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The Charm School Deep In The Heart Of Russia, A Group Of Casually Dressed Young Men Are Learning A Different Kind Of Lesson The Undergraduates Sprawled Around A Game Board Aren T Chilling Out On Campus The Young KGB Agents Attending The Charm School Are Brushing Up On Their AmericanWhen A Young Tourist Goes To The Aid Of A Stranger On A Dark Russian Road, He Is Astonished To Find A Fellow American On The Run The Man Has Been Missing For Over A Decade, Plucked From The Jungles Of Vietnam To Become An Unwilling Tutor At The Institution Now His Former Students Are Poised To Strike At The Heart Of America

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    Approximately twenty to twenty five years lets say from about 1986 1994 ago I was a big fan of Nelson DeMille.I would purchase his newest novels when they appeared on the shelves and I searched for his older novels pre 1986 in my favorite used bookstores Eventually I changed and DeMille s books changed and

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    Ten reasons why this book is garbage 01 The entire unfortunate meeting between Greg and Dodson suspends belief These two characters add nothing to the plot except contributing to its convolution.02 We know why Sam is in love with the heroine but the reciprocation of that is not explained.03 The reasons given for

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    When a young American tourist Gregory Fisher picks up a U.S POW on the run while touring Russia, in his Pontiac Grand Am the excitement begins and doesn t stop.

    This intense and fast moving spy thriller brings the evil of the Soviet Union to life during the Cold War with well defined characters, l

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    A spy mystery from Demille, when Demille was a younger writer still developing his sarcastic wit Even then, he could make a seemingly improbable story believable and highly entertaining For anyone over 40 who remembers the tail end of the long and mistrust filled Cold War, this book will resonate.As usual, DeMille weaves

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    This book is one of those that you wish could be made into a good movie Oh wait a second have you see a new TV series The Americans I bet the idea for The Americans came from The Charm School You know the idea of Russian spies infiltrating the US, pretending to be Americans Scared already By the way, The Americans is one cleve

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    Were any of you even born in 1988 Somebody asked me about smart, fun, beach books this week, and this is one of my all time favorites The Charm School is an old school ha spy thriller I first read in 1990 and which zombied me into a rabid lifelong fan of all the thrillers that master Nelson DeMille cranks out, always full of non fi

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    2.5 but deserves to be rounded down to 2 rather than up to 3 my first DeMille book and convinced me to NEVER read him again.This is a harsh rating for a relatively well written book for pulp, the use of language and research doesn t get much better than this However, the author and his self importance and conceit , the characters, the c

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    I cannot begin to guess how many times I have read this book a conservative guess would be a dozen This is one of the very few books that I could reread immediately upon finishing This is a book about the cold war, set in Moscow and featuring a plot twist so amazing that in its setting it would have been horrifying In 2017 you will recognize

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    This is one doozy of a spy novel Especially for those of us who grew up during the Cold War and remember how mistrustful we were of the Russkies I read this in print many years ago and just recently listened to the audio version I ve read several of this author s novels in the John Corey series, but this stand alone trumps them all I believe it w

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    I really despised this story But I ll be lenient 1 of 10 stars

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