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The Book of Unknown Americans A Dazzling, Heartbreaking Page Turner Destined For Breakout Status A Novel That Gives Voice To Millions Of Americans As It Tells The Story Of The Love Between A Panamanian Boy And A Mexican Girl Teenagers Living In An Apartment Block Of Immigrant Families Like Their OwnAfter Their Daughter Maribel Suffers A Near Fatal Accident, The Riveras Leave M Xico And Come To America But Upon Settling At Redwood Apartments, A Two Story Cinderblock Complex Just Off A Highway In Delaware, They Discover That Maribel S Recovery The Piece Of The American Dream On Which They Ve Pinned All Their Hopes Will Not Be Easy Every Task Seems To Confront Them With Language, Racial, And Cultural ObstaclesAt Redwood Also Lives Mayor Toro, A High School Sopho Whose Family Arrived From Panam Fifteen Years Ago Mayor Sees In Maribel Something Others Do Not That Beyond Her Lovely Face, And Beneath The Damage She S Sustained, Is A Gentle, Funny, And Wise Spirit But As The Two Grow Closer, Violence Casts A Shadow Over All Their Futures In AmericaPeopled With Deeply Sympathetic Characters, This Poignant Yet Unsentimental Tale Of Young Love Tells A Riveting Story Of Unflinching Honesty And Humanity That Offers A Resonant New Definition Of What It Means To Be An American An Instant Classic Is Born

About the Author: Cristina Henriquez

Cristina Henr quez is the author of The Book of Unknown Americans, which was a New York Times Notable Book of 2014 and one of s Top 10 Books of the Year It was the Daily Beast Novel of the Year, a Washington Post Notable Book, an NPR Great Read, a Target Book of the Month selection, and was chosen one of the best books of the year by BookPage, Oprah.com, and School Library Journal It was

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    What struck me most about this novel is the structure whose purpose becomes clear with the last chapter It is quite interesting and poignant This novel is a reminder of how everyone who comes to the United States brings a complicated storyw ith them In The Book of Unknown Americans, immigrants from M xico, Venezuela,

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    Maribel Rivera is a normal teenaged girl in Patzcuaro, Mexico when one day she goes with her mother to her father s work site and suffers a traumatic brain injury No longer the prize of Patzcuaro, Maribel retreats into a shell, suffers headaches, and can not complete even the most basic school work Her parents Alma and Arturo

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    Call me cold hearted but I found this novel both overly simplistic and overly sentimental, with too few genuine characters and too many archetypes who say things to each other like, Finding is for things that are lost You don t need to find me, Mayor Does anybody really talk like that If the book s simplicity and sentimentality help i

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    The Book of Unknown Americans by Christina Henriquez is a 2014 Knopf publication I ve been looking to expand my reading repertoire lately, so while browsing through the literary offerings, I came across this book Checking this book out is like doing a 180 for me as I usually stick pretty close to my preferred genres But, something about it spo

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    According to our government, every American who earns 50,000 a year contributes 43.78 to welfare and food stamps Many Americans resent this deeply Many are very very committed to being sure that no one gets away with this 43.78, especially anyone who is here from South of the Border Those people All Americans should read this book about those people It

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    More than anything, I appreciate the fresh perspective and the eye opening nature of this story Immigration is a sensitive topic and a political platform in our country right now, there s no denying that Don t worry, I m not going to try and tackle that issue in this review What I will say I walked away from this story looking at things a little differently It

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    I ve waited to post a review of this novel as I try to wrap my mind and words around why I liked it so much This book wants to be a lot of things love story, issue oriented novel, independent essays which should make it a mess, but somehow all work together to make a book that really touched my heart.The story is told in alternating voices as we meet the residents of an

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    This book could have been so much better than it was.As it is, it s a trainwreck The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is simply because it s bizarrely readable even in spite of the very little substance there is at hand.Where do I even begin with this books issues The rhythm the book sets into Alma narrated chapter, Mayor narrated chapter, and brief bio of a tertia

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    This is a quiet novel, powerful in its simplicity, it s about the experience of coming to America and ultimately about love between a man and a woman, parents for their children, community and country This is not a dogmatic treatise on the immigrant debate nor does it romanticize or sentimentalize their lives, it s about a journey born of necessity or of longing Told in alternating voice

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    This book has been on my To Read list forever, so I am glad I finally read it This book is told through many points of view, but in the book they all end up overlapping somehow One family moves to the USA from Mexico after their daughter suffers a near fatal accident Their daughter ends up having a Traumatic Brain Injury The family moves so she can go to one of the best special education schools

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