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The Calling Morgan, Hunter And Other Members Of Their Coven Go To New York For A Few Days In Search Of The Amyranth Witches Hunter, A Seeker For The Council, Is Looking For Killian, A Young Witch In Danger It Seems That Ciaran, Killian S Father, Is Looking For Him And Intending To Wipe His Magic After Many False Leads And Strange Meetings, It Becomes Clear That Ciaran Is Actually Seaching For Morgan, Wanting To Take Her Power He Is Not In The End Able To Do This As He Suddenly Realises That Morgan Is His Own Child Morgan Is Horrified To Be The Child Of Someone She Considers Evil The Book Ends As She Breaks Up With Hunter Because She Believes She Has Inherited Her Father S Evil And Will Damage Those Close To Her

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10 thoughts on “The Calling

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    I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the author ruined this book for me by giving major spoilers in description She s tells us how it ends What the heck I she gives so much spoiler info I could have just skipped this book and went to the next if I wanted Just NOT cool Suggestion to author, redo that description so not to take away the discovery of all to come Book Is too short to have such an in depth description Other than there

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    OH MY GOD The ending of the sixth book was so intense and shocking Morgan and Alyce perform a tath meanma brach, because Morgan has so much to catch up with and her enemies are circling on the head of the list is Selen of course Cal returns to hunt Morgan and tells her he still loves her but she discovers she loves Hunter and tells him so, at the end Selen kidnaps Morgan s sister Mary K to trap Morgan into meeting her, when they start fi

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    Spoiler alert.I ABSOLUTLY HATE WHEN CHARACTERS DO THIS SHIT Hatehatehatehatehatehatehate Maybe because it is so opposite my personality or i have zero restraint and say what im thinking 90% of the time But its just a rule Never leave your significant other, especially if your lucky and have a decent one, for a STUPID reason Maybe its because ive been in that situation i dont know If you actually love someone dont screw it up if you have to let t

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    What do you do when your soul mates come together halfway through your series and you need to build sexual tension again You employ a completely tired plot trick make them both start hiding things from each other for no apparent reason, construct a mind blowing revelation for one of them, then turn one usually the female into a completely self absorbed, irrational IDIOT Oh, Hunter, I can t be with you because I m just sooo dark My inevitable evil

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    Ich wollte wirklich keine 3 Sterne vergeben, aber ich muss mal.Die Spannung ist in diesem Buch wieder angestiegen War wieder ein richtiger Pageturner.Mit den Charakteren w chst man immer mehr zusammen und schlie t sie immer mehr ins Herz.Es passieren in jedem Band neue und interessante Dinge Man hat kaum das Gef hl dass ein Thema langsam genug behandelt ist Man freut sich auf jedes Kapitel bzw jedes Buch.Nun zu meinem 2 Sterne Abzug Morgan ist einfach so dumm u

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    This is my least favorite of this series and I admit I did peak at a extensive review of this book so I already knew what was going to happen, but even without my peak this was very predictable Of course Morgan s father is actually Ciaron I know it isnt spelled right and not Angus Of course Morgan freaks out that she s got evil blood and is destined for evil so in her right mind she breaks up with her wiccan soul mate british hottie Hunterbecause who wouldn t The last

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    Cate Tiernan s done it again She has woven thoughts, emotions,and storylines, into a very perplexing, fluid, and intense peice that makes the magick within this book seem almost tangible This book bent my heart nearly in twoMorgan experiences so much grief, all culminating to an intense climax..pieces of a perplexing puzzle finally come together, forming an intricate story that shows Tiernan s amazing talent at writing I couldn t wrench my eyes from the pagesMeager ratings cou

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    i love this whole series

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    PlotThe actual story involving Amyranth is just beginning and I m already sick of it I feel like it s going to become and clich as the books go on and Morgan is going to get out of whatever sticky situation she s managed to get into by the end of the book via some miracle that includes someone busting in to save her at the last second The only thing that happens in this book was a roundabout way of Tiernan delivering shocking information to the reader Blah WritingThere s a lot tell than sh

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    4 read I loved the New York setting which gave the series a different perspective, but found Morgan s character to be slightly annoying and self centred in places Loved the revelations at the end about the true identity of Morgan s father still loving this amazing series Now on to book number 8

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