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The Confession NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFirst Time In PaperbackAn Innocent Man Is About To Be ExecutedOnly A Guilty Man Can Save Him In , In The Small East Texas City Of Sloan, Travis Boyette Abducted, Raped, And Strangled A Popular High School Cheerleader He Buried Her Body So That It Would Never Be Found, Then Watched In Amazement As Police And Prosecutors Arrested And Convicted Dont Drumm, A Local Football Star, And Marched Him Off To Death RowNow Nine Years Have Passed Travis Has Just Been Paroled In Kansas For A Different Crime Dont Is Four Days Away From His Execution Travis Suffers From An Inoperable Brain Tumor For The First Time In His Miserable Life, He Decides To Do What S Right And Confess But How Can A Guilty Man Convince Lawyers, Judges, And Politicians That They Re About To Execute An Innocent Man

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    If you have not read the book, but intend to, do not read my review I loved the first half of the book because of the race to correct an injustice to do the right thing I hated the second half of the book because they didn t make it on time Donte Drumm, an innocent man, was put to death because of the need of the racists in his town to exact revenge And that happen

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    I feel so cynical, but seriously at times I felt like I was reading a political persuasion book, not a novel forget the story for a moment let me persuade you to oppose the death penalty then we will go back to what happens next in the story Ever notice that all those on the left were painted as great protaganists with kindness, honor and glory and those on the right w

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    Dunno why he even bothered having a plot to this book, the veil over the pontificating isn t even thin This book is basically a treatise on why the Death Penalty is eviller than anything man ever ever did I swear to you really, it s bad nasty evil It s even got the balls to try to make you actively sneer at and hate the mother of a brutally murdered rape victim As unfair a

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    Read The Confession As in red , past tense, or reed , you read this I m referring to John Grisham s The Confession A Nove l, published in 2010 I devoured it over a 48 hour period, fast reading for me, but it was a page turner and page burner Totally engrossing Only once, briefly, did I think Oh yeah, another Grisham novel Multiple story lines, where will they converge Grisham

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    The problem with reading clubs is that occasionally someone suggests a dud and one feels forced to finish the book out of courtesy to the other participants That s what happened here.I abhor the death penalty I approve of Grisham s message 100%, but my goodness this book is repetitive and tedious Not to mention I felt bruised and battered by being hit over the head constantly by t

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    Something about Grisham novels make them my go to books for reading on flights his expertise is pacing, I ve decidied This is pure soapbox Grisham an anti death penalty diatrabe However, I think anyone who s ever watched a few episodes of Law and Order could have done a better job keeping the accused off death row Later Okay, I ve added an extra star to this book since reading this ar

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    3.5 Used to love reading Grisham He s a master in writing page turners The Client is one of my favorites But then the storylines are generally the same A case of injustice, good legal guys fighting for client or a worthy cause Bad guys, including high government or police officials Lots of stuff happens, the good guys win, at least morally and usually at some cost I stopped reading Grisha

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    Grisham is an astonishingly lazy writer This from the Author s Note at the end of the book Some overly observant readers may stumble across a fact or two that might appear to be in error They may consider writing me letters to point out my shortcomings They should conserve paper There are mistakes in this book, as always, and as long as I continue to loathe research, while at the same time re

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    Loved it As a criminal defense attorney, I appreciated Grisham s expression of certain insights into how criminal justice actually works It s far from perfect Innocent people do get arrested, convicted, even executed Innocent people do make false confessions When defense attorneys lose, they often do suffer the burden of second guessing their strategies and tactics I myself have not tried a capit

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    If you re in the mood to read 400 pages of liberal preaching, then go ahead and pick this book up I usually love John Grisham s brand of legal thrillers I heard this was going to be his best work since The Firm and was very excited to read it However, the preaching ruined it for me.Every character that was on the right was painted to be an absolute idiot, a bad person, a naive moron, etc Every charac

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Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of