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The Cardinal of the Kremlin In A Rolling Sea Off The Coast Of South America, A Target Disappears In A Puff Of Green Light In The Soviet Hills Of Dushanbe Near The Afghanistan Border, An Otherworldly Array Of Pillars And Domes Rises Into The Night To The Two Greatest Nations On Earth, No Contest Is Urgent Than The Race To Build The First Star Wars Missile Defense System, And No One Knows That Than The Two Men Charged With Assessing The Soviets Capabilities Colonel Mikhail Filitov Of The Soviet Union, An Old Line Warrior Distrusted By The Army S New Inner Circle Of Technocrats, And CIA Analyst Jack Ryan, Hero Of The Red October AffairEach Must Use All His Craft To Arrive At The Truth, But Filitov Gets There First And That S When All Hell Breaks Loose Because Filitov, Code Named Cardinal, Is America S Highest Agent In The Kremlin, And He Is About To Be Betrayed To The KGB His Rescue Could Spell The Difference Between Peace And War, And It Is Up To Jack Ryan To Accomplish It If He Can As, In A Breathtaking Sequence Of Hunter And Hunted, Filitov S Life, And Ryan S And That Of The World Itself Literally Hang In The Balance

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    After writing my Clear and Present Danger review, I decided I ought to add a few Clancy opinionaires So let s continue with this one A very solid, entertaining book Le classique, as the French would say It s got the right dose of technology, warfare, sci fi hi tech stuff, espionage, bad Russians, good Russians, noble Russians, Afghanistan, satellites, LA

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    3.0 to 3.5 stars This was the first Tom Clancy book that I ever read and it turned out to be my least favorite On the good side, I loved the introduction of Mr Clark who is my favorite character of the Clancy novels However, the novel seemed to drag in places and I just found myself wanting the plot to move along Overall, it was still a god read and by oth

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    Following the disappointing Patriot Games, Clancy redeemed himself in my eyes with a spy thriller with classical ingredients, i.e the extrication of a Soviet double agent by the Americans It s been a long while since I ve read any Clancy, so caveat lector is in place here But I would say that should I re read any of the books, it is this one and The Sum of

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    As an author, Clancy brings a workman like approach to The Cardinal of the Kremlin There is little in the way of fanciful prose, or endearing characters and the story is choppy, however this is far from unusual for him He relies a good deal on the technical aspects of cutting edge weaponry and good old fashioned spy vs spy action to keep readers turning the

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    Executive Summary I found this one a bit uneven The start was pretty slow, but the pace picked up as it went on Good, but not great.Audiobook Michael Prichard did a decent job narrating He spoke clearly with good inflection and volume, but didn t really add anything to the book Audio a good option, but definitely not a must listen Full Review I mostly read SF

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    The short short version of what became my review A gripping spy thriller that brings back all that Cold War Nostalgia but Tom Clancy has obviously never met a lesbian before in his life Perhaps it goes without saying, but Tom Clancy s work is not high literature He will never rank up there with Ernest Hemingway 1 or David Foster Wallace or Angela Carter He ll

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    One of the best stories by one of my favorite authors, which I first read in 1992 Whenever one of Tom Clancy s novels deals with any subject I know a little something about, it always strikes me as being well written and true to life This novel deals with spies and counter intelligence, subjects about which I know very little however, based upon what Clancy has

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    Classic Clancy Perhaps his best work Gripping, insightful, exciting He was truly a master storyteller, the likes of which we probably won t see again in the political military espionage world The first appearance by John Clark, the first appearance of Sergey Golovko, a few cameos from The Hunt for Red October and a stunning ending.

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    The Cardinal of the Kremlin The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy recounts a fictional story of political intrigue and espionage between the United States of America and the United Soviet Socialist Republic U.S.S.R during the Cold War era The book is 547 pages long, and was published by G P Putnam s Sons in 1988 The plot revolves around the two nation s devel

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    I had been meaning to read Cardinal of the Kremlin now for several years Published in 1988, it is one of the older Jack Ryan technothrillers, one that I had bypassed when I started reading Clancy s works, first Red Storm Rising and then beginning the Jack Ryan saga with Clear and Present Danger I had with the exception of Without Remorse and the newly published Re

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