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Le livre de la cité des dames In Dialogues With Three Celestial Ladies, Reason, Rectitude, And Justice, Christine De Pizan Ca Builds An Allegorical Fortified City For Women Using Examples Of The Important Contributions Women Have Made To Western Civilization And Arguments That Prove Their Intellectual And Moral Equality To Men Earl Jeffrey Richards Acclaimed Translation Is Used Nationwide In The Most Eminent Colleges And Universities In America, From Columbia To Stanford

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    Judith Beheading Holofernes, by Artemisia Gentileschi, 1614 1620 Then the lady said, Let us act boldly, for God is with us She entered and fearlessly took the sword which she saw at the head of the bed, withdrew it from its sheath, then raised it with all her strength, and cut off Holophernes head wit

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    About six years ago I read Giovanni Boccaccio s The Decameron While I found it a worthwhile experience, I remember thinking that the women were not portrayed in a very kind light all the time in his stories I also remember thinking that was not unusual considering the fact it was written in the 14th century, and those

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    This is an amazing humanist text written in 1405 Through her discourse to explain the misconception of woman, Pizan elevates her argument beyond the literature of 20th century feminists Where Friedan, Steinem, Hooks, etc would outline the maladjustment and oppression of women, Pizan would argue that equality is a potential from

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    In this book, written in 1405, the author is given examples by Lady Reason, Lady Rectitude and Lady Justice to help erect a city of ladies In part it is a metaphor of the city being built up of the reputations of great women, but it is also meant to be peopled with great and virtuous women too In building up their support of this city , w

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    A useful look at the history of women s rights, but through the eyes of a ruling class woman noble who wants nothing different systemically, just respect culturally This is like a proto first wave feminist, that bourgeoisie of rich women who simply wanted to be respected and feared like their rich, property owning husbands.Along with this, she is

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    Quite simply this book changed my life and is a must for any elegant feminist Written over 610 years ago Christine De Pizan was the first female professional author The City of Ladies is her most famous book written as a literary riposte to male writers slandering women Her unique rhetorical strategy to belittle her style and writing against the grain of her

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    honestly, way better than I remembered it being when I read it in undergrad a good reminder that we read differently as we get older an easy, unexpectedly funny read, partially due to the sharp translation the introduction for this edition is very weird overly apologetic it s 2017, yall, I think we should all be past the but she s not a 21st century feminist angle, th

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    This book has quite a lot of points which are very interesting and pretty progressive bearing her Medieval period in mind from a feminist point of view pro woman representation, criticism of patriarchal double standards, gender roles, and the behaviour of misogynistic entitled men against women Some parts, however, still include quite a lot of problematic content internalized m

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    Esta novela, escrita en 1405, es una precursora indiscutible del feminismo M s le valdr a a la Iglesia el leerla, puesto que defiende la religi n cat lica desde un punto de vista feminista muy interesante, y le valdr a como respuesta a muchas preguntas que se le hacen hoy en d a a la Santa Sede Defiende que Dios ha hecho a la mujer y al hombre, am ndolos igual, y dot ndolos de iguales de

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    Even though I do not entirely agree with Christine de Pizan on a few things, the main one being strict divisions of labor between women and men which is linked to God giving people different roles which is linked to my uncertainty about some beliefs from Christianity, I am impressed considering that this was written in medieval times.Christine de Pizan is one of those people that I wouldn t mind b

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