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The Enchantress WellThe story is finally over and I m not sure I am pleased with what happened with this story All of the things that I loved about the first 3 books slowly melted away from the overall story as we got closer and closer to the end The most disheartening thing, was seeing how Mr Scott marginalized Nicholas Flamel the title character of the series Surely the story was equally about the twins of legend, but in my opinion, the author became so tangential that it became off putting It is understandable that Michael Scott has artistic license to take the story wherever he would like it to go But I think he ran out of ideas because he forced himself to write each book on a one year deadline In that regard, I felt the last two books were too much filler, too much talking about the same thing, too much material that could have been shortened down or expanded upon with some good, quality editing Ultimately, I found myself turning the pages to get to and of the story But I can t stand when I read a book and the entire book is rising action Mr Scott spent 4 books taking me all over the world, and even to other worlds shadowrealms Then a decision was made to keep the reader stuck on Alcatraz or Danu Talis It simply made me angry and confused As far as the characters are concerned, it was sad to see how Mr Scott devolved them all into caricatures of themselves The dialogue in this last book was just awful It was cheesy, feigned comic relief, hollow, empty, and a waste of paper I can t explain how obnoxious it was to re read the same one sentence description that the author gave, EVERY SINGLE TIME a character was re introduced during the story At this point in a series of books, if you don t think that your reader knows the characters, you should probably come up with new ones I get it Scathach has red hair, green eyes, and sharp teeth I get it Nicholas and Perenelle are looking older I get it The Change makes the Elders look different HOW MANY TIMES DID I NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THOSE TRIVIAL DETAILS It was very patronizing and it made the story very choppy While there were no real loose ends, it was just bizarre to see how it all came to an end I was not really a fan of anything that happened on Danu Talis in the last book It was cheesy and so far removed from what I remember the first few books being The big reveal at the end, was something I had seen a book and a half before we were supposed to find out I m not saying that is something everyone should have seen, but it made me question a lot Don t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the book titles, but there were a few in the series that made me question if they should have been swapped with one of the other titlesmost specifically the last two Overall, I am just very defeated by the way this series played out I ve had this experience a few times and it makes me wonder why authors put limits and restrictions on their writing If you have a story you want to write, don t limit yourself, or in this case, force yourself to stretch the story over a pre determined amount of pages The entire last three books could have been edited down to one decent novel Instead, we got no new characters, no new places, TIME TRAVEL the kiss of death , regurgitated plot action characters, and a big flop of an ending I am truly disappointed and I don t know if I can invest time in his books if this is what Michael Scott delivered for the so called ending to what started out as a truly epic series. Gosh, so much to say about this book The ending left me satisfied, but I am so unimpressed by Scott s writing that I will likely never pick up a book of his ever again.This series fell prey to every fantasy cliche that drives me nuts, starting with Michael Scott trying waaaaay too hard to impress us In the first two books, we established a hierarchy of immortals, Next Gen, Elder, and Great Elder But Scott keeps trying to one up himself before the Great Elders were Archons, and before them Ancients, and before them Earthlords and blah blah blah I d really love it if he just decided on what the ultimate godlike race is and left it at that Then, in this book, we get to spend chapters watching every single character introduced put on armor, or reminisce about the past, or worry about the future, or make dire statements about the end of the world Scathatch, in particular, is fond of making dramatic you will replies to comments made in the past This was clever the first time, then it grew very wearing Also, was it really necessary to cut back to the same battle Niten and Prometheus vs some lizards every third chapter Every single time, they would fight a lizard, talk about battles, and one of them would fall So much of this book was filler, I feel it could easily have been combined with the previous one.The problem is that the incredibly interesting characters are also the relatively minor ones For example, I love Virginia Dare, and would have loved to see of her The crew left back in the present is the far interesting one Machiavelli, Billy the Kid, the Flamels but there s a feeling that they are just a minor subplot.The ending, with the twins prophecy and everything, is a satisfying one But Scott performs so much build up, that a lot of it seems like useless hype In particular, I don t get why we re treated to political drama courtesy of Bastet and Anubis when that barely ends up figuring in.I recommend reading this series, but I can t say it was one of my favorites Michael Scott s writing is appalling, and I now have an urge to read something that s fast and to the point The only thing saving this series is the rather clever idea of writing historical figures and gods as Elders and immortals, a la Percy Jackson But Rick Riordan never waffles on like this. The Two That Are One Must Become The One That Is All One To Save The World, One To Destroy ItSan Francisco Nicholas And Perenelle Flamel Have One Day Left To Live, And One Job Left To Do They Must Defend San Francisco The Monsters Gathered On Alcatraz Island Have Been Released And Are Heading Toward The City If They Are Not Stopped, They Will Destroy Everyone And Everything In Their PathBut Even With The Help Of Two Of The Greatest Warriors From History And Myth, Will The Sorceress And The Legendary Alchemyst Be Able To Defend The City Or Is It The Beginning Of The End Of The Human Race Danu Talis Sophie And Josh Newman Traveled Ten Thousand Years Into The Past To Danu Talis When They Followed Dr John Dee And Virginia Dare And It S On This Legendary Island That The Battle For The World Begins And EndsScathach, Prometheus, Palamedes, Shakespeare, Saint Germain, And Joan Of Arc Are Also On The Island And No One Is Sure What Or Who The Twins Will Be Fighting ForToday The Battle For Danu Talis Will Be Won Or LostBut Will The Twins Of Legend Stand Together Or Will They Stand Apart One To Save The World And One To Destroy It A very disappointing end to the series I must say, over the last few books, the series seemed to be dragging, but knowing there was just one book kept me reading I was hoping to see a lot of threads tied up and see how everything played out In summary, I was unimpressed I don t claim to know what Scott s writing process was like, but from my reader s point of view, it seems he was just adding things in here and there trying to make everything make sense, but failing at it A good series concludes with many threads all coming together, drawing from things from the novels before it, but this one didn t really do that at all Some details just seemed to fit this story and not coincide with the previous books , so Scott just added them in Other storylines and components seemed to be left hanging, not explained, or explained poorly Getting into the time travel stuff especially was very poorly done, making it difficult to follow Having read this final instalment, I would definitely not recommend reading any of the series to a friend it had potential, but I think it lost it around the 4th book. Alright, so last night I finished reading The Enchantress, by Michael Scott Last book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series Pure drivel.Now, I know what you are thinking Torry, what do you expect when you read a book meant for children Good point, but still, whatever happened to good story telling None of the characters are believable, the way they transition as the story develops seems contrived, the dialogue is cheesy, the plot nonsensical, and the entire time I feel like the author is just tries to show me how much esoteric knowledge he has about mythology AND WHY MUST AUTHORS DABBLE WITH TIME TRAVEL, BUT CREATE PARADOXES IS THIS THE FUCKING TERMINATOR Some of the characters were kind of cool, if one dimensional, but we are left hanging with so many of them Some of the biggest characters of the book have no ending no resolution to their stories Others feel like their sage was wrapped up quickly, with abrupt transformation that do not keep pace with how the characters were developed I use that word lightly throughout the series.Still, if you completely suspend disbelief and maybe get a little drunk, you can have a good time reading these novels Lots of fantastical elements, frequent deus ex machina, colorful but shallow characters, and interesting conspiracy In other words, if you like Dan Brown novels, you will love this series. Finally, I could move on after I finish reading this last installment of the book series I was quite surprised that it was Josh and not Sophie who save the modern world and destroyed the Danu Talis I was really rooting for Sophie to be the chosen one because I don t like Josh s attitude on the 4th and 5th book But after contemplating on Josh s journey, I think it really suits him to make the biggest sacrifice and become a hero.Josh experienced a lot of emotions such as anger, jealousy, uncertainty, and pride But after all of these, Dee made him realized that whenever he was in doubt he should always use his heart The biggest revelation, I guess, is that Josh became Death or also called Marethyu and who gave the book of Codex to Nicholas.I am curious about what happened to Sophie who isn t really related to him by blood, which was also revealed in this last book If it s true that the author will be writing a sequel to this series, hopefully, there could be a chance that Sophie and Josh will meet again. It s pretty close to a one star, but I do like some of the characters enough So who is the Enchantress I have no idea It s lovely to title a book something and for a reader to get through it with no idea who the title is referring to That is not the main problem with this book or series however It was just too much Too many characters, too much random story lines I m actually not even really sure what the purpose of this entire series was We already knew what was going to happen in the finale since it had already happened ten thousand years ago In this finale book, like several of its predecessors nothing happens for a long time and in the climax nothing much happens and in this the finale, Danu Talis falls Surprise, surprise because it had already fallen ten thousand years ago in I believe the same manner so were we seeing the past or the present It s also subtitled the Secret Life of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel but the Flamels have gradually taken a back seat as the series progressed and really become non entities in this book Inexplicable things happen throughout like Isis and Osiris all of a sudden becoming crazy beasty Earthlords whatever that is If it was explained in a previous book I didn t remember I also question the whole hierarchy since the Elders don t seem to have any powers than the immmortal humans which I truly didn t get Their power comes from the same source, auras, and they die when they use it up which seems awfully quickly in some cases Scott tells us that Flamel once dropped a mountain on the giant spider but that didn t use up too much of his aura I absolutely hate books that don t have a set of rules or when the rules are changed on a whim and that seems to be the case here.Again there were too many characters and too many things going on and things were wrapped up way too quickly and in some cases way too neatly Oh Quetzalcatl and Bestet all of a sudden take off when Aunt Agnes shows up Really they would give up that quickly I m shaking my head as a write this.This series had the potential to be good but Scott seems to be interested in telling us how many mythologies he knows instead of focusing on a good plot. I ve been reading the Nicholas Flamel series since the very beginning I was 10 or 11 when the first one came out I loved it when I read it then, and I love it now However, now that I am older I love it even than I ever did then The sheer amount of research that must have gone into it, the rich life and new mythos that Scott breathes into characters that are so familiar to me through mythology itselfI am absolutely in love with everything about this series As an aspiring writer myself, Scott is one of my role models I am going to read this book over and over again, I m going to force my sisters to read it, I m going to read it with my kidsI always endeavor to make some point in my reviews I always try and have some insight into my own opinion of it, some pithy or not so I mean, look at how verbose I ve been here already and eloquent reaction I have or view I developed I don t have that for The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel All I have is a deep, abiding love for the book and the characters and a healthy admiration for Michael Scott.Whenever I try and recommend this series to an acquaintance and I do it all the time my gushing always degenerates into So Shakespeare, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Billy the Kid walk into a bar There really is something stunning about how smoothly and engagingly and often hilariously Scott has mixed together history and reality and fiction and the Flamels, who exist somewhere in between to create this sweeping, whirlwind series The Enchantress is an emotionally satisfying, suspenseful, and surprisingly poignant end to a fabulous series.God I love this book so much Actual Rating 4.5 StarsThe Enchantress was a fantastic end to one of my favorite series of all time The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series has always had a special place in my heart, so while I was sad to see the series end, I must say it ended with a huge bang This book was definitely my favorite of the entire series The Enchantress is different from most young adult books, since it doesn t focus on romance, rather it focuses on the action I m a huge fan of action, I always prefer that over romance It was actually really refreshing to read a book that s not all about romance It s a nice break from all the other YA books Instead, this book is focused on family and friend relationships and what you would sacrifice for both.This book was addicting with a capital A Seriously With non stop action, it was just impossible to put down I read this book in almost one sitting, it was that addicting I mean, this book is over 500 pages long But there was always something new happening, something different thrown at the characters that just made me want to keep reading So addicting The best part of The Enchantress has to be that ending Sure, there were some seriously awesome plot twists but that one at the end It took my breath away It was absolutely genius I never saw that coming, and I m betting my buttons that not a single person could see that coming It was that unexpected But it was seriously amazing.My only complaint for this book is that I wasn t satisfied with Sophie s ending I wanted to know about what happened with her, some closure I wanted a better ending with her, so it was a bit disappointing that we didn t get to know about what happened.Overall, The Enchantress was a fabulous ending to a great series This book had it all the action, the fantastic ending, the everything Even though I was sad to say goodbye to the characters, this book is definitely my favorite of the series If you haven t picked up the first book in the series, The Alchemyst, I totally recommend that you do Find this review, and at my blog My Not So Real Life The Enchantress The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 6 , Michael ScottThe Enchantress is the final novel in the six book series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel It was written by Irish author Michael Scott Enchantress picks up where its predecessor, The Warlock, left off Two of its central characters, the fifteen year old twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, have been re united after being briefly separated The twins, along with John Dee and Virginia Dare, go back in time to the Isle of Danu Talis, where Osiris and Isis are revealed to be Dee s masters and the twins parents Osiris removes Dee s immortality, but Dee does not immediately die he is later found by Marethyu, who restores his health and sight Virginia Dare chooses to side with Osiris and Isis Meanwhile, the Flamels, Niten, and Prometheus discover that Mars, Hel, and Odin are not faring well and that Machiavelli and Billy the Kid have joined them After successfully turning the monsters on each other, the Flamels join them on Alcatraz But Billy mistakenly throws the spear heads with the Words of Power at Perenelle he also used them to kill the Sphinx earlier The Morrigan throws herself in front of Perenelle and dies instead Odin and Hel both die slaying an army of Anpu After finding Aerop Enap s cocoon, the Flamels and Machiavelli attempt to awake her while Billy and Black Hawk fight a Karkinos giant crab Billy is severely wounded and Black Hawk is thrown into the water, presumably eaten by the Nereids Machiavelli heals Billy and Aerop Enap kills the Karkinos Tsagaglalal returns herself to her youthful immortal state and it is discovered that she is one of the First People that were awakened by Prometheus After putting on an ancient suit of ceramic armour, she goes to the Golden Gate Bridge to fend off an army of Spartoi that were animated by Quetzalcoatl and Bastet Vowing to keep them from entering the city, Niten and Prometheus defeat quite a few of the Spartoi, but both are killed After slaying the rest of the Spartoi, Tsagaglalal finds them, but only has enough of her aura left to heal Prometheus The Elder convinces her to use her aura to heal Niten, asking her to tell him to marry Aoife, whom Niten loves Quetzalcoatl and Bastet flee after they hear Tsagaglalal roar out of rage.On Danu Talis, Scathach, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, Shakespeare, and the young Prometheus crash their vimana on the original Yggdrasill and meet Hekate and Mars then Huitzilopochtli , who plan to lead the human inhabitants of the Yggdrasill to liberate the incarcerated Aten Anubis and his mother Bastet prepare to take over Danu Talis by making Anubis ruler, but Isis and Osiris have other plans Telling Sophie and Josh to put on silver and gold suits of armour, they prepare to present the twins to the council of elders as the rightful rulers of Danu Talis Marethyu presents Dare with a tablet containing personal messages, and it convinces her to side with the humani Marethyu then proceeds to watch Josh and Sophie enter the pyramid because he knows that it will be the last time they get to laugh with one another While Josh and Sophie wait to be presented, they are attacked by berserkers bear hybrids , and Tsagaglalal She Who Watches comes to the rescue Dare meets Dee in front of the prison, later telling him that she had only wanted a world so that she could make it completely free She leads the humani against the Elders along with Dee, who dies when allowing her to draw energy off of his aura so she can save the humans from the warden s counter attack 2014 1392 536 9786007132012 21

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