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The Endearment From The Streets Of Th Century Boston To The Harsh Frontier She Wove A Web Of Deception To Ensnare Her Man Lovely, Fiery Tempered Anna Reardon Was Forced To Lie To Get Out Of The Street Urchin S Life That Shamed Her To Become Karl Lindstrom S Mail Order Bride In The Beautiful, Treacherous Minnesota WildernessKarl Forgave Anna For Her Deceptions But There Was Still One Shameful, Burning Secret That She Had To Hide From Him, Knowing Its Revelation Would Destroy The Love That Had Become Her Very Life Weak 3 stars Downer Too sad I cried too much I preferuplifting stories.The best part was seeing what life was like in rural Minnesota in 1854 living alone in the wilderness with Indians for neighbors Karl immigrated from Sweden He talked of foods growing in the wild He talked about different types of trees and how each type of wood was good for different things We see him building a cabin and caring for his workhorses He is a good man, strong, competent, patient, giving But when he learned of something in Anna s past he would not forgive or forget It felt like most of the book was this fight with Karl being self righteous, cold, remote, withdrawn, and angry at Anna.Poor Anna, her mother was a prostitute who died She and her brother James raised themselves as best they could She traveled from Boston to Minnesota as a mail order bride the trip paid for by Karl She can t read Her brother wrote the letters for her She has no skills Everything she attempts, she messes up Worst of all she lied to Karl in her correspondence She quickly falls in love with Karl, but he won t have anything to do with her During his rejection she continues to try to please him, but messes up most of the time She is in pain for most of the book.A secondary story was Anna s thirteen year old brother James His experience and relationship with Karl was the opposite of Anna s James listened well, learned quickly, and was competent at every new thing he did He had a wonderful attitude I enjoyed everything about James But he also was sad and hurt for much of the book because of Anna s situation.Technically there was a happy ending, but it did not feel good I didn t see any understanding or change causing Karl to forgive It felt like the author had him forgive in order to end the book I was still hurting afterwards.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Swearing language mild Sexual language none Number of sex scenes two Setting 1854 rural Minnesota Copyright 1982 Genre american historical romance, historical western romance. One of those books where you start out disliking one mc while the other seems like a gullible fool And then before long your opinions and loyalties get reversed I disliked the dishonesty and lies employed by the h a mail order bride to get the H to send for her even as I understood her desperation The H, on the other hand comes across as a gentle giant full of honor and decency who after being disappointed by her lies, decides to forgive and accept her as his bride.And then came the Minnesota encyclopedia bit Pages and pages, reams and reams of them full of details about the local timber trees, fauna, all manner of herbs used in teas, countless types of berries, cabin building, goats and what have you Minnesota is indeed blessed Truly Midway her final lie the biggest and the worst gets exposed and the H turns all cold, polite and moralistically unforgiving and I hated him The poor girl tries everything to make him forgive her but he is as immovable as a Swedish mountain The scene where she gets lost in the woods, in the dark and on being found, terrified and mosquito bitten, blubbers all over him to forgive her while he just stands there unmoved, was quite a tearjerker.The introduction of the ow daughter of a newly settled Swiss family as numerous healthy hardy wholesome as the original Robinsons was annoying, however nice and mediatory she proved to be The H s final calming and cooling down only occurs after the ow lectures him and that took the sweetness out of the reconciliation hea I wish the h had gone away and the H had to sufferfor his asshattery She didn t deserve the suffering she deserved better than him Spoilers I was hesitant to read this one, based on some of the reviews I read but I am glad I did This is my first read by this author, and I must say it was good.The book starts out with me hating the heroine Anna She is a mail order bride, who has lied about almost everything about herself in order to have the hero Karl pay her way to Minnesota to become his bride He wanted an older woman, she s 17, a woman who can cook, she can t, a virgin, she isn t, and a woman who can read and write..she can t And he doesn t know that she comes bringing her younger brother in tow.I felt bad for poor disallusioned Karl when he finds most of these lies out in the first day of their meeting BUT Anna grew on me as she did her best to prove her worth with brother James as they both worked very hard at the tasks ahead of them to build their new life.Anna and Karl s relationship and friendship began to grow, and they truly became sweet together, until the last lie was figured out by Karl via a slip of the tongue by James.Karl was a virgin so he didn t really take stock too much in that when Anna and he first made love that she didn t bleed or feel pain, plus it was out of doors and dark Needless to say all changes when he realizes Anna was not a virgin and she confesses it to him when he approaches the subject with her.A bunch of stuff happens, during their estangement A new family moves in nearby, a Swedish family, Karl is from Sweden , and their happy and perfect selves intimidate Anna a bit, making her feel inadequate They all can cook, they all dress nice, they speak Karl s language and the women arevoluptious than skinny Anna.Anna, came from Boston, an unwanted child of a prostitue and sister to James who most likely didn t share the same father as Anna Their mother has died, and the two were forced to stuggle to survive by lying and stealing Even when their mother was alive, they had to Karl was their only chance to change their circumstances Especially when they came to realize being honest wasn t getting them anywhere Anna and James didn t set out to hurt anyone, and fate had it where Anna becomes just as hurt if notso then Karl during this story FYI in the end he NEVER strayed, he remained faithful to Anna who he loved even through the finding out the worst of the lies about her, not being a virgin BTW She only lost her virginity to pay James s way to Minnesota for Karl didn t know about him and only sent enough money for Anna I did find this to be an emotional read at times I found myself hating Anna, then loving her, and pitying her I also found myself loving Karl, then hating him, and at times pitying him.In the end, he grovels a little, for not forgiving her She had already asked for his forgiveness although he said he didn t know if he could And she forgave him for being so high and mighty.There is a really sweet happily ever after including sweeting loving and ILY s.I took a star away because I got a little bored with all the descriptive details of building a cabin, cooking, making bread, candles, gardening..etc it was tedious at times.The writing is very good otherwise No loose ends, and no editing issues I could see. 4.5 stars.I m convinced that LaVyrle Spencer can t write a book that I don t likeI, Karl, take thee, Anna My little whiskey haired Anna for my lawful wedded wife How I have waited for you to have and to hold Not yet have I even held you, Anna from this day forward Forward to this night, and tomorrow and tomorrow For better, for worse In spite of everything, I know I could do far worse for richer, for poorer Ah, how rich we can be, Anna, rich with life in sickness and in health And I will see this thin hand grow strong till death do us part These things I promise with my life these things and the promise of patience, as Father, my friend, said I, Anna, take thee, Karl Forgive me, Karl, for tricking you for my lawful wedded husband But James and I didn t know what else to do from this day forward Never again will we be homeless for better, for worse I promise I will never, never tell another lie for richer, for poorer Riches we do not need A home will be enough in sickness and in health I ll learn all I said I knew till death do us part I ll make up for everything, Karl, somehow I promise I ll make up for everything.Truly a great book about forgiveness and acceptance One of my favoritesI do not know what you are I only know what you are not You are not Swedish, and so you must not put these awful braids in that Irish hair of yours ever again I tried to get them out, but I have only made them worse Then seeing her concern, soothed it No, not now, Anna You are a tempting little mess, so just leave it And you are not fat and you are not the best cook and you are not the best gardener, but I do not care, Anna I want you just as you are When I want to read a good love story or just a good book LaVyrle Spencer s books are the way to go The Endearment is no exception. 4.5 starsSecond book to read by the author Enjoyed this one .To me, this is a book not only about forgiveness but also about commitment to marriage Two people who had not met and in many ways were wrong for each other arranged a marriage sight unseen Regardless of another matesuited, they choose each other. Es una novela preciosa, LaVyrle Spencer se ha convertido en una de mis autoras favoritas su estilo es maravilloso, tan honesto y sentimental Karl es uno de esos personajes masculinos que dejan huella, me ha encantado conocer su historia y la de Anna, y James, que me pareci tambi n adorable Necesito m s libros de la se ora Spencer en mi vida. This book would have garnered a higher rating from me had I been able to like the heroine, Anna, even a little bit I couldn t And that upset me because, honestly, I got where she was coming from with her desperation, but I just couldn t bring myself to like anything about her And Karl deserved so muchthan she was able to giveeven at the end This isn t to say it s a bad book It isn t It s quite good The characters are unbelievably well written, the pacing is good, the plot is engaging, and the atmosphere is spectacular LaVyrle Spencer is obviously an adept hand at research because there are so many little historically accurate tidbits I learned a lot, but Spencer was able to teach me things I d never known before without putting me to sleep Her dialogue is excellent, and the prose has excellent flow If you like sweet historical romances, I m not sure you can really go wrong with any of Lavyrle Spencer s books she seems quite masterful at creating compelling stories with real characters The only reason this book gets less than four stars from me is just my own biased dislike of Anna I recommend reading it simply because it s excellent in an historical context, but I don t recommend it if you ve never read anything from Spencer before If you re just starting with her work, try Morning Glory instead It s one of my favorites. 3 to 3 1 2 stars At first this book didn t work for me but as I continued to ponder the story, I found it actually did I spent much of this book with feelings of frustration and even anger at both the hero and heroine due to their choices and behaviors I also felt there were times the connection between the two was lacking, and I never did become a full believer in their love story In many ways, I feel the only reason they found their happily ever after is because romance books have to end happily.I wasn t a fan of the hero, but he was authentic for his era and was an honorable and good man He did, however, have a tendency toward self righteousness I felt the heroine was delightful, frustrating, endearing, and very spot on for her young age That said, I would like to have seencharacter growth and feelings of self worth from this young heroine I adored James, the heroine s younger brother He made the book fun, heartwarming, and enjoyable One thing is for sure Ms Spenser had the ability to make me feel many different emotions while reading this book, and that makes her a fabulous storyteller. LaVyrleLaVyrleLaVyrle LaVyrle always IMO manages to write a romance that pulls you in and pulls at your heart strings This is my second LaVyrle Spencer book and it will definitely NOT be my last I needed a good book and she delivered She is quickly becoming a fav of mine, along with Judith McNaught for HR books.Anyway, gushing aside Karl is a lonely Swedish man in a new country trying to build a life for himself No woman in sight for yearsyes, years Well, what is a lonely man to dowellget a mail order bride Enter Anna Anna s had a hard life She hears about Karl s ad and a few lies later, shes off to meet Karl to start their new life together So, the moral of the story centers around love and forgiveness Oddly enough, I found myself at times both feeling empathetic and or annoyed with both Karl and Anna I ll admit I found myself screaming at the book, will you do the do my own euphemism for sex lol already.geeshhh However, despite my heathen ways Karl and Anna s love story was a touching one and worth the read.

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LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focu

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