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England, As She Makes Her Way Through London S Crowded Streets, Rose Windermere Is Nearly Knocked To The Ground By A Man Who Whispers A Dire Warningand Presses A Letter Into Her Hands Before Fleeing The Letter Seems Innocuous Enough Merely Plans For A Gentleman To Meet His Lover But For Rose, The Mark With Which It Is Sealed Recalls Her Idyllic Childhood In India And A World That Was Destroyed One Terrible Night, When An Uprising Left Her Dearest Friend, Hugo, DeadAmidst A City Enthralled By Its Great Exhibition, Rose Is Pulled Back Into The Exotic Land Of Her Youth, As The Past Comes Unimaginably Alive Caught In A Web Of Deceit And Intrigue, She Must Unravel The Strange Machinations Of A Man Whose Lust For Power Will Threaten A Monarchy And Rose S Own Heart The Crystal Rose

About the Author: Rebecca Brandewyne

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Rebecca lived in Knoxville and then, later, Chattanooga for the first few years of her life After that, she and her family moved to Kansas, where she grew up, spending her summers in Alabama, visiting both sets of her grandparents She says she s just a country girl with a dash of big city sprinkled in for spice But having traveled extensively in the United States,

10 thoughts on “The Crystal Rose

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    Horribly uninteresting story Rebecca Brandewyne has written some of my favorite and I guess no one is perfect, but I have to wonder how this even got published Sorry to be so harsh on it, but I couldn t even finish it because of the boredom I just didn t care what happened to any of the characters They could ve all died and I would ve done an Irish Jig to express my joy at it being over.

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    I quite liked this book I don t understand the negative reviews

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    This is on of Rebecca Brandewyne s safe books I started it because I had read some reviews that it was clean and had an interesting story It started off well, and I was enjoying it up to about 60% through the book and it suddenly stalled I had to read some of my favorites just to get myself convinced that I could finish this book I had high hopes that it would be as clean as The Love Knot but it failed i

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    India ja Inglismaa Kolonel teenib oma kuningannat Indias tema peres on 6 t tart, kellel k igil on lillede j rgi pandud nimed Vanim t tar Rose on s ber naabripoiss Hugoga Kui Hugo maja p letatakse maha ja tema vanemad tapetakse, kolib Rose oma perega tagasi Inglismaale AAstaid hiljem kohtub Rose juhuslikult taas Hugoga, kelle ta arvas surnud olevat Koos tegutsedes p stetakse kuninganna Victoria elu.Raamat se

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    I found this lurking in the depths of my TBR pile and decided to give it a try After a few chapters, the story just didn t gel What I read wasn t terrible, but it was extremely boring.

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    I was really surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did, but its actually turned out to be a great book.

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    A very good read full of mystery and romance without all the sex that seems to be in books today.

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    Not very well written.too sophomoric and not really very interesting.

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