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The Cat (Sons of Destiny, #5) Reread Not my fave, but still fun I prefer the one before and the one after. I think I am the only person that hated this book When I first began reading The Cat I had high hopes Unfortunately, the book did not reach my expectations The writer spends an unnecessary amount of time explaining the most minute details to the point of exhaustion The reader does not need every detail explained, sometimes it is better to let the reader form their own perception The three days it took me to complete this book felt like a life time I found the hero reserved and boring while the heroine comes off as self absorbed and annoying. Amara Is Wary Of Mages, They Chased Her Out Of Her Homeland Yet There Is Something About The Mage Trevan Of Nightfall That Amara Can T Resist But Can He Be Trusted With Her Most Fiercely Guarded Secret Courting Such A Pretty Yet Prickly Outlander Won T Be Easy, But Trevan Is Determined To Try She May Be Fierce, Proud, And From A Different Culture, But After All, He Is The Cat, And None But The Most Fascinating And Challenging Of Women Could Satisfy Him Having never heard of Jean Johnson found in my hand a copyof The Sword and from the very first book new I had to keepon reading this fresh new series of 8 hunky mage brotherswith all the enchantments, magical elements, whimsy, greatromance and adventures all in a wonderful fantasy mix ofgreat individual stories This is Trevan s story he is determinedto try to win over pretty, prickly Amara of the Shifterai andas a whole their story was humorous, a battle of wills and encompassed all the elements of their growing family The only thing that I found slightly annoying and same old same old was the beginning of the chapter which started the same as her sister s Arora where they are both surviving on a raft until the story splits again. It was ok, but way too much detail all at once She started in the middle of an action instead of walking you through the last portion of what happened before needing to flee, so it s like you re catching up while she s explaining everything at the same time She s obsessed with twins siblings and fate destiny It s not something I would read over and over again it held my attention toward the middle, however. Trevan and his seventh brother Koranen are really feeling the lack of a woman of their own especially now four of their brothers are happily living and loving their wives Trevan was a real ladiesman before their exile, and he misses that Trevan is a shapeshifter mage, and his speciality is crafting Artifacts Objects than can be enchanted for a special purpose, and also look pretty He is a real inventor, but his siblings don t really appreciate his input all that much Of course Morganen knows his woman is coming, and sends Trevan off to go and look for her His verse is telling him to find her in the woods, is it not But Morganen also knows that there are two women coming at once, so he needs to do something about Rydan first, to make him welcoming of his Destined Bride Amara has given up her birthright to become the next Queen of the Shifterai, to protect her twin sister Rora Amara is a very powerful shapeshifter, a natural one, not a mage And the woman who can hold the most shapes, is the Queen of the Shifterai Rora has a powerful secret inside of her, and mages are willing to kill her to get control of all that power And so they have fled their homeland, and have been shipwrecked With Rora safe on a little float, and Amara shifted into some kind of sea creature, she is towing her sister to land, to hopefully a place where they can be safe.Rora s rare powers have indicated that they will be safe on this Island, and she truly beliefs that Amara is not so trusting though, so when she is discovered, she denies the presence of someone else And even though Trevan can read the tracks well enough to know she is lying, he wants to find out why, and not make her run off before he gets the chance to know her Afteral, she is probably his destined Bride And so Trevan takes her with him to the Castle, and gets her settled in Unfortunately, she and Kelly totally rub each other the wrong way Amara is proud, a real princess of her people, and she does not think Kelly, as a magicless outworlder, is worthy to be Queen She has been training for it for years, and she had to give it all up to protect her sister Of course she loves Rora, and would and will do anything to keep her safe, but it still hurts Amara makes everyone swear on a truth stone, that they will not harm her sister, or covet her secrets and power, without telling everyone about Rora of course She needs to know if they will be safe her, after all, they are all mages And her experiences with mages have only been bad so far But when Rora does not stay put as told by Amara, but manages to slip into Rydan s lair, the sixth brother, Amara turns really defensive He is not allowed to touch her sister But Rora has had enough of her sister s mannerless behaviour, it is her life to live after all, and she knows she will be safe here Rora s story is told in the sixth book, so this review will focus on Trevan and Amara It takes a few days for Amara to become civil and trusting to the Nightfallers, and she does bump heads with Kelly than once, but Trevan understands her It is not easy to give up your birthright, and your culture and to know you can never go back home Amara loved the management of the only City the Shifterai had, as they are a nomadic people, and so her skills are highly appreciated in planning the new city And so finally Amara and Kelly get a little bit closer in their joined interest and appreciation of hard work.It was fun to see how Trevan courts his lady, using her own courting practices, while Amara is finally ready for some physical contact which is forbidden to Shifterai Maidens And how he sneaks into her bedroom and her arms in his disguise as a housecat Of course all the others know about his Cat form, and conspire not to reveal it to Amara and Rora Trevan is Kelly s Vizier, or spymaster, after all, and they need to know about the secrets Amara is hiding I liked Amara, although she really is prickly and ungrateful to be welcomed to Nightfall Isle so easily She is overprotective of her twinsister, but that is also understandable after having that job for over a decade, and having to flee their homeland together Still, she slowly finds her own niche at Nightfall, and of course she falls for Trevan He is interested in her as a woman, and not in her political power or status as a Shifterai Princess and future Queen He wants to know her thoughts and feelings, and shares his own with her, which is really nice Of course their courtship is not easy, and she keeps running away from their problems, but Trevan always manages to find and catch her again I did not think Trevan could be so patient in courting his lady after all he has a certain reputation amongst his brothers He is happy that his Bride is also a shape shifter, as he enjoys flying, and his second brother Wolfer is afraid of heights, and prefers the Wolf shape, while Trevan is of course the Cat But Trevan is strong and a capable mage and I liked how Amara defended him against his own brothers They make a great couple together, I could believe in their courting and falling in love, even though it is of course Destined and Prophesied.The world in this series keeps building upon itself, cultures and countries are mentioned with every new bride, and Nightfall Island keeps developing and growing as well I do love the interaction between all the brothers and their wives and how they work together, building a future As always, hot love scenes, lots of magic and a very original story make this book one of my favourites.The Fifth Son shall seek the sign Prowl the woods and through the treesBefore you in the woods she fleesCatch her quick and hold her fastThe Cat will find his Home at last.9 stars. 2013 Reviews by Aurian Full review on my blog, www.boeklogboek.blogspot.com Enjoyable read Female lead has a chip on her shoulder and has a reason for not trusting anyone, but it does seem to go a bit far She seems to think the brothers owe her something and has trouble being part of a group instead of the entitled leader of one She does turn around, but it seems to take a very long time. I m a little bored but I want to see how the series ends I think I stopped reading this one at 40% and I m going to skip the next two and go to the last one The ebooks are too expensive. I liked this one the least so far Amara is a stuck up self centered bitch I don t like anything about her She has a major chip on her shoulder She s not likeable for me She needs a major attitude adjustment, than Dominor needed his In the end, yes it all worked out but still, it was very annoying when I wanted to give her a good spanking the entire book. Plot 3 5Characterisation 4 5Prose 4 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5

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Berkley Jove Authors Bio Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. 1 romance author, science fiction authorJean Johnson currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, has played in the SCA for 25 years, sings a lot, and argues with her cat about territorial rights to her office chair She loves hearing from her readers, and has a distinct sense of humor Right now she s living in a home with zone heating decent plumbing, but hopes to some day put turrets and ramparts on it so that it looks like a castle.

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