned and repressed by the actions of men or sacred beings, goddesses of higher realm, among the Fates and Furies The Furies is yet another YA novel that focuses on the potential toxicity of female friendships Quite honestly, those are al

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    4.5 In a run down seaside town somewhere in England lives Violet, an unhappy and isolated 16 year old She is the only survivor of a car crash that killed her father and little sister in the aftermath, her mother withdraws into a numb state of grief, barely able to function Violet s only desire is to escape But a huge insurance settlement opens a different kind of door Violet is to study for her A Levels at a private girl

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    This one was a bit half and half for me There were things I enjoyed and things I did not but I still became totally engrossed in reading it especially when events speeded up in the later chapters.I found the main characters to be a mixed bunch Violet desperately needed to learn the word no and Robin was just awful Grace and Alex appeared to be mature but they also had hidden depths Much of the book was about girls being m

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest A high school mystery full of suspense A murder, a questionable friendship and witchcraft The Furies is a modern take of all witchcraft legends and curses When a teenage girl is found dead, sitting on a swing, with no clues of how the death occurred, we are set up to trust no one from the very beginning The story begins with Violet, who start the story from the very beginning

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    The Furies was a solid 3 stars The book centers around main character Violet a teenager who attends Elm Hollow Academy a private school for girls that was the site for the 17th century witch trials soon after the death of her father and sister While at the academy, Violet joins a study group with three other girls under the tutelage of Ms Annabel things definitely take off from there.The Furies is a well written and unique boo

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    As an exploration of girls gone bad, this does a decent job, but it feels like an echo It s been done before and better Definitely The Craft than The Secret History, the book struggled to hit the depth of character or theme necessary for it to be truly absorbing The characters were light Violet s voice held little attraction, overwhelmed by the darker threads of her new best friend, Robin, and the others are straight out of eve

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    Yes, there is a dead student Yes, there are four girls attending a private school Yes, the loner is brought into the fold Yes, they are misfits and chosen by their teacher for private instruction about the witchy history surrounding their school and the accompanying mythology Yes, they attempt rituals, spells or what have you Look a little closer and what this book is really about is feminine rage, unrealized female potential and

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    In 1998 a sixteen year old girl is found dead on school property, dressed in white and posed on a swing, with no known cause of death Violet, looking back on the night it happened from the present day, before returning to relate the series of events leading up to the girls murder After a accident involving her dad and sister, Violet joins Elm Hollow Academy, a private girls school in a quiet coastal town, which has an unpleasant his

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    There are lots of novel with similar themes to this An elite school, strange cliques of girls, and, as we know from the beginning, a death It has been done before, but I have a weakness for novels about schools, female friendships and so those words do pull me in, however hard I try to resist.It feels to Violet as though her life is put on hold after the death of her father, and sister, in an accident Her mother seems unable to move b

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