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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Tana Lives In A World Where Walled Cities Called Coldtowns Exist In Them, Quarantined Monsters And Humans Mingle In A Decadently Bloody Mix Of Predator And Prey The Only Problem Is, Once You Pass Through Coldtown S Gates, You Can Never LeaveOne Morning, After A Perfectly Ordinary Party, Tana Wakes Up Surrounded By Corpses The Only Other Survivors Of This Massacre Are Her Exasperatingly Endearing Ex Boyfriend, Infected And On The Edge, And A Mysterious Boy Burdened With A Terrible Secret Shaken And Determined, Tana Enters A Race Against The Clock To Save The Three Of Them The Only Way She Knows How By Going Straight To The Wicked, Opulent Heart Of Coldtown Itself The Coldest Girl In Coldtown Is A Wholly Original Story Of Rage And Revenge, Of Guilt And Horror, And Of Love And Loathing From Bestselling And Acclaimed Author Holly Black Vampires are not so sexy any Objection How dare you say such a thing You know, I used to be so in love with vampires in my preteenhood after all, The Vampire Diaries was one of the first series I had ever read and I fell hard for it.After that I read Twilight like almost every Edward fan on Earth and after that I couldn t stop I would pick whatever vampire book I found But now It s not the same thing any Things change I changed I feel like I know everything about vampires One of the reasons why witches are my favourite creatures is because their magic is unlimited you can do so much with it, so really, the two words that I associate with witches are endless creativity.The two words that I associate with vampires are blood suckers I know, sad, sad, sad But that s the truth That s what they are Their magic is limited Their hotness is overrated And immortality is not something I envy.I might be the problem though The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was published in 2013, and if my memory is functioning properly, vampires were still kind of in vogue back then I actually picked this up because I thought I missed reading about vampires, but turns out I do not At all Holly Black s lyrical writing is, of course, beautiful No surprise there And she does write with dept Her characters are not one dimensional Plus the idea of coldtowns wasn t so bad, really I do wish I had read this book a few years ago, when it came out I think I would have liked it better then Maybe I ll come back to it in the future or when I m 90 and I don t remember anything about vampires For now, it s chao vampires Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Full disclosure, listened to this on audiobook, as I doandthese days Looking back on the book, I suppose that I m not really the target demographic It could be that this is YA, and probably targeted toward young women instead of men And by Targeted I m mostly talking about the marketing, rather than Black s writing That said, I really enjoyed it And it only occurred to me right now as I was sitting down to write about it that this book might not be for me, technically I found it a really take on what has the potential to be a very tired trope a world where vampires have emerged from the shadows But I didn t find this cliche at all Quite the opposite in fact I found the world very interesting and realistic, and the perspective of the story very personal and emotionally charged I could see this being made into a great movie as well I d be surprised if nobody has optioned it yet So yeah Absolutely worth your time. 1.5 starsPlease note that I didn t manage to read the last thirty pages approx because, in short, I just couldn t do it I feel really sad about The Coldest Girl in Coldtown as it was easily in my top five most anticipated books of 2013 Since the end of Black s Curse Worker series, I ve been desperate to get my hands on anything and everything she writes and I confess to still loving a good vampire novel when it s being told by a capable author And I gave this book every chance to turn it around I really did Because I wanted so badly to love it I turned every page expecting the wow factor to be just around the corner and it never was.Some people have pointed out the similarities between The Immortal Rules and the goodreads description for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, so I d just like to clear that up the books have nothing in common beyond the vampires This book feels set in a worldlike our own, in a future where vampirism has spiralled out of control and become an epidemic Coldtowns have been set up to house these creatures of the night and humans are forced to exercise caution after night falls or risk becoming infected or dead themselves The protagonist is Tana, a teenage girl who carries the guilt of being responsible for her mother becoming a vampire Sound okay Yeah, I thought so too.To give credit where it s due, the first chapter is excellent It opens with Tana waking up in a bathtub after a night of heavy drinking and partying Head banging, she stumbles across the house to discover the horrific fate that has befallen her friends and quickly realises that she could very well be next The story after that moves at a snail s pace in fact, one might argue that it is non existent for the majority of the book I really do hate a plotless novel A huge percentage of the book is made up of world building info dumps and flashbacks to Tana s childhood and the time when her mother became a vampire Even when I was 75% through the book, I felt like the story had gone nowhere.The most exciting aspect of the novel and something that might save it for some readers is Gavriel Why hello there dark and sexy vamp Even I perked up for a page during that hot makeout session what can I say I m something of a fangbanger and, despite what seems to be a typical bad boy vamp cliche, Black does offer several chapters of background story on Gavriel so he becomesfleshed out than other similar love interests But I think the constant halting of the non existent present day story was mostly what ruined it for me As well as being annoyingly plotless, it didn t flow They were all meandering about, pretending to be doing interesting things, when suddenly it was like CUT and in comes the info dump about Coldtowns and how they came about and CUT here comes the story of either Tana or Gavriel s past Very little happened in the present of the story beyond Tana and Gavriel going at it like horny little bunnies I exaggerate, that might have been a better book In fact, what is the story here I read somewhere that the ending is really good, so is that when Black gives us the goods and lets us know where she s going with this Perhaps But the thing is, I m really not sorry that I missed it I did not care where the characters were headed in this book and I do not care what happens in the sequel Sad times. A very interesting take on a very common topic vampires Also, I really enjoyed how the author included pretty much every type of relationship, gay straight bi transgender It was very modern, and I was happy to see it included in a YA book. What are they Are they diseased or demonic Are they citizens who have become ill, deserving hospitals and care, as some have argued Or are they the bodies of our loved ones animated by some dark force that we ought to seek to destroyAnd here I thought originality was gone from vampire stories It takes none other than Holly Black to prove me wrong Coldest Girl in Coldtown is not only unique, it s a fun, exciting story full of horror and blood with a little flair of post apocalyptic Ever since a sudden outbreak of vampirism spread throughout the world, vampires are out and feared even though they re kept quarantined in gated cities, you re never quite safe from the stray ones Tana learns how true this is when she wakes up after a party to a house full of dead bodies As far as book beginnings go this is not one I ll forget any time soon Tana s tangible fear made this evenengaging From page one I could tell she would be a protagonist with whom I would connect and enjoy the ride I was right Holly has fashioned a fresh and compelling narrative voice in her that persuades you to keep flipping the pages until you realize it s 4am and you re passing out against your will Though if you ve read anything by Holly, you ll know she has a way of shaping characters into real, perfectly flawed, and down to earth individuals Tana being no exception She has cracks in her exterior that aren t hidden from us I love how she giggles in the most inappropriate times This girl is scarred and broken, and she knows it, but she s also selflessly determined At the same time this makes us feel sympathy towards the situation she found herself in A situation that sheer bad luck and a caring heart got her in The characters Tana meet throughout this story all shine with charisma, and the villains with atrocity The latter are portrayed as sick, bloodthirsty bastards who are conniving and vengeful exactly what true villains should be And since the blurb kind of hints at one, I can safely say there is no love triangle in this book In fact, there is not much romance at all which I was really ok with What romance there is is mainly introductory, so I m thinking we ll getof it in the sequel for those romantic at hearts Either way, I trust Holly to balance it all flawlessly We did meet the ex boyfriend mentioned in the blurb who is really just that an ex boyfriend if I even want to call him that I still giggle at the kind of relationship they had Gavriel is the one who steals the hearts in this book probably even figuratively I wasn t sure of him at the beginning, but by the end I was won over After the thrilling first half, the story does slow its pace I never found myself losing interest, however, as it let characterization and world building shine through The story is told through Tana s point of view, but we do get treated to a few glimpses of her sister s as well which is great to get an idea of how the story is moving outside this Coldtown Then we get few flashes from the past that tells the heartbreaking story of Tana s childhood, as well as the history of vampires simultaneously explaining the reason behind the apocalypse I found this incredibly interesting The vampire lore itself is awesomely unique and scary with their 80 days crazy inducing infected period I was also fascinated and terrified by the Coldtowns Think of them like uncontrolled dog pens How Coldtowns are active online as a sort of popularity contest gives them an aura of mystery, awe, and power Thus, people are drawn to them, not knowing they re not nearly as glamorous as they seems from the outside Poor, unsuspecting humans Also, the twist Awesome Utterly original and completely badass, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown brings back classic vampires in this tale of revenge, love, and death An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads 3.5 5Not bad I m glad that I finally got around to reading this as it s been on my shelf for FOREVER I really enjoyed the beginning of this book, but towards the middle it slowed down and I began to lose interest The concept of vampirism in this book was also sort of confusing to me, with the cold and how you don t necessarily have to become a vampire if you get infected I m used to the straightforward get bitten, become vampire type of thing and this world with coldtowns and whatnot unfortunately kept me from getting completely into the story Also, I listened to an audiobook version, which I should have learned by now that it s not my thing I usually dislike the narrator like in this case, the voice never matches up with what I imagine the voices being and it s easy for me to zone out and miss big events Despite all of these negatives, I did really enjoy the writing style and the action and I loved how it was just one novel instead of a trilogy What a breath of fresh air Straight up brilliance I thought I couldn t beimpressed with Holly s writing than I already was, but this book was EXACTLY what I wanted years ago when I finished her short story which evolved into this novel I ll be buying copies of this one for friends family Highly recommended. Stop being stupid, Tana told herself, even though it was much too late for that She d been a hundred kinds of stupid already. I mean, I can hardly be accused of being excessively judgmental on a character s idiocy when she repeatedly realizes she s being dumb, right I know that Twilight is standard for the vampire book we love to hate It s often been the butt of my jokes, and I often find myself mocking Bella Swan for her stupidity With that said, I would read the Twilight series three times over before reaching for this book again Yes, I mock Twilight, but at least it has a plot however simplistic that is rational and easy to follow The writing is nothing special, but it is easy to read and easy to understand Above all, however we tend to mock Bella, she is at best naive, foolish, completely and utterly clueless and without personality but at least she s smarter than the incomprehensible pile of TSTL poop that is Tana I cannot find any sympathy, I cannot find any respect, I cannot find any enjoyment, and I cannot find myself liking a character who behaves in such an astoundingly foolish manner.Bella may be inactive Bella is immobile She is catatonic Bella waits, while the world revolves around her However boring Bella is, however irrelevant her character, Bella s actions are stilltolerable than the main character in this book, who, at every turn, has the urge to run headfirst into death.The best thing about this book is the writing Holly Black is a good writer, the writing in this book is poeticit runs excessively so at times, but I enjoy that sort of writing, so it didn t bother me too much What did not work was the plot, and the excessiveness of the book This book was overly long for the material that it contained You could have easily removed a good 25% of this book without losing relevant, without losing much of the plot There was too much needless introspection, too many flashbacks, and memories, and characters POVs that felt largely irrelevant to the main part of the story.The concept of Coldtown was interesting at first, but ended up being a mess with a lot of holes and inconsistencies that my mind could not comprehend This book s type of vampirism does not break any mold, but it was well conceived enough Overall, the reason why I disliked this story is because of the characters I either hated or disliked every single character, with the majority of my loathing directed towards the main character and her incomprehensible stupidity Tana Bach The vampires in this book were uninspired, they re a mix between goth punk wannabes, or exaggeratedly suave and evil Lestat Louis types of Anne Rice s Interview With a Vampire fame.Setting Roughly 10 years ago, the world discovered vampirism because an idiotic vampire s mission to just drink blood from his victims, and not kill them I think we know enough from zombie movies to know that things don t turn out the way he planned There s no such thing as a little bite Before he knew it, hundreds of new and uncontrollable baby vampires were formed, who then in turned infected thousands , and wellin short tons of people died, and vampires are now a presence in the world Within the US, there are six Coldtowns, populated by vampire and humans, and those who are Cold bitten by a vampire but not yet turned, with a ferocious desire for human blood The concept of Coldtown is a mess, and the existence of vampires as both villains and celebrities doesn t quite work for me It s the equivalent of having hundreds of thousands of people killed by terrorists, and then watching a reality show titled The Real Housewives of Osama Bin Laden This world glorifies vampires, who are murderers, at the same time it glorifies the people who hunt vampires Hemlok Vampire Bounty Hunter is a popular reality show Vampires have their own reality show feeds directly from Coldtowns, the world gathers to watch vampires party, dance, go to raves, suck on other people s bloods, chill out in sumptuous beds and making out with each other, dressed in glorious velvet clothes soaked through in blood.It doesn t make any fucking sense Coldtown s population and its rules for entrance and exit are inconsistent and again, nonsensical It is an interesting concept, poorly executed.Death is meaningless in this book, because there is so much of it There is no emotion in seeing a character die, at all.Summary Tana Bach wakes up from a party, hung over, in a bathtub, and finds herself surrounded by the corpses of her friends The tan carpet was stiff and black with stripes of dried blood, spattered like a Jackson Pollock canvas The walls were streaked with it, handprints smearing their dingy beige surfaces And the bodies Dozens of bodies People she d seen every day since kindergarten, people whom she d played tag with and cried over and kissed were lying at odd angles, their bodies pale and cold, their eyes staring like rows of dolls in a shop window. Tana is no stranger to vampires Her mother was bitten and turned Cold before little 10 year old Tana decides it was a good idea to free her crazy mother from her chains in the basement result, dead mother, scarred for life but not much the wiser from the experience 17 year old Tana The corpses were clearly victims of vampires they all have puncture wounds There are blood everywhere Tana herself might have been bitten What should she do Call the police I mean, THERE ARE A TON OF CORPSES Call her dad Run away screaming for help I would understand if she were to run away screaming for help According to the government if you do come into physical contact with a vampire, you are legally obligated to report yourself to the authorities Do not attempt to wait to see if you ve become infected Do not attempt to self quarantine Call 911, explain the nature of the attack, and wait for further instructions. What does Tana do Tana started giggling, which was bad, she knew, and put her hands over her mouth to smother the sound It wasn t okay to laugh in front of dead people That was like laughing at a funeral. Ok, fine She laughs It s ok, hysteria is fine I can understand that.BUT THEN BUT THEN Tana runs into a chained vampire who might have been the murderer , and her douche of an ex boyfriend, who has clearly been bitten and is now Cold What does she do Why, FREE THEM BOTH It s of no importance whatsoever that the vampire Gavriel might have been the murderer It s of no importance at all that the ex Aidan may spring on her to suck her blood any minute which he does, repeatedly Aaaaaaaaaand off we go to Coldtown And along the way, let s just pick up a couple of twins goth web celebrities with a vampire centric blog who are just dying no pun intended to go to Coldtown and become vampires themselves They conduct video interviews They ask Tana about her experience as a survivor of the now deemed Sundown Tragedy Tana is going to be Youtube sensation And we only have 200 pages to go.Fuck me.The Characters On a scale of marry me to you need to be drawn and quartered and burned and not necessarily in that order, the characters in this book range from I want to punch you in the balls to kill it with fire.All kidding aside, there is not a single main or relevant side character in this book whom I would like, whom I would befriend I ve said it before, I ve said it many times before in many books, and I will say it again I cannot understand how the main character in this book can be so mind numbingly dumb Tana KNOWS how dangerous a Cold person is Her mother literally RIPS her arms apart when little 10 year old Tana somehow felt the urge to be a do gooder and free her mother from her chains in the basement Being Cold, having a thirst for blood is like an cocaine addict needing a fix, only 10 times worse because you might actually kill a person and rip their throat out in your desperate need and thirst for human blood It doesn t matter whom A Cold person s bloodthirst transcends friendship, love, rationality.Tana KNOWS this She IGNORES it yet again when it happens Not only does she choose to trust the vampire Gavriel, knowing nothing about him, despite his veiled threats and warnings for her NOT to trust him, she tags along with him and rescue him from his chains anyway When she learns his true identity, she STILL trusts him Tana s foolishness, impetuousness, idiotic decision making never, ever stops, and I could not enjoy this book considering she is the main character.Not to mention this particularly foolish moment YOU WANT TSTL YOU GOT TSTL LET S JUST DELIBERATELY BAIT A HUNGRY VAMPIRE WITH BLOOD He bent helplessly toward her.She bit her tongue Bit it hard, the pain chasing through her nerve endings and alchemizing into something close to pleasure When her mouth opened under his, it was flooded with welling blood.He groaned at the taste of it, red eyes going wide with surprise and something like fear. NO NO NO Aidan is, as Tana admitted, the worst boyfriend ever He is also the worst ex boyfriend ever As a human, he is a waste of air As her boyfriend, he cheated on her, he flaunts his open flirtation with her, and he doesn t discriminate Boys, girls, he kisses them all More than one,than once He is a master at mind games He is a smooth talker, a smooth charmer Aidan has been bitten by a vampire Aidan is cold Tana doesn t learn from her lesson Aidan is now not just a douchebag, he is a dangerously bloodthirsty douchebag Before their journey, during their journey, after their journey, Aidan makes repeated attempts to rip out Tana s throat Tana does nothing but admonish him All Aidan has to do is smile, say something charming and wittily clever, and Tana will forget all his past wrongs Tana is a fucking doormat on top of being an idiot.And then we have Gavriel The powerful, stunningly beautiful ages old vampire who inexplicably, suddenly falls for Tana His reason she saved him Gavriel has a penchant for overdramatization He does not speak so much as make a statement He opens his mouth to spout such gems of wisdom asFine, fine, everyone s fine, said the vampire, a mad gleam in his red eyes, crossing his arms over his chest as Bela Lugosi did in black and white films Fine as scattered pieces of sand You bid me to bide, but if I m to burn, then surely you will let me put that fire to some use I promise I will repay you With jewels, lies, slips of paper, dried flowers, memories of things long past, useless quotations, idle hands, beads, buttons, and mischief Screw you.Gavriel is at best, pretentious At worse, a Louis Lestat combination that never entirely works.There a a pair of Goth Vampire wannabe web celebrities and video bloggers who aren t even worth mentioning because they re just so fucking random The twins, Winter and Midnight real name Jack and Jen serve no purpose other than to make Tana into a fucking Youtube sensation.The Romance There s a hint at a love triangle, and the romance doesn t quite work for me Beyond the incomprehensible fact that Tana would feel anything towards the waste of air that is her ex, Aidan, her romance with Gavriel is equally implausible.And then there is thisAllow me to explain how my whole life has prepared me for this moment I am used to girls screaming, and your screams your screams will be sweeter than another s cries of loveHow about you go fuck yourself, Gavriel The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was a deliciously creepy and dark story, one that made my heart race and thrill.Tanna lives in a world that seems not too far off from our own a time when vampires are no longer myth but present and a threat These vampires have been contained in our modern world into cities, Coldtowns, guarded but connected by live feeds, blog posts and news stories Sensationalized and romanticized, but Tanna knows the darker side of the story She has a sad, frightening tale of infection gone horribly wrong in her family s past When we meet up with Tanna, she s like any normal seventeen year old spending her summer at parties and having fun This all comes to an end when she wakes up to a horrific scene, after she spent the night knocked out from drinking too much Now she s on the run with her ex boyfriend, Aiden, and a boyishly handsome vampire, Gavriel, trying to make it to one of the Coldtowns before Aiden fully changes This was a dark, mesmerizing story, littered with gore and horror Holly Black does not hold back painting beautiful and yet terrifying tale I loved every uneasy minute Tanna was an easy character to latch onto and root for as she wakes up, and everything is basically full throttle ahead from there on out She s determined to do what s right and yet stay human Her bizarre and powerful connection to Gavriel surprises and thrills her at the same time She knows he s capable of monstrous acts, has probably committed them, but at the same time she sees what he is underneathTana s heartbeat seemed to have moved into her whole body and thrilled it with a single speeding pulse Everything was a little blurred at the edges and she wanted she wanted him to feel like she did, like he d done something forbiddenThe romance in this story was perfect, and not overwhelming, yet enough to speed your heart rate up in whenever Gavriel and Tanna are together The thing about a romance that s not in your face is that you spend time analyzing every move and glance, and every word spoke, until what you suspect and hoped for is confirmed This story has some twists and revelations, and danger at every turn I think it was a perfect balance of plot and characterization I was reminded a little of Sunshine by Robin McKinley one of my favorite vampire stories while reading this and I think it was because the way it portrayed vampires, a little strange and alien, fascinating and terrible at the same time Somehow the relationship between Tanna and Gavriel felt similar, too Can t put my finger on exactly why, but I loved it Fans of horror will love this creepy, unsettling and romantic story A copy was provided by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest review Thank you Quote taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy.You can find this review andat The Readers Den.

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Holly Black is the author of bestselling contemporary fantasy books for kids and teens Some of her titles include The Spiderwick Chronicles with Tony DiTerlizzi , The Modern Faerie Tale series, the Curse Workers series, Doll Bones,The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, the Magisterium series with Cassandra Clare , The Darkest Part of the Forest, and her new series which begins with The Cruel Prince in

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