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The Blink of Her Eye I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading this but I was very pleasantly surprised by the way the various genres came together to form an interesting story.Anika and Gabriel s story had quite a different feel from most novels with an erotic component as it had an actual plot with well developed characters The author s intelligence and skill shone through in every sentence.As for the mystery itself it kept me reading well after my bedtime trying to figure out just what was going on and I found the ending to be a wonderful payoff to the reader.I highly recommend this excellent book I sincerely hope that this is only the first in a series as I would love to read from this gifted author. Wow I loved this book I read a great variety of books and found this one to be highly provocative and entertaining From the beginning the fire ignited in the main characters Anika and Gabriel carries you through the twists and turns of the plot This book is hot and steamy from the beginning It s not just fluff, not just erotica either there is a lot going on in this story The characters are well defined and believable You ll get caught up in this medical mystery trying to figure out what s going on and how they are going to solve the murders, while being mesmerized and pulled into sizzling hot love scenes, grand chases, and twisting plot scenario s involving government agencies I love it when I find a book where I can t tell what s going to happen or how things are going to end This is a finely woven story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing I think one of my favorite quotes in the book is There s always going to be a bad guy that gets away It s like playing whack a mole You take care of one evil guy, and another one takes his place tomorrow It makes me wonder if there could be of this story coming later Either way I will definitely be keeping tabs on Angelica Thaddeus as she s now one of my favorite authors. AN EROTIC THRILLER THAT SEDUCES YOUR BODY AND MINDTHE BLINK OF HER EYE Will Entice You, Excite You And Leave You Asking For A Must Read For Those Seeking The Perfect Blend Of Eroticism, Romance And Mystery Grab Your Copy Today While Investigating Patient Complaints As The Hospital S Compliance Officer, Anika Is Attacked By A Man Claiming She Murdered His Wife After Wickedly Seductive Gabriel Rescues Her, She Knows She Isn T Quite Dead When All She Thinks About Are His Eyes Devouring Her In A Single GlanceAs Anika Recovers, She Receives A Note Urging Her To Stop The Murders But She S Clueless As To Who Is About To Be Killed Bewildered, She Accepts Gabriel S Offer To Unravel The Mystery Behind The MessageWith The Death Toll Rising, Gabriel Refuses To Deny His Erotic Compulsion For Anika While Tracking Down The Murderer Equally Consumed By Her Own Insatiable Passions, Anika Leaves Them Both Vulnerable To Life Threatening Dangers Their Obsession To Be Together Will Either Save Or Destroy Them As Well As Hundreds About To Be Killed I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review The Blink of Her Eye by Angelica Thaddeus opens up with an action packed scene an unlikely heroine being attacked by an elderly patient The beginning of the book sets the tone for a fun ride, one filled with action, mystery, and lots of steamy romance.Anika Sliwinski stars as the quirky heroine, a Regional Compliance Officer for a major health conglomerate who doubles as a sleuth and tries to solve the mystery of why patients are dying under similar circumstances She meets mysterious Gabriel Barton, aka Savage when he saves her from the patient Together they follow clues to stop the villain and prevent others from falling victim to a sinister plot.The book is written in a light style with humorous undertones Anika serves the reader well as a believable protagonist quirky and a bit awkward at times, she still fits the bill as a strong female lead Her love interest, Gabriel, has a myriad of traits to him that always keep the reader guessing what he will do next The villain at the heart of the story is the quintessential narcissist with a hedonistic heart A lot of tales that incorporate erotica struggle to find a good, suspenseful story to back it up, but Thaddeus does a wonderful job of blending both genres into one Overall, the story reads well, the mystery keeps the reader interested, and the pacing makes for a quick read. This novel is a thrilling blend of erotic romance and mystery that follows compliance officer Anika Sliwinsky who is attacked by a man whose has just lost his wife and has decided the hospital is to blame for her death Luckily, she is rescued by the hot and sexy ex Special Forces officer, Gabriel Together Anika and Gabriel set out to solve the riddle of six recent deaths in her employer s hospitals Caught in the swirl of mystery and conspiracy, their passion for each other ignites, as well Angelia Thaddeus did a terrific job of combining genres, which is no easy task Her writing is tight and clever The plot is fast paced and full of action something that is often lost when you pick up an erotic novel And yes, the sex scenes are hot and steamy Anika and Gabriel are multidimensional and interesting characters, and their sexual chemistry is believable Highly recommended for anyone who likes their thrillers with a lot of added spice I ve just discovered the world of Indie Authors and this is my first Medical Thriller and OMG I absolutely loved this one This book had it all for me It had thrill and it had erotica Gave me a few ideas too I loved the fact that the storyline was very strong There was passion among the characters and yet there was the sole purpose of finding the perpetrator of the deaths happening at the hospital There was a lot of medical knowledge put in but it was never a big problem for me I had a lot of fun reading the journey and the whole mystery behind who is responsible for the deaths.I was a little confused in the end, about whether the person responsible was actually caught and that did raise one doubt Maybe there is a sequel However, the fact that the big disaster and revenge plot had been stopped, made this book a sweet read For my first Medical Thriller, this was AMAZING I am definitely reading of this author in the future. I wasn t sure what to expect when I heard about this book from a friend The way she described it made the book almost seem impossible to accomplish But, Angelica Thaddeus did it Somehow the author combined romantic passion and intense thrill into an amazing novel that I can t even put into a genre The plot is very easy to follow and is full of twists This book will suck you in and before you know it you will be deep into the action But, that is a good thing.This is not your normal erotica novel that has few literary qualities The Blink of Her Eye is in a world of its own when compared to books who try to accomplish the same thing The combined thrill and passion will have you hooked immediately I highly recommend this book I hope there will be a sequel and even , thats how good this book was Great work by Thaddeus and what a great read. REALLY A WONDERFUL READ THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST QUIRKY, KOOKY, CRAZY, ROMANTIC, SOAKIN SUPER SEXY AND SCARIEST BOOKS I VE EVER READ I LOVED IT THE CHARACTERS WERE OFF THE CHAIN, YOU REALLY CAN T FIGURE OUT WHO TO TRUST THEY ARE ALL SO QUIRKY AND CRAZY,IT WAS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE UP TO THE LAST PAGE I KNOW THIS WAS FICTION BUT IT SURE SEEMED LIKE SOMETHING THAT COULD REALLY HAPPEN SINCE THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR IS WHAT OUR COUNTRY BELIEVES IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH THIS IS A BOOK THAT I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER,SO MANY OF MY MOST FAVORITE MOVIES BOOKS ARE REALLY, REALLY THOUGHT OF AS KINDA WEIRD OR STRANGE FOR ME THIS GETS A GREAT BIG WOOO HOO, AMEN TO THE WEIRD STRANGE ALRIGHT D LOVE THE COVER TOO. Anika works for a corporate insurance company that owns many hospitals While investigating complaints about the quality of care of some patients, she is attacked by a grieving husband She is rescued from being choked to death by a mysterious man who she can t seem to get out of her mind She meets her mysterious stranger again after she is assigned a room for her injuries sustained in the attack The stranger cares for the elderly mother of his deceased wife, but is concerned with the quality of her and other seniors care in the hospitals Anika also receives an anonymous note begging her to stop the murders Anika begins to dig and feels as if all is not right with her company Her brother asks her to investigate the mysterious deaths of six seniors taken into her company s care and all lived in the same zip code Anika isn t sure what to make of the news Her mysterious stranger, Gabriel volunteers to help her with her investigation, but the sexual tension between them mounts until neither can stand it Anika tries to determine what exactly happened to the six seniors but she keeps coming up with loose ends See if she can solve the mystery before the death count rises.A well written novel that employs the use of steamy sex akin to erotica and mystery that will keep you reading The author keeps you on your toes as you follow Anika in her investigation into the deaths of the Seneca Six She puts you on a emotional roller coaster as you wait to see what will transpire between Anika and the mysterious,moody Gabriel.I loved that she provided plot to the novel than just the romance or sex scenes Angelica Thaddeus is in a league all her own as she breaks down the barriers of genre An addictive read The Blink of Her Eye was a real page turner I found it compelling and impossible to put down I reached the end of the story in one sitting In my opinion this is an excellent example of modern erotic literature I highly recommend this book, you won t regret reading it.The protagonist Anika was very easy for me to identify with as she is career minded and very driven Her love interest, Gabriel is one of the most attractively written characters I have come across in a novel in quite some time The steamy scenes between Anika and Gabriel were wonderfully written and certainly expressed the fabulous chemistry between the two of them very clearly.This book isn t just about the romance and erotic tension between Anika and Gabriel There is a compelling and complex mystery plot as well as interaction with their respective families The author really developed both characters in depth So many times things in books feel flat and people seem one sided, the characters in this were multifaceted and believable human There was a delightful element of suspense involved in the telling of this riveting story Have you ever found yourself holding your breath as you race toward the end of a chapter That happened to me multiple times this afternoon.I am looking forward to any future work from this author, Angelica Thaddeus This is an excellent debut novel from up and coming writer that I personally find myself very excited about It would be absolutely magical if there is a follow up with these same characters and a new mystery I am filled with anticipation for the author s next effort regardless of the content I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this novel and hope that this book receives the recognition it deserves from the public.

About the Author: Angelica Thaddeus

Angelica was born, bred and raised in Buffalo, NY Over the years she has worn many hats babysitter, bakery salesclerk, hospital cafeteria worker, usherette, corporate manager, VP and consultant to national health care corporations She has an affinity for entertaining with her stories and connects with people through her dramatic flair Angelica loves to travel and has been known to try almost a

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