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The Broken Best Friends Tell You Everything About Their Kitchen Renovation About Their Little Girl S Schooling How One Of Them Is Leaving The Other For A Younger ModelBest Friends Don T Tell Lies They Don T Take Up Residence On Your Couch For Weeks They Don T Call Lawyers They Don T Make You Choose SidesBest Friends Don T Keep Secrets About Their Past They Don T Put You In DangerBest Friends Don T Always Stay Best Friends Well that was a bust Too bad because it started strong But it just never went anywhere Well, maybe it does eventually, but 100 pages in and it was still just two people fighting over an affair Done. Fan freaking tastic I ve loved all of Tamar Cohen s books who now writes as Tammy Cohen with loads of great books under her belt Here is her other author page for you to check out her other great books With The Broken, she yet again pulls off a sensation of a novel I could not put this book down, from the first line to the last I was hungry forThis stands out as a clear front runner, with a psychological tautness to it, this book is a must read for anyone who simply appreciates good fiction The book centres around two couples who have been friends for ages We have Josh and Hannah with their daughter Lily and Dan and Sasha with their daughter September The couples have shared time, life and laughs together since the children were babies, they trust each other and can t imagine anything different It s friendship heaven.Then it all goes horribly wrong Best friends don t always stay best friends.Dan drops a bombshell that puts tension between the couples, not only between each other but in their own homes also Because best friends should not have to take sides right But that s easier said than done The plot in this novel is stunning, it s riveting and taut with subtle tensions that keep you so hooked in As things begin to crumble and trust issues appear, it s hard to know who is telling the truth, who to believe Josh and Hannah are caught in the middle of the war between Sasha and Josh and are trying at the same time to not let it influence their own home and marriage Even the friendship the two little girls have together is not immune to the secrets exposed and disaster that is rolling out in front of them In between all of this psychological drama is the voice of a young girl, for the whole book until the very end you don t know who this girl is, she talks of an unstable upbringing and unstable thoughts I was stunned with the reveal of who is behind this voice at the end of the book Knock me down with a feather Brilliant writing, didn t see it coming.This is not a mediocre book about silly friendships and petty dramas, it s a seriously psychologically messy situation Strange things are happening to all of them, and in the atmosphere of mistrust they are all looking at each other and wondering if friends are really enemies, but surely not right I mean, that s just wrong It s a hard book to review without spoilers, I can tell you that it held me and did not let go, a stunning piece of fiction with memorable characters, each and every one of them I connected to, all well developed, complex and rich in individual characteristics I read the book with an open mind but kept trying to piece things together and just could not The ending is sublime, so clever, messes with your head, left me putting the book down and staring at the ceiling for a bit digesting it all I wanted to applaud Tamar Cohen for the spectacular read and outstanding writing If you like your books to have a psychological twist here and there, one that keeps you thinking and guessing but holds your attention along the way as you flick the pages wantingandand , this is the book I promise, it s really good Like, really, really good Who can you trust That is the question What you see is not always what you get Let the book reveal it s answers to you as you enjoy.I LOVED THIS BOOK Forof my book reviews, plenty of awesome books to win, and author QA events come to follow me on Twitter I wanted to enjoy this onethan I did Honestly, I tried really hard, but I could not bring myself to give itthan three stars.Okay, let me make things clear, I was expecting a bitof a thriller than I was given It is my mistake which left me disappointed Nevertheless, the story was still nowhere near what I expected even when I shifted my perspective to take into account my faulty thinking.The story follows the breakdown of a marriage and how this impacts upon the people around them Rather than following the two going through the breakup, however, we follow their best friends who are dragged down in the process Life events spiral out of control, with events slowly growingtroubling Until the rather anticlimactic ending, that is I admit the twist at the end was interesting, but I knew something was coming as details were not adding up throughout In retrospect I should have made the jump but the focus upon the potential for another crumbling marriage left me unwilling to look that deep into what was before me.I think what made matters even harder for me was the fact that I disliked all of the characters Rather than being introduced to the characters, growing to enjoy them, we are thrown headfirst into the drama Whilst I love drama I would have liked to get to know the characters a little bit first Maybe then I wouldn t have hated them so much, and maybe then I would have cared about where things were going.Overall, not quite my usual kind of read and not at all what I expected.As a final note, I would like to thank NetGalley for allowing me the chance to read this. After reading Dying for Christmas and loving it, I was so pleased when I won a paperback copy of The Broken from the author, via THE book Club last month The Broken is a great psychological thriller about marriage and friendship, and what happens when things start to go wrong One couple are separating, while the other couple feel torn between their two best friends This isn t just a book about four friends disagreeing and arguing This is surprisingly dark and sinister in places.The characters feel very real and I really did feel I was in amongst all the turmoil This story covers the extremes humans will go to when heartbroken, angry, desperate and paranoid It also covers the impact childhood experiences have on a person as an adult A lot of emotions and experiences are covered in this story, and the fact that there are young children involved as well, makes it quite an intense read.There are some very unlikeable characters in this, with others that may attract your sympathy While the main characters struggle to work out who they can trust, where will your loyalties lie How far would you go to help a friend I had some quite strong negative feelings about a young girl in the story I feel slightly guilty for having such negative feelings towards her, as clearly she was a victim in the situation, but I couldn t help how I felt about her I found her quite scary and didn t trust her alone with another child Perhaps I ve just watched too many horror films with creepy children in Having discussed this with other readers and the author as part our Book of the Month discussion on THE Book Club, I found it very interesting how some people shared the same views as me about particular characters, while others experienced it from almost completely the opposite view point It has made me realise quite how subjective a book is, despite whatever the author s intention is Discussing it with others has also made me realise how my own childhood memories and friendships helped shape my opinion of some characters, and make perhaps unfair judgements of other characters on occasions throughout the book.I loved the use of the word Fiddlesticks as I m not sure I ve ever read it in a book before My Mum used to use that word when I was very little, so it felt very nostalgic and jumped out of the page at me I love the author s writing style and the way she has me second guessing myself, as I don t trust where she s going to take me next I found this very hard to put down I can t wait to readby Tammy Cohen now

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