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Livre des Fais d'Armes et de Chevalerie It Is Unexpected In Any Era To Find A Woman Writing A Book On The Art Of Warfare, But In The Fifteenth Century It Was Unbelievable Not Surprisingly, Therefore, Christine De Pizan S The Book Of Deeds Of Arms And Of Chivalry, Written Around , Has Often Been Regarded With Disdain Many Have Assumed That Christine Was Simply Copying Or Pilfering Earlier Military Manuals But, As Sumner Willard And Charity Cannon Willard Show In This Faithful English Translation, The Book Of Deeds Of Arms And Of Chivalry Contains Much That Is Original To Christine As A Military Manual It Tells Us A Great Deal About The Strategy, Tactics, And Technology Of Medieval Warfare And Is One Of Our Most Important Sources For Early Gunpowder Weapon Technology It Also Includes A Fascinating Discussion Of Just War This is a fascinating military treatise I found it to be a informative for tactics and laws for medieval warfare, as well as the theological debates concerning warfare This is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in military history, medieval history and warfare, and writers who want to do research either for fantasy or historical fiction set in the medieval era Christine s encyclopedic knowledge is on display in this book, as is her brilliance and ability to offer insights into many areas of medieval life. Unless your very interested in medieval warfare don t bother, primarily about religion and battle tactics During the late 14th and early 15th century in which Pizan lived, it was not common for women to write book which she wrote 41 and it was even unbelievable for a woman to write a manual for warfare, arms, and chivalry., which see did in The Book of Deeds of Arms and of Chivalry.Using prior manuals as reference and also advisers, she discusses such topics as who has the right to declare war, what is a just war, the rules of engagement, and the law surrounding different aspects of war She give outlines of how to attack and how to protect fortified cities, the weaponry needed, supplies needed and My favorite part was the examples of chivalry in prior wars, such as Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Cicero and many others This was the only part that did not read like a manual When discussing the laws of war, it is done in a question and answer format She poses a questions and a legal and rational answer is given for the situation she has outlined I learned a bit about history, much about how cities were attacked and how the were defended, and the definition of some terms A legion was considered 6,666 men Very interesting but not a riveting or great read I do recommend the examples of chivalry basically bravery, not holding doors open for women in prior wars The stories and strategy was funny, amazing, and enlightening. An excellent resource, and full of great stories to boot Not just a research document, but useful as such nonetheless. Interesting and detailed. It is unexpected in any era to find a woman writing a book on the art of warfare How casually sexist.

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Christine de Pizan also seen as de Pisan 1363 c.1434 was a writer and analyst of the medieval era who strongly challenged misogyny and stereotypes that were prevalent in the male dominated realm of the arts De Pizan completed forty one pieces during her thirty year career 1399 1429 She earned her accolade as Europe s first professional woman writer Redfern 74 Her success stems from a wi

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