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Guía de lugares imaginarios: Edición abreviada From Atlantis To Xanadu And Beyond, This Baedeker Of Make Believe Takes Readers On A Tour Of Than , Realms Invented By Storytellers From Homer S Day To Our Own Here You Will Find Shangri La And El Dorado Utopia And Middle Earth Wonderland And Freedonia Here Too Are Jurassic Park, Salman Rushdie S Sea Of Stories, And The Fabulous World Of Harry Potter The History And Behavior Of The Inhabitants Of These Lands Are Described In Loving Detail, And Are Supplemented By ThanMaps And Illustrations That Depict The Lay Of The Land In A Host Of Elsewheres A Must Have For The Library Of Every Dedicated Reader, Fantasy Fan, Or Passionate Browser, Dictionary Is A Witty And Acute Guide For Any Armchair Traveler S Journey Into The Landscape Of The Imagination

About the Author: Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel born 1948 in Buenos Aires is an Argentine born writer, translator, and editor He is the author of numerous non fiction books such as The Dictionary of Imaginary Places co written with Gianni Guadalupi in 1980 and A History of Reading 1996 The Library at Night 2007 and Homer s Iliad and Odyssey A Biography 2008 , and novels such as News From a Foreign Country Came 1991.

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    More of a novelty than anything else, the Dictionary of Imaginary Places is just that a big fat alphabetized compendium of places that exist only in legends and myths and novels and other stories It s the kind of book that aspiring novelists pu

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    This is an absolutely fabulous book for anyone of any age If you re capable of letting your mind wander to far off and completely fictional places, you ll be entranced immediately Its the kind of thing you read a few pages of before bed to ensure

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    I fell upon this book when it was first published like a punter attacking an ice cream during the interval in an over hot theatre Just the title had me drooling, and once inside the book I was in seventh heaven First of all it took places described

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    Nesta era em que cada mil metro quadrado do planeta est mapeado com rigor, observado pelo olhar lenticular dos sat lites em rbita, cada recanto registado pelas suas coordenadas no espa o abstracto dos meridianos e paralelos, fotografado nos espectros

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    One of my favorite books for browsing An inexhaustible index of imaginary lands in literature from The Grand Duchy of Fenwick to Burrough s Pellucidar to Carroll s Wonderland Many entries are illustrated with maps and all come with detailed description

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    This is the book that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends This is truly how I felt in the last couple of days as I was trying to finish reading it before New Year Even my husband was trying to figure out what was going on when I would tell him

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    If you re like me and you hate going to the internet whenever you read about Graustark or Islandiathis is the book for you It s a phonebook sized compendium of every fantastic land More recent updates include Hogwarts Worth buying for the entry on Oz alone

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    I first got the 1987 edition of this book as a gift from my uncle in the mid nineties, and it has since been one of my favorite volumes to idly peruse Though it contains lengthy entries on the most frequently visited of imaginary places, such as Middle earth

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    I m so tickled by the existence of this book The title pretty much sums it up this is an encyclopedia of imaginary places ranging from the fantastical Middle Earth, Narnia, Wonderland to the realistic Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe s island, Xanadu In fact,

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    It s not really a dictionary some parts are written like a tour guide, others of an atlas The entries describe locations from fantasy novels, from Gulliver s travels through Harry Potter I noticed it included a few of Calvino s invisible cities, and some lands

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