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The Dark at the End (Repairman Jack, #15) The End is coming Actually, it s been coming for several novels, as we ve watched the changes and experiences mold Repairman Jack into The Heir Jack can fix anything, except the fate of the world At this point, The Lady can be killed forever Glaeken is nearing the end of his very long life Dawn is desperate for news about her baby Weezy is trying to get The Compendium to reveal its secrets And the world is teetering on the brink The Dark at the End is a fitting end to the Repairman Jack saga Wilson does a great job staying true to characters and in Jack s evolution He handles the complicated relationships in the story well, including cases of double triple dealing and the emotions of a mother, even after discovering that her child is a monster Wilson also is quite effective with his use of foreshadowing, particularly in regards to the fate of The Lady The only complaint I can even think to muster is that Rasalom seems a little too stupid to be evil incarnate In fact, the entire evil Septimus Organization seems to be populated with idiots Then again, considering the ridiculous actions of actual government agencies in the non Repairman Jack universe, perhaps stupidity is no barrier to world domination All in all, The Dark at the End accomplished its ultimate measure of success I can t wait to read the re released version of Nightworld and will be downloading it to my kindle as soon as it comes out. The last Repairman Jack book It is like saying goodbye to an old friend 15 books is quite an investment between the author and the reader True, Jack will make an appearance in next years finale to the Adversary Cycle NightWorld and will also appear in some prequels Was it a fitting finish Hard to say I am still trying to decide There were parts I liked as well as some I didn t I guess I can say that about the whole series Especially the last several books, some of which almost seemed like throwaways, as the story slowly moved along with little actually happening Maybe having originally written the Adversary Cycle years ago and now having to merge the Repairman Jack books into the Secret History of the World mythology was not the best idea I did not read the Adversary books as written originally except for the first two so don t know how many changes there are between them and the revised versions I will be reading the heavily revised Nightworld though to see how the story finally does end What I wonder though is it because I truly want to know or is it that after 15 books in this series and 4 others from the Adversary Cycle the Tomb is in both series so I only counted it once I just want closure without caring how it actually ends Only time will tell. Popular Book, The Dark At The End Repairman Jack, 15 Author F Paul Wilson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Dark At The End Repairman Jack, 15 , Essay By F Paul Wilson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Oh Fucking No. Wrapping up his series about a Lovecraftian supernatural apocalypse F Paul s books are a quick read, heavily plot driven and transparently written You won t find yourself re reading sentences to savor their beauty, but you will find yourself rushing along to see how it all ends I mean that in a good way. I am the biggest Jack fan ever and looked forward to this book with mixed feelings I love a new Jack book but this was to be the last in the series Oh the thrill of how it would all end was going to be sooooo good This was probably the lamest book of the lot and I was very disappointed Paul Wilson set us up with no satisfying end to the greatest anti hero ever Just a lead in to another book or books Jack deserved to end in some kind of blaze of glory not fade into some other era Very disappointing. 2 Stars The Dark at the End, Repairman Jack 15, the penultimate story should have been amazing, jaw dropping, and cheer out loud worthy This amazing series is a guilty pleasure of mine F Paul Wilson has created a special series led by a main character in Jack that always walks the line between good and bad The Repairman Jack series has developed into one of my very favorite series out there and I can never seem to get enough Wilson does an amazing job at making each book work as a standalone while at the same time never neglecting the overall story arc.Jack is one of my favorite heroes anti hero of all time.The blending of a blistering fast paced action thriller with a tiny, albeit meaningful supernatural twist, this series is my cup of tea The writing is superb.The novel s are true page turners.The Dark at the End should have been the best in the series Instead it is extremely unsatisfying, disappointing, and basically unworthy to the amazing hero that is Jack I didn t like much about this non ending Jack deserved so much I know that the story continues in the conclusion of the Adversary series but this was not the way to conclude a 15 book series.Damn so disappointing.I absolutely love this series, Wilson s writing, and Repairman Jack This is clearly one of my favorite series of all time I only wish that this wasn t the endThis series as a whole is guilty pleasure of mine often making me give it even higher marks I love the writing, the characters, the action, and the tiny bit of supernatural I cannot wait until my wife finally listens to me and she also jumps in to the world of Repairman Jack.One of my all time favorite series..This is a series that should be read by all Technically this is the final Repairman Jack book But Nightworld came out with the Repairman Jack novel blazon on the cover, just like all the others, so we ll say penultimate and move on.I dunno, I expected oomph of a penultimate book Tension wise this series has been cruising along at about 3 out of 10 for the last couple of books, and now the author has ratcheted it up to a 5.This is not to say nothing happens stuff happens but it s not strikingly apocalyptic Jack goes after the evil mastermind Rasalom, guns a blazing Spoiler alert Rasalom survives this Then Rasalom begins his final plan of evil conquest, with Jack and the gang racing to cut him off at metaphorical pass I won t spoil that, but there s a sequel called Nightworld, so take a guess.Rasalom s plan is kind of dumb, it turns out I don t want to complain too much, because the story moves along and there s some twists and some deaths and some seriously creepy stuff, but I got to the end and thought That was it That was the whole plan But then why did he bother doing and and I think there was a peak several books ago, when the bad guys were melting holes in New Jersey and entombing human sacrifices in cursed concrete columns and it all seemed like fragments of a vast plan of evil conquest Since then, Wilson has been trying to unify his mythology e.g., the importance of the Lady and it just doesn t work as well that way.However the creepy bits demonstrate that Wilson can still bring the creepy, so Nightworld should be satisfying in that way, at least And if not, hey, the series will be done and I can stop complaining regardless. The Secret History of The World is winding down and it will mean the end of civilization as we know it.THE TOMB is the first Repairman Jack novel It was the second of a six book sequence called The Adversary Cycle Jack also appeared briefly in the sixth book, NIGHTWORLD.Then fifteen years after publication of THE TOMB 1984 , it became a series itself Wilson revised the book, updating cultural references to the late nineties, and began a line of fifteen novels covering only a three year period.A bit on the Secret History of the World.Two supremely powerful beings fight for control, The Otherness and The Ally human terms for them The Otherness would be the evil one, wanting the human race for all the pain he can absorb from them, nourishment for him The Ally is an indifferent being to Earth Sentience is all he cares about.Each side is represented by a champion, The One, Rasalom, for The Otherness and Glaekin for The Ally Both were immortal and had battled for five hundred years until THE KEEP where Glaekin kills him once Rasalom had been killed twice before, arose again He does so once Glaekin is no longer immortal, aging since WWII Jack is the HEIR and has been changing in recent months Wounds heal faster among other things.The plot here is to kill the One again with a massive amount of firepower and explosives But Rasalom has his own plans According to Wilson s time line of The Secret History of The World, it s only one month until NIGHTWORLD, the end of civilization A heavily revised new edition of the book is planned for later this year.One thing I ve always been amused by is a reference in these books that a lot of readers might not recognize Jack gets all his weapons from a fellow named Abe, who keeps them in the lower levels of his front business, The Isher Sports Shop That s a direct reference to SF writer of the forties and fifties, A E Van Vogt, whose tale, THE WEAPONS SHOP OF ISHER, is a famous story of that period. The fifteenth and final Repairman Jack novel and I have very mixed emotions I have read these books over several years and I was both excited and saddened to see it all coming to an end I will write nothing of the plot of this novel for it is nearly impossible without spoilers Suffice it to say that all of the secrets and puzzles and all of my questions would finally be answered with this volume Not.A lot had to happen in this one to wrap everything up The last several volumes in this series are really one very large novel and so this one serves as the climax Certainly a lot happens and most of our favorite characters have a role But this isn t really the end I will also add that the title of this novel could not be appropriate.I have not been reading the parallel series, The Adversary Cycle as I should have been doing all along My bad I can now highly recommend that new readers read both series together called The Secret History of the World when referred to as one long series in their chronological order That will allow you to read the true finale of both series in the novel, Nightworld That is where both series converge and serves as the true end As for me, I will now proceed to reading both the new prequel Repairman Jack trilogy as well as the first 5 Adversary Cycle books and other assorted YA and short story titles so I can finally get my resolution with Nightworld.Honestly though, I really don t mind Time spent with F Paul Wilson and these characters and epic events is time well spent.

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