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The Falicia Blakely Letters From her Pimp (English Edition) Falicia Blakely Is Already In Prison Serving Life Without Parole For Three Murders That Her Pimp Ordered Ike Is Still On A Quest To Keep Her In Bondage Manipulation Goes A Long Way, But When Does It End When Does It Stop

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    This book is excellent Falicia s story is in all of us I truly feel for her however, I think about how close I can to being in her shoes when falling in love with the wrong man Although I never prostituted or engaged in criminal activity, love left me homeless and destitute during my college years I will never

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    I became curious after watching the scripted movie on TV One I can see how a young girl was seduced by this lost soul The blind leading the naive After everything he put this girl through he had the nerve to still tell her he loved her and wanted to be her husband For a while he still had her mind, I hope she s truly

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    This book was short and sweet It delivers a great message all young girl needs to know because there are plenty men in this world that is the same as Mike My whole thing is why would he not tell her he is HIV positive Maybe I m being bias and don t understand, but whatever the case may be I m happy that Felicia didn t end u

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    I want to start off by saying that the.99 cent price tag for this read was a good fit, as it was a quick read but insightful and enlightening This story concerns me because I have a daughter who can be naive and gullible at times and I now see how she could fall prey to such evil Although I have not yet read the book, I have seen

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    These letters were interesting to read he stayed true to his manipulative ways.

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