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The boke of Margerie Kempe of Lynn The Book Of Margery Kempe C Is The Extraordinary Account Of A Medieval Wife, Mother, And Mystic Known As The Earliest Autobiography Written In The English Language, Kempe S Book Describes The Dramatic Transformation Of Its Heroine From Failed Businesswoman And Lustful Young Wife To Devout And Chaste Pilgrim She Vividly Describes Her Prayers And Visions, As Well As The Temptations In Daily Life To Which She Succumbed Before Dedicating Herself To Her Spiritual Calling She Travelled To The Most Holy Sites Of The Medieval World, Including Rome And JerusalemIn Her Life And Her Boisterous Devotion, Kempe Antagonized Many Of Those Around Her Yet She Also Garnered Friends And Supporters Who Helped To Record Her Experiences Her Book Opens A Window On To The Medieval World, And Provides A Fascinating Portrait Of One Woman S Life, Aspirations, And Prayers

About the Author: Margery Kempe

The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Margery Kempe, a famous Medieval character Nationality EnglishLifespan c1373 c1438Time Reference Lived during the reign of the English kings Edward III, Richard II and Henry IVDate of Birth She was born Margery Brunham at King s Lynn, Norfolk then called Bishop s Lynn in approximately 137

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    As the first autobiography in English, as well as one of the few extant medieval texts authored by an English woman writer, The Book of Margery Kempe would be of great cultural and historical import even were it not so pleasurable t

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    My then roommate and I had a class together in which we read this book When a stray cat turned up at our house and insisted on moving in with us, we named her Margery because she whined so much.

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    Well that was a bit strange.The second thing I would say is avoid this older edition with it s old translation The editor in fact suggests that the English was only slightly modernised, my general impression, as maybe you can tell from the updates, is the

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    One of the oldest autobiographies in the English language, should you choose to believe the illiterate Margery Kempe truly dictated it, is bitterly funny today Kempe recounts her marriage, failures in business, curiously kinky religious visions, and spuriously se

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    I would have been blessfully ignorant of this book if not the remarkable book Sex Before Sexuality A Premodern History that I read earlier Having read The Book of Margery Kempe, I ought to admit that Sex Before Sexuality summed up everything that might be o

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    After having to read this for my Lit class, and reading a book by St Theresa of Avila two years ago for a history class, I have come to the following conclusion Female mystics are the single most boring, long winded people on the planet Margery Kempe s life had all the potential

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    Review will follow I just need to write my essay first.

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    This book is notable as being the first autobiography in the English Language But that s where the debate begins Margery Kempe was a remarkable woman who would have stood out in any age As a Carmelite familiar with the mystical life, I find that Margery Kempe is authentic Although there are man

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    What a hoot this book is Margery Kempe was a real person, someone who, after having a bunch of children and many years of marriage, decided that she wanted to be a nun So she traveled to Rome from England to get a papal annulment, and discovered that she enjoyed traveling so much that she went on Jerus

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    margery kempe is an unmistakably physical presence, a voice that rings clear over the centuries, a body that she reinstates ownership over again and again, a soul that she lays bare to the world there is something very lonely in the story of a woman who must exist in the liminal space between layperson and sai

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