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The Cure for Dreaming Olivia Mead Is A Headstrong, Independent Girl A Suffragist In An Age That Prefers Its Girls To Be Docile It SIn Oregon, And Olivia S Father, Concerned That She S Headed For Trouble, Convinces A Stage Mesmerist To Try To Hypnotize The Rebellion Out Of Her But The Hypnotist, An Intriguing Young Man Named Henri Reverie, Gives Her A Terrible Gift Instead She S Able To See People S True Natures, Manifesting As Visions Of Darkness And Goodness, While Also Unable To Speak Her True Thoughts Out Loud These Supernatural Challenges Only Make Olivia Determined To Speak Her Mind, And So She S Drawn Into A Dangerous Relationship With The Hypnotist And His Mysterious Motives, All While Secretly Fighting For The Rights Of Women Winters Breathes New Life Into History Once Again With An Atmospheric, Vividly Real Story, Including Archival Photos And Art From The Period Throughout

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    Come along Let s get out of here and go toast to youth and vampires and rebellion Cat Winters has done it again I have been captivated by this book for every spare minute of reading I ve managed to fit in I m not quite sure how Winters manages to so thoroughly take me out of t

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    3.5 stars There were some nicely atmospheric moments and the period setting is well detailed, but somehow this story and these characters never quite grabbed me by the throat the way I d hoped they would I kept waiting to feel passion and outrage on behalf of these women, and yet I read ab

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    As I ve learned through my own ordeals, once you start viewing the world the way it truly is, it is impossible to ignore both its beauty and its ugliness Look around you You can t stop seeing it, can you These sentences here They re worth 5 big shiny stars Sadly, the book was not If Cat Winters i

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    3.5 stars Before you start this read, prepare to be captivated, prepare to be shocked and prepare yourself for a mesmerizing story For me, it was a very realistic one since the subject of women s rights felt quite accurate and I ve seen a hypnotist work his magic before which made me believe in Henri Reverie

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    Ooh what a wonderful, incredible, and perfectly cryptic story It s with no surprise that I absolutely adored this novel having loved In the Shadow of Blackbirds a year back, I already knew the talents of Cat Winters storytelling, and I thoroughly expected to be transported into yet another fantastic tale this time full

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    Review The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters I m going to be the bitch today Excuse me for a minute while I pour my Ros wine and gather my thoughts for a minute What I mean is that I feel terrible that I didn t like this book I should have liked this book and I didn t I really enjoyed it at the start Because I loved it so much

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    3.5 out of 5 stars, but I ended up rounding to 4 because I still think everyone should read this despite the major faults I found in it.They say the past is always better In some instances, I can agree, but not when it comes to women s suffrage You know how sexist society in general has always been The time in which women have been treate

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    I fell in love with this book It is a shameful reminder how badly women were treated as second class citizens even though the women did all of the hard work and raised the men who thought that they were so superior and smarter than women Who in their opinion were not smart enough and too delicate to make decisions for themselves I really love this

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    I love that books allow us to experience other lives without us ever having to change where we live or who we are As usual Miss Winters dazzles with her writing, pulling me into the story from the first page.Her descriptions are so rich, you literally feel as if you are there, seeing touching smelling everything Frannie and I climbed the second flight of

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    You will see the world the way it truly is The roles of men and women will be clearer than they have ever been before You will know whom to avoid The Cure for Dreaming is set during the early 1900 s in Oregon where the fight for women s suffrage is really starting to gather steam It won t be until August 26th, 1920 when the 19th amendment to the Constitution become

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