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The Day She Came Back I was so excited to see Amanda Prowse releasing another book as she is one of my favourite authors and I love the way her characters jump off the page and suck me in.This story focuses around Victoria, Prim and Sarah, three very amazing ladies The characters are well described throughout with character traits and physical appearances being drip fed into the story, as I continued to read I felt as if I was watching the story play out in front of me.Set between the beauty of Oslo where Amanda always speaks fondly of and the gorgeous family home Rosebank in Surrey with its gorgeous garden room and lake This book grabs you from the first few chapters and takes you on a journey through addiction, bereavement, love and loss The emotions are so raw they gave me goosebumps as I felt the intensity of the pain these wonderful ladies were experiencing I flew through this book as I wanted to keep reading to see where the path Victoria was walking would take her and now feel bereft as I no longer get to read about these fantastic characters Amanda Prowse always knows to create an emotionally charged read and this book ticks that box and then some A superb read that is well worthy of its 5 stars When Her Loving, Free Spirited Grandmother Primrose Passes Away, Victoria Is Bereft, Yet Resilient She Has Survived Tragedy Before But Even Her Strength Is Tested When A Mysterious Woman Attends Prim S Funeral And Claims To Be The Mother Victoria Thought Was DeadAs The Two Women Get To Know Each Other And Victoria Begins To Learn About Her Past, It Becomes Clear That Her Beloved Grandmother Had Been Keeping Life Changing Secrets From Her Desperate For Answers, She Still Struggles To Trust Anyone To Tell Her The TruthTo Live A Full And Happy Life, Victoria Knows She Must Not Only Uncover The Truth, But Find A Way To Forgive Her Family But After So Many Years, Is Trusting Them Even Possible The Day she came back, Amanda Prowse Received an ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review What a stunning, thought provoking and rich book this is The story of 18 year old Victoria Who lives with her grandmother as her Mum, Sarah, is dead, but who discovers on the death of her grandmother that her mother is alive Sarah s story Is tragic, dramatic, terrible and heart breaking yet ultimately inspiring I don t want to spoil any of the plot., but I might not be able to avoid it I did not think I would enjoy the story of an 18 year old, who in the aftermath of her discovery, acts in a stupid, childish and irresponsible way It is understandable and forgivable because the writer does such a good job of developing the character I did enjoy the story, it was utterly riveting and emotional Ultimately it has a really happy ending, but the journey there is not smooth I can t recommend this book enough Fabulous 5 stars. I d wanted to read a book by Amanda Prowse for a while so was really pleased to get an advanced copy of The Day She Came Back and I wasn t disappointed This book is beautifully written It is very insightful and quite an emotional read but ultimately really powerful and positive All the characters are so real, and you really believe and feel their conversations and emotions I ll admit to shedding a little tear at the end of the book This may have been my first book but it won t be my last Sadly Victoria s grandmother Primrose passes away and as Victoria is starting to learn to deal with this she comes face to face with a lady at her the funeral who claims to be her dead mother, Sarah As Victoria starts to get know Sarah it becomes clear that her beloved grandmother had been keeping secrets from her At the same time as coming to terms with Her grandmothers death she struggles to understand her family s secrets and the truth but knows she must find a way forward to survive. Victoria has been raised by her grandmother, Prim, after her parents died when she was a baby of a drug overdose When she is 18 Victoria and her friend, Daksha, are planning a trip to figure out what they want to do with their lives One afternoon she comes home from an errand and finds her grandmother has passed away sitting in her chair in the garden Prim is alone with no family and then a strange woman, Sarah, shows up at the funeral claiming to be her dead mother There were times I wanted to smack some sense into Victoria She had good friends and people to help her but she was so angry at the lie her grandmother told that she lashed out at everyone She hooks up with Flynn, a boy she had a crush on in school, and things go very badly Finally she begins the process of healing and reconnecting with her mother There were times when I did not like Victoria but she was acting out of character for her but at the same time her emotions were predictable Sarah s strength and sacrifices were remarkable and I liked the slow building of their relationship and the bonding between them Everyone should have a friend like Daksha The setting of her home with Prim, Rosebank, sounded wonderful with turret rooms and stained glass and I can picture the old lady decor with all of her mementos I could almost smell the flowers she kept around the house The setting in Oslo was likewise appealing with the cold and crisp air, people walking and biking everywhere, the warmth in the coffee shops and the spare decor of Sarah s and Jens s apartment The author takes on a difficult topic and family drama but never crosses the line into being maudlin This is the second book I have read by this author and I look forward to many.Thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review. A new Amanda Prowse book Yes, please There are those authors who you know, that even without reading the blurb of a book, you are going to enjoy, to matter what, and for me, Amanda Prowse s books are just that,Due to the craziness of COVIV 19, I hadn t heard as much about this particular release, and when the opportunity came to read, I didn t hesitate to request my copy And I wasn t disappointed at all.In fact, I stayed up until the wee hours to read it, and had to force myself to put it down, to finish in the morning, because I was that immersed in the story.The Day She Came Back tells the story of three women, interconnected forever, but apart for reasons beyond their control.Victoria is an eighteen year old girl, brought up by her wonderfully eclectic grandma, Prim Her mother, Sarah, passed away when she was a baby Suddenly, she is left all alone after the sudden death of her only living family member, Prim.Victoria is a character filled with confusion, and her journey through her grief is heart wrenching.Prim was a feisty woman, but her real inner strength is revealed as the story progresses.Sarah, a woman who never got to see her child grow up, has a story equally heartbreaking.The other characters in this book, like Daksha, Victoria s best friend, Gerald, Prim s gun toting beau, and Flynn, that crush that materialises, but crushes in a different way, flavour the whole story in a unique manner.Despite being set in Epsom, Surrey, Victoria s flights to Oslo add another beautiful layer to the story, with Amanda s descriptions giving you hints of her own love of Norway.I shan t discuss the plot here, because you really need to read it yourself, but Amanda has tackled, with great sensitivity, loss, grief, addiction and reconciliation.Many thanks to NetGalley and Publishing for an ARC, in exchange for an honest review. This is my first Amanda Prowse book and it will not be my last The characters are so beautifully drawn, some with detail and others sparingly, and yet each person becomes familiar to us.Victoria has a wonderful relationship with her maternal grandmother, Prim, who brought her up after her mother s Prim s daughter s death when Victoria was still a baby Prim has been the rock in Victoria s life until the unthinkable happens and Prim dies unexpectedly From this moment on Victoria s well ordered life begins to unravel, starting with Prim s funeral when a woman appears, claiming to be Victoria s dead mother What I particularly loved was the time spent introducing Prim into the reader s life Her death is such a catalyst for what follows that it was very important for us to know and understand the place she held in Victoria s life to be able to understand the impact of losing her.I didn t always like Victoria but her actions were believable for a teenager suddenly cut adrift from the parental tether of the grandmother who raised her I strongly recommend this book. I m not sure where to begin with this review.As always, Amanda Prowse goes straight for the heart She writes such incredibly beautiful stories that draw you in from the first page Her characters are so well developed that you form instant connections with them, whether they re likeable or not With Victoria s story, we are taken on a huge rollercoaster ride of emotion She goes from knowing who she is and where she s headed and suddenly everything changes Almost overnight, everything she thought she knew becomes blurry and lies are exposed Who can she trust The way this story unfolds is truly spellbinding I was left weeping and so satisfied with the outcome.Mandy has done it again I have always loved Amanda s books so was excited to read the day she came back Her books draw you in from the start and i didn t want to put this one down This book tells the tale of three woman, three generations of the same family,Prim,Sarah and Victoria who have all made sacrifices or choices that have shaped their lives but ultimately when the truth comes out we realise that those choices were made out of love, compassion and hope Prim acting out of love for her unborn granddaughter, Sarah making the most heartbreaking sacrifice for her daughter and Victoria the product of prim and Sarah s choices, an emotional, at times heartbreaking read that demonstrated the power of love and sacrifice but overall the strength of forgiveness,reconciliation and love.Great characters particularly liked Gerald and daksha Thank you net galley for this early read. A truly captivating beautiful story of loss in a few different ways Victoria has been brought up by her wonderful grandparents after her parents die young and when her world collapses, she discovers the truth and begins to face a new reality where nothing she has been told was true I cried and laughed reading this and would put it as one of my favourite reads this year I got this as an arc and would like to thank the publishers and netgalley for letting me have the book to review and the opinions expressed are entirely my own views and are completely unbiased

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Amanda Prowse was a management consultant for ten years before realising that she was born to write Amanda lives in the West Country with her husband and their two teenage sons.

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