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The Body Reader (Detective Jude Fontaine Mysteries, #1) For Three Years, Detective Jude Fontaine Was Kept From The Outside World Held In An Underground Cell, Her Only Contact Was With Her Sadistic Captor, And Reading His Face Was Her Entire Existence Learning His Every Line, Every Movement, And Every Flicker Of Thought Is What Kept Her AliveAfter Her Experience With Isolation And Torture, She Is Left With A Fierce Desire For Justice And A Heightened Ability To Interpret The Body Language Of Both The Living And The Dead Despite Colleagues Doubts About Her Mental State, She Resumes Her Role At Homicide Her New Partner, Detective Uriah Ashby, Doesn T Trust Her Sanity, And He Has A Story Of His Own He D Rather Keep Hidden But A Killer Is On The Loose, Murdering Young Women, So The Detectives Have No Choice They Must Work Together To Catch The Madman Before He Strikes Again And No One Knows Madmen Like Jude Fontaine

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    A must read novel of 2016 I was totally smitten by this thrilling novel that had such a unique angle on your average crime thriller I have never written anything by Anne Frasier before but that clearly is where my life has been lacking, she is a very skilled author that managed to engage me fully as a reader This is a book that

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    And with January and 2018, I ve decided that it s time for me to refresh my reading experiences in genres not my own So, I hied me to my local library, a Timberland Library in Yelm, and checked out a handful of books I opened this one last night, and finished it very early this morning It s a headlong read, with a very unusual POV charac

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    Warning The title is misleading, there is no body reading in this book..Jude is a homicide detective who got kidnapped and kept in small basement cell for three years with only her persecuter for contact, something that did enhance her senses and her ability to read people, dead or alive you won t see much of that One day, during a city blackout,

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    I am afraid I may be in the minority here but The Body Reader by Anne Frasier did absolutely nothing for me it started okay got my interest, but I found the plot a bit hard to believe she is held captive raped tortured doesn t know who she is, turns up at the Boston P.D where she used to work dishevelled broken bones etc then further on she has her full mem

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    The only thing I didn t really like about this book was the title because it makes me think of this I don t know why I have that mental association, but it s too late to move passed it I can t stop thinking about it The Body Reader See, now you have it too So, with that out of the way, I have to say I really liked this It s dark It s interesting There are so many lay

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    Umm, an engaging read.Q There are three things I ve seen once in my life, Uriah said, squinting against the sunlight Thick fog that stopped at my knees and swirled in circles when I kicked it, a rainbow that ended in a street right in front of me, and a rabbit dance You ever heard of a rabbit dance No It happens in the middle of the night Hundreds of rabbits rendezvous in a cl

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    I really enjoyed this one I spent the day reading it and didn t want to put it down.This story starts out strong with Jude making an escape after 3 years of being held captive to a sadistic criminal I was immediately pulled into the story and the strong female character of Jude After 3 years of captivity she is not your typical heroine, but she shows strength and grit as she returns to

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    The Body Reader by Anne Frasier is quite a tense book From the very beginning it had me on edge and it didn t let up until the end Wow, talk about suspense I will definitely have to follow if this becomes a series.loved it Narration was perfect too

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    This is a story that grabs your attention from the get go.Jude Fontaine used to be an easy going homicide detective That was before she was abducted endured 3 years of abuse at the hands of a madman So when she finally escapes gets her old job back, it should be all good, right Well..This fast paced police procedural is not for the squeamish We follow Jude her partner Uriah Ashby as they investigate the fa

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    Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.For me, this book was not outstanding, but still a great read.I have trouble to understand why so many people loved this book so much, don t get me wrong, I still enjoyed reading this, it was suspenseful, a bit spooky and really entertaining, but maybe I m not so much into thrillers and crime books in general to really see t

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