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The Flame (Sons of Destiny, #7) Plot 3.5 5Characterisation 3.5 5Prose 4 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5 The Seventh Son shall he decree Burning bright and searing hotYou shall seek that which is notMastered by desire s nameWater shall control the FlameEight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day they fulfill the Curse of the Eight Prophecies Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems Now that it s his turn to look for a bride, the seventh born brother burns with curiosity and anticipation Koranen of Nightfall is tired of the Curse in his case, a destructive flame that courses beneath his flesh His brothers have wives and lovers, but all Koranen has are blistering reminders of a touch that burns unless he can find a woman able to endure the literal heat of his passion Then the Aquamancers arrive, at last affording Koranen the chance to find his Destined bride.Ostracized for being too good at her job, Danau is resigned to her punishment never knowing love But fire and water always create steam, and things do get steamy as Danau and Koranen gradually realize they were meant for each other even as Nightfall s future becomes flooded with trouble than either of them could have imagined Of the eight brothers, Koranen undeniably is the hottest guy around on Nightfall Isle But he did not really catch my eye until The Song where Jean Johnson described Koranen in his forge as a hot, lean, muscled guy wearing only a loin cloth And now with The Flame his own destiny is finally known Jean Johnson takes us back to Nightfall to follow the twins journey to find their true love and to create an incipient kingdom After two very humiliating experiences in the love department Koranen decided to stay away from anything that has to do with love so he cannot hurt anyone with his burning touch For years he watched his brothers making out and enjoying themselves but now his own time has come to experience with love He is kind, generous, understanding and a real gentleman but also lonely and frustrated, he cannot wait to passionately practice what he has learnt in theory Danau also had a humiliating experience with love, only she had the misfortune that her former boyfriend broadcasted her defect to the world Now she only focuses on her work and she has given up all hope of ever experience love again She avoids physical contact with anyone because she does not accidently want to frostbite anyone Danau is very prickly and businesslike, a social outcast She is very lonely for she does not have any friends and she hungers for what she cannot have Love.I have to say that I had real trouble with finishing this story, of all seven stories so far The Flame has the most characteristics of a true Fantasy story For me it also felt different than the previous stories in this series The first 100 pages were very fast paced with lots of witty banter between the brothers and their destined brides, they are very well matched When the four aquamancers arrive it is very interesting and sometimes hilarious to follow Koranen s courting adventures in discovering who his destined bride is But as soon as he discovers that Danau is the one the focus of the story shifts to the fixing of the desalinator a machine that provides the isle with fresh water There are now 3,000 people living on the isle and they all need fresh water The plans to create an incipient kingdom are coming along nicely with lots of practical problems of course And so we get a lengthy description of every detail that has something to do with the desalinator or the plans for Nightfall This is where the story slows down, all the other characters fade into the background while we watch Koranen and Danau fall in love and their attempts to fix the desalinator The problem I had from this point on with this story was that the romance plotline did not work for me It was too sweet and I missed the raw passion and intensity that one would expect from two people who both had to do without love for so long Further Koranen was too much the gentleman and he gave in to Danau too many times I did not feel the connection with them the way I did with other couples in previous parts of this series.Another thing you would expect while reading the last but one part in this series is a serious further development in the ongoing plotline, but there really isn t any serious development going on Yes a few pinpricks here and there regarding the attempt to resurrect the Convocation of the Gods and a murder takes place, but these mini plotlines are not deepened enough and therefore do not add anything to the story and that is annoying The romance part is not strong enough to counterbalance the lengthy descriptions of fixing the desalinator and the lack of serious developments in the ongoing plotline.Fortunately we can count on matchmaker Morganen to put in a frequent appearance His interactions with Danau regarding a dress are gawky and hilarious Kelly is also a force to be reckoned with, but especially in the second half of the book I miss the banter between the other brothers The three other aquamancers spice up the story, they all have their own disposition Reuen is a real bitch, Chana is a real flirt and Amati is gentle Koranen sure has his work cut out for him in his dealings with them So this story was definitely not what I expected and it did not knock me off my feet For me it lacked certain intensity and the descriptions of things were too lengthy for my taste I did not feel the emotional connection with the characters and I missed the action between the brothers To me it feels like this part is too isolated from the rest of the series, it was an enjoyable read but nothing I do hope Jean Johnson is going to end this series with a phenomenal bang the Corvis brothers certainly deserve that So now we re at 6 of 7 and unfortunately the back story was relegated to the background instead of being woven into the main story line Can I just say the Fire and Ice was just plain trite But that has been the hallmark I did love the crisis of conscience faced by the government official of Katan Now to wait until April for the final book The library hasn t even ordered it yet.Oh, the writing is much better than the first book in the series Still not up to where I will be following anything else she prints I ll admit it was the Jayne Ann Krentz quote on the cover that made me pick up the first book Good marketing ploy And despite my dislike of her writing style, Jean Johnson does tell a good story. The series started out a little rough, but this installment and the last have been much better I can hardly wait until April when the final brother s story is told Given that his Destiny has been known for almost the entire series, it should wrap up all the backstories nicely. What could be better than two cursed people getting together One cursed to burn any woman he touches in a romantic way and the other cursed to freeze any man she touches with passion The two curses cancel each other and love is finally found for these two lonely people.This is one of the best in this series. Setting Nightfall Isle the 4 winged by 2 branches palace especially Trevan s section Harbor City the port, the Ticklish Pig restaurant Desalinator the magical core, the tester pipes, the pipes that go throughout the island, etc udrejhong essentially a submarine Menomon undersea hidden city Characters Koranen 7th brother Pyromancer 2 experiences with women before exiled led to burned hand marks on their breasts he listens to what his brothers tell him about women and about sex especially Trevon his brothers gave him a magical illusion woman, programed by the escort service, and can be touched, sound, and sight but not taste or smell so he could practice, and have some place for sexual release but it is his turn for a bride and Morganen, knowing the prophecy saying his brother of fire will find cooling in water, and in negotiation with the Menomons, requests 5 unmarried aquamancers to come to examine their Desalinator both for assistance in getting it fully functional and secondly, so as to reconstruct in their city potential destined brides for Kor and he is very excited though he is invested in getting to know them, not just to jump into bed with any of them Danau, Rank 10 Aquamancer of Menomon 8 years celibate she sucks heat from others, and is very icy her tears, her sweat, her emotions result in ice her first and only boyfriend they progressed slowly, they tested her limits but when actually had intercourse, his penis got frostbite and Chana and Reuen delight in sharing this with everyone and calling her ice queen, and generally tormenting her and excluding her Danua has instead devoted herself to the city and developing her powers Saber Queen Kelly moving forward in their plans to settle build the island Kelly and Amara words like Panko game back and forth Wolfer Alys Dominor Serina pregnant Guardians of Koral tai nunnery on far side of the Eastern Ocean and fountain on Nightfall not seen much Evanor Mariel healer Mikor her son Mariel helping out with injuries Trevon Mayor Amara Zella enchants the royal cloak before she returns it to Amara and when Amara puts it on, she is too nice, and the rest realize something s wrong so Morg despells the cloak then when Zella calls her, she pretends to be spelled, so as to catch Zella then they exile her Rydan Rora she is in hiding the Living Fountain and they learn to extract the fountain required for the Conclave of gods she must die and then they ll bring her back to life CPR Rydan resisting this Morganen Hope Morganen is as much in this story as Kor using his power to move things in for Hope, to locate the countess, to look back half a day to see who spell killed the countess, to locate and defeat a crazy mage who is out to kidnap Rora, to bringing Hope through the mirror Chana Reuen and Ama ti Menomon Aquamancers flirt and blond cousin and redbrown striped hair an almost friend to Danau and blue hair they are well equipped to help with the Desalinator but they are anti Danua Chana and Reuen destroy the velvet dress that foreseer Hope sees Kor s woman would see at Kor s suggestion, they are penalized with having to pay back x10 their world value of the dress Kor dates each of them, but they react to his heat, so he knows they cannot be the one for him Zella Fin Rin Amazai mage she is the one that recognized Rora was a living fountain, and sent armed people to kidnap her leading to Rora and Amara running away landing on Nightfall she doesn t believe that Rora is dead, and is setting spells to try and get Amara to bring the sister to her Yarrin Del Ya Mornai mage crazier mage he is after the living fountain and he traces a dissecting spell on the countess, and compels her and when she doesn t bring Rora, he sends her overboard, and the sea water enacts the spell, cutting her into 20 pieces found by Morg, who is using a tracking spell to find her Lord Consus of Kairides Councilor for Sea Commerce an honest man of integrity he accidently uncovers a magic mirror that spies on others and it is tuned to those making plans against Nightfall once he figures out what is going on, he feels compelled to warn the brothers though it is against his country s interest in seeing Nightfall fail the Mornais are setting up a series of transport mirrors stretched across the ocean, with a plan to invade nightfall, kidnap Rora, kill Rydan and Kelly , and transport Rora mirror by mirror back to their land to wed their priest and take her fountain Memorable scenes the gentleness of Kor as he tries to get to know each of the women including Danau, who keeps her distance physically and socially, due to her cold touch and when they accidently fall through the faux wall into the control center of the Desalinator, not only do they find the information they need to restore the Desalinator, they learn of each other s oppositeness and Kor uses the skills he s studied and practiced with his illusion woman, to first of test their physical compatibility with kisses and touches and then to make love to her first orally, then penetration and it works and from their pleasure in physicality with each other they continue to grow as companions and he is willing to return to Monemon with her, and to decide together once both obligations to the Desalinator of each city is completed and they decide where to live plus they will stay in Nightfall until the Concovation No doubt, I like the younger twin books better. Very little about this story that I liked Last book of this series is next Hope it finishes this series with a better story than this one. Popular Books, The Flame Sons Of Destiny, 7 By Jean Johnson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Flame Sons Of Destiny, 7 , Essay By Jean Johnson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The best book of the series, in my opinion.

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Berkley Jove Authors Bio Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. 1 romance author, science fiction authorJean Johnson currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, has played in the SCA for 25 years, sings a lot, and argues with her cat about territorial rights to her office chair She loves hearing from her readers, and has a distinct sense of humor Right now she s living in a home with zone heating decent plumbing, but hopes to some day put turrets and ramparts on it so that it looks like a castle.

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